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Kim Roberti ~ Heat of The Night

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David Cheifetz, 1981 ~ American Still Life painter

American painter David Cheifetz was born in the Pacific Northwest in 1981. A former architect, David started learning to paint with oils in the fall of 2007 while attending the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, and in 2009 made the transition to full-time artist. David currently lives in Palo Alto, CA with his wife, Yasmine.

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Suchitra Bhosle ~ Figurative Impressionist painter

Suchitra Bhosle is an India-born artist based in California. Suchitra paints in a representational realistic style drawing inspiration from 20th century Naturalist painters. She embraces impressionism to depict everyday representational scenes. Suchitra excels at capturing and expressing the mood of her subjects, often in contemplative classical settings. This lends a timeless yet intimate quality to her paintings.

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Hodges Soileau ~ American Plein Air painter

American painter Hodges Soileau is a native of Southwest Louisiana with a career that has taken him to live in many parts of the country. His Cajun accent is all but gone, but his cultural ties remain strong. His most successful 25 year illustration career has presented him with opportunities to work with major publishing houses in New York City gracing the covers of more than 300 books. Hodges was a 23 year member of the prestigious Society of Illustrators in New York City. During this time, he received many citations of merit for work exhibited in annual shows. He was selected to execute the painting for the Illustrators 29th Annual Call for Entries, and chaired 35 annual exhibitions.

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Trent Gudmundsen, 1978 | Spring Morning

Gudmundsen's depictions of people and landscapes may seem steeped in nostalgia, but actually symbolically reflect the artist's own life: one in which he strives to live simply and tries to make time for the important moments. Often using his own children and relatives as models in his paintings, Trent encourages and then captures authentic moments of quiet conversation or contemplation; people learning and teaching, talking and interacting, or simply enjoying a moment in thought in that fleeting time between work and play.

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Kim Roberti ~ Impressionist Figurative painter

"I love's my life! I love the endless series of tasks exploring the abstract elements of lines, shapes, values, colors, textures and edges!"
Kim Roberti - Vietnamese-born American painter - was born and reared in the Southern region of Vietnam. She immigrated to the United States in 1966 at the age of 16. Since that time she has lived in many areas of the US and other countries around the world. All the while, Kim had a love for art and longed to paint. In 1999 she gave up another career and began the path to becoming an artist.
In the years since, Kim has enjoyed much success by winning numerous awards in local shows while developing a following of collectors. Kim has studied under many artists, most notably David Leffel and Sheri McGraw in Taos, New Mexico. Aside from her painting, Kim also teaches classes in her studio and gallery in Cottonwood, Texas.

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Pia Erlandsson | Swedish Watercolor painter

Swedish painter Pia Erlandsson works through watercolors to focus on the minute expressions of her subjects. Her fascination with human emotions is evident throughout her ethereal oeuvre.
- I was born in south of Sweden, living in Gothenburg since many years back. I have been working full time as a watercolor artist since 2007.
In my paintings I usually portray people. I want to convey feelings and expressions of universal emotions, communicating different states of the human mind. I try to find the tension and harmony between colors and shapes, and light and darkness, where the water and pigments together create new forms.

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Alessandro Andreuccetti, 1955 | Watercolor painter

Italian painter* Alessandro Andreuccetti is born in San Gimignano, Italy. He studied art and architecture in Florence and, after graduating, started his job in 1980 as a graphic designer. From 1978 he was interested in watermedia painting, fascinated with this technique and the support of hand-worked paper. He was showing paintings in many italian towns. On 1983 he won the 1th prize at “Concorso nazionale del fumetto e del Fantastico di Prato” and he started to collaborate with Sergio Micheli of University of Siena and the editor Nerbini of Florence to realize comics and illustrations.

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William Schneider, 1945 | Figurative painter | VideoArt

William Schneider* - American painter* - has received awards* in exhibitions including those of: Academic Artists, The Degas* Pastel Society, Oil Painters of America, The Pastel Society of America, Pastel Society of the West Coast, Portrait Society of America, and Salon International.

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Igor Mitoraj, 1944 ~ La Valle dei Templi

Igor Mitoraj, scultore Polacco, nasce nel 1944 da madre polacca e padre francese. Trascorre la giovinezza a Cracovia dove frequenta l'Accademia di Belle Arti sotto la guida di Tadeusz Kantor, che lo avvicina ad artisti contemporanei quali Warhol, Lichtenstein, Merz e Klein.
Nel 1968 giunge a Parigi dove prosegue gli studi all'Ecole Nazionale Superieure des Beaux-Arts.In seguito ad un lungo viaggio in Messico e all'approfondimento delle culture sudamericane ed atzeche, Mitoraj decide di dedicarsi principalmente alla scultura. Nel 1976 riscuote un grande successo alla sua prima mostra personale presso la Galleria La Hune di Parigi; vince il "Premio scultura" a Montrouge e il Ministro della Cultura francese gli mette a disposizione uno studio a Montmartre.

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Dan Beck ~ The Impressionist Lady

Dan Beck, -American painter- is an award winning artist and sought after teacher. His paintings have found collectors in both the private and corporate world on a national level as well as from such diverse places as Canada, Japan and the Middle East. He is in the permanent collection of the Littleton Historical Museum and has exhibited with the Phippen Museum, Prescott, Arizona. He has been invited to show in several national invitationals including the annual American Miniature Show at Settlers West Galleries, Tucson, Arizona and the annual "Fall Classic" in Hamilton, Montana. Dan's work has also been featured in "Southwest Art", "Art of the West" magazines and "Art Talk". He is a member of Oil Painters of America.

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Eugene de Blaas ~ Academic painter | Part.1

Eugene de Blaas also known as Eugenio De Blaas or Eugen von Blaas, was born on July 24th in the Italian village of Albano, near Rome in 1843, to Austrian parents. His career was enriched by a talented and artistic family. His father, Carl von Blaas (1815-1894), was one of the most notable portrait painters of Roman society, a successful history portrait and fresco painter of the late Biedermeier period. It was in Venice that Eugene de Blaas established himself as the leading painter of Venetian genre. Painter of portraits, women, nudes, balcony-and genre scenes, children in the Realist and Romanticism style. Native Italian artists like Antonio Paoletti, Antonio Rotta and Eugene de Blaas, as well as Englishmen such as Luke Fildes and William Logsdail depicted the lives of Venetian fisher folk, gondoliers and Venetian beauties. Eugene de Blaas died on the 10th Febuary in the Italian city of Venice in 1932.

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Robert Coombs, 1970 | Figurative painter

As a young boy, Robert Coombs had received one of the most exciting presents he could remember - a set of watercolor paints.
He was so anxious to use them that he quickly grabbed a pad of paper and sat down to paint anything he could find. It ended up being a bowl of fruit and he applied the paint straight out of the tube as thick as toothpaste.

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Tamara De Lempicka ~ The Dream | VideoArt

"...I live life
in the margins of society,
and the rules of normal society
don't apply to those
who live on the fringe".

- Tamara De Lempicka, 1898-1980

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Tamara De Lempicka ~ Art Déco painter

"...I live life
in the margins of society,
and the rules of normal society
don't apply to those
who live on the fringe".

- Tamara De Lempicka, 1898-1980, born Maria Górska in Warsaw, in partitioned Poland, was a Polish Art Déco painter and "the first woman artist to be a glamour star".

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Jose Royo, 1941 ~ Sol de la isla

Jose Royo, is a modern master artist of impressionist painting. The sweeping brush strokes, bold swaths of color, and heavy impasto capture the eye and draws one inward until that final absolute moment of awareness that one is actually there in the scene feeling the light and heat of the sun, the salt and sea spray, and hearing the crashing surf. Royo conveys not merely image, but mood and atmosphere as well. This is rare in today's art world, hence the connoisseur is compelled to compare with the old masters. Thus, the appeal of Royo's work for today's collector becomes obvious. With pride we offer the art work of today's Spanish master painter, Royo, to the art connoisseurs of the world.

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Andre Lucero | American Plein Air painter

Andre Lucero is an American painter whose work is primarily composed of plein air landscapes, still lifes and figurative paintings done from life. In combining the draftsmanship of the Academic School along with the color and brushwork of the impressionists, Andre’s work captures the drama of common places and objects as seen through his personal artistic vision. An avid hiker, fly fisherman, and gardener Andre believes that even the most simple of subjects can be elevated, taking on a meaning greater than their initial appearance.

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Vincent van Gogh ~ Le lettere

La corrispondenza tra Vincent van Gogh [1853-1890] ed il fratello minore, il mercante d'arte Theo van Gogh, rappresenta il testamento del pensiero di Van Gogh verso la vita, l'arte e la pittura. I fratelli si scambiarono tra il 1872-1890 centinaia di lettere: più di 600 da Vincent a Theo e 40 da Theo a Vincent.
Anche se molte di queste lettere non sono datate, gli storici dell'arte sono stati in grado di ordinarle cronologicamente. Il periodo in cui Vincent visse a Parigi è il più difficile da ricostruire per gli storici, poiché i due fratelli, vivendo insieme, non ebbero bisogno di scriversi.

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Dan Beck ~ The Dreamers | VideoArt

For American painter Dan Beck, painting is "a balancing act between opposite ideas - direct observation and instinct, control and spontaneity, even between the literal and the symbolic. It seems to me that although a painter is deeply involved with his own private investigation, his real aim is to communicate something that only the person looking at the painting really understands".

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Denis Chernov, 1978 | Figurative Pencil painter

Denis Chernov was born in Sambir, Lviv province, Ukraine. He lives and works in Kharkiv after graduating from Kharkiv Art College, in 1998, Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (Chair of Graphic Art), in 2004.

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Carolyn Anderson ~ American Impressionist painter

American painter Carolyn Anderson, a nationally recognized artist, is an accomplished pastelist and oil painter. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Anderson attended school at Illinois State University. She joined the Vista program (Volunteers in Service to America) in the early 70's and was assigned to work on an Indian reservation in Montana, She eventually returned to Montana and now lives in Havre, a small community in north central Montana near the Canadian border.

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William Dalton | Golden Waves | Photographer

For many years I traveled the world as a global VP for a fortune 500 fragrance and flavor company . I witnessed first hand the wonders and beauty of our world. I have attempted to photograph some of the beauty of our world to share with others. Many years ago I came across a wonderful French term, "objet trouve". Webster's Dictionary defines the term as, "a natural object found by chance and held to have aesthetic value, (e.g. driftwood) especially though the working of natural forces". I attempt to create "objet trouve" in my photographs. The wonders I find in nature are photographed in an attempt to create art. All photographs of animals, including birds, are taken in the wild. None of my work is of animals in zoos or rehab facilities. I am a published wildlife photographer but a true amateur.

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Dan Beck | Abstract Impressionist painter

Equally adept at figurative, still-life and landscape, Dan Beck is an award winning artist and sought after teacher. His paintings have found collectors in both the private and corporate world on a national level as well as from such diverse places as Canada, Japan and the Middle East. Dan's work has also been featured in "Southwest Art", "Art of the West" magazines and "Art Talk".

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Rose Frantzen, 1965 ~ American Symbolist painter

American painter Rose Frantzen was born and raised in the community of Maquoketa, a city of about 6000 people in east-central Iowa. Ms. Frantzen trained at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. She also studied at Chicagos Palette and Chisel Academy and at the Lyme Academy of Arts in Connecticut. She has worked under the mentorship of Richard Schmid and made painting tours of Australia, Guatemala, Mexico and Russia.

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Koh Sang Woo, 1978 | Color Negatives photography

Koh Sang Woo was born in Seoul and currently lives in New York. He has had numerous important international exhibitions recently, including “Media Media” at the Queens Museum New York, Pulse Miami, “Distinctively Korea” at Christie's in London, the Sungkok museum in Seoul, and as an invited artist at the 798 Beijing Biennial in China.

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Mariska Karto, 1971 ~ Baroque style Photography

Mariska Karto is a American photographer/illustrator born in Suriname, South-America and raised in Holland. Mariska Karto started her artistic photography in 2010 with the urge to express her inner world. She mainly inspired by the old world (loving the magic of the old and dusty world), the magic of woman and the struggle of human emotions.
A part of her work is translated in visuals from dark to bright. Human feeling is the key that inspires her. Human development related to spirituality is also an important factor. Her images tell stories of a world deep within us. They show us a dark world and secret atmospheres, but they also show us a dreamy mood of a tender and soft dreamworld.
If everything is too much, if the feeling overflows, a new dimension exists. In this dimension Mariska shoots her visual storytelling photographs.

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Ora Tamir ~ Fly with me

Born in Israel, Ora Tamir, Israeli painter, immigrated to California in 1980. Ora’s Oil Paintings are purely intuitive, surreal with a futuristic quality and haunting beauty. The images are personal, touch the soul and have a distinct unique feel to them. Each of Ora’s original oil paintings are a long labor of love. The first step is an idea. A wooden board is coated with gesso (a painter’s medium) and sanded until a very smooth undercoat results. Oil paints and sable brushes are used to paint a complete background. After it has dried, another layer is applied. Symbolic stories are created and images come to life. The painting evolves and changes; it is finished when, as Ora says, “It feels right”. Completing a painting takes anywhere from a month, to several years.

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Ljubomir Ivankovic 1953 | Serbian-born Canadian painter

Ljubomir Ivankovic, Serbian-born Canadian painter, was born in Pirot, Yougoslavia.
Education: 1981/82 - Scholarship from the Yougoslavian Government to study in France; 1978 - Member of the Yougoslavian Artists Association; 1978 - Belgrad University's School of Graphic Arts. He is granted the official title of painter/etcher.
1972 - Nis (Yougoslavia) School of Graphic Arts.
Exhibitions: - Ivankovic has participated in many group exhibitions in Yougoslavia, France, Spain, Poland, Germany, Norway and Argentina. He was awarded many prizes for his works in etching or for illustrating art books. In 1982, at the Salon d'octobre de la Serbie in Paris, the French Government (Department of Education and Culture) has recognized officially his contribution to culture. Ljubomir Ivankovic came to Canada in 1990 and is now a canadian citizen, living in Montreal.

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Luis Romero, 1948 ~ Spanish Spray Paint painter

Luis Romero, Spanish painter was born in Ronda, Málaga, Spain. Romero is successful participated in many international exhibitions. Romero illustrated books, landscape posters, theater, workshops and training courses learn about painting techniques. His picture has been recognized by the critics, and he has six times been awarded at the concert in Malaga Manchestvere, Switzerland and other cities. His paintings are on display in the country and around the world Romero.

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Nathalie Mulero Fougeras, 1970

French painter Nathalie Mulero Fougeras was born in Lyon, France. The last of 5 generations of artists, she discovers painting in her family studio. At the age of 19, she settled in Paris for a few years and studied Art History, restauration of old paintings, pastel and painting. Today, she lives in the south of France, with her husband and cat, Sayuri.

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Ademaro Bardelli | Figurative / Portrait painter

Ademaro Bardelli 1934 | Italian Figurative painter

Ademaro Bardelli, Italian painter, was born in Florence in 1934. He lives and works in Tuscany and has been involved in art since 1956. He attended the Art Institute of Florence from 1949-1953.

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Jean Pierre Monange, 1946 | Abstract painter

Jean Pierre Monange is an French painter*, known for working in the Abstract style*.
Monange was born in Belfort in 1946.
Jean Pierre Monange graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Ecole de Graphisme and Ecole de Design.

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Valery Sidorov [Валерий Сидоров] 1956

Russian painter Valery Sidorov [Валерий Сидоров] has finished the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. I live and I work in Yaroslavl. During creative activity USA, Greece and other countries is created about 3000 works nowadays which are taking place in individual collections of Russia, Italy, England, Spain.

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Kiyo Murakami, 1976 ~ Japanese Photographer

Kiyo Murakami is a talented fine art photographer, who combines photography and photo-manipulation into amazing pieces of art – she manages to create fantasy worlds that you can’t even dream of. Kiyo was born and live in Tokyo, Japan. After graduated from the art school, she began to do various art, illustration, design and music.

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Jazz-minh Moore, 1978 ~ American Symbolist painter

Jazz-minh Moore is a New York based artist, with a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, and a MFA from California State University, Long Beach. Her interest lies in the complicated dialectic between ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ within contemporary society. Moore has had solo shows in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Paris, and been featured in various publications, including Whitewall Magazine, New American Paintings, the Village Voice, Interview Magazine, the New York Times, New York Magazine, and Zingmagazine.
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Jose Royo, 1941 ~ Spanish Impressionist painter

Born in Valencia, Jose Royo, Spanish painter, began demonstrating his artistic talent early. At the age of 9 his father, a prominent physician and avid art enthusiast, employed private tutors to instruct Royo in drawing, painting, and sculpture. When Royo turned 14 he entered the San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia. Upon turning 18 Royo continued his artistic studies privately with Aldolfo Ferrer Amblat, Chairman of Art Studies at the San Carlos Academy. He also visited the major museums in Europe at this time to study the famous masters-Velasquez, Goya, Renoir, Monet and Sorolla among others.

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Ionut Caras, 1978 ~ Surrealist photographer

Romanian professional photographer and photo mechanic Ionut Caras was born on 6 February 1978 and lives in Iasi, Romania. Caras Ionut is the most usual Romanian sailor. His passion for photography began seven years ago when Kara discovered the processing of photographs, artistic of composition.
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Sara Abid | Impressionist painter

Pakistani painter Sara Abid is a self-taught artist and has interned with Ufaq Ehsan - Artist and former NCA teacher and Zil-e-huma - former PTV art and set designer/director.
- I am a self-taught artist from Lahore, Pakistan, specializing in the impressionist style of art. For me a painting is not just blobs of paint on your canvas; it’s your mind, soul, energy, personality and mood. When a single painting is completed, you look at it and smile; the more you look at it, the wider the smile gets. Sometimes you just don’t want to give your work away, feeling a connection with it like that’s your child and only YOU have the right over it! But I want to share this happiness with the world. I want every painting of mine to cheer you up.

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Karen Noles, 1947 ~ Native American paintings

American painter Karen Noles was born in the very small town of Merna, Nebraska. She grew up there but from the time she was a very young girl her artistic ability was noticed and encouraged by her parents. At age 19 she graduated from the Omaha School of Commercial Art. She was quickly hired by the Hallmark Card Company as a greeting card illustrator and she continued to work in illustration for Hallmark and other companies for nearly 20 years.

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Alexandre Pavlenko, 1974 ~ Pointillist painter

Ukrainian painter Александр Павленко was born in Izmail. He made his first drawing during his first year in school. In 1984, after finishing art school he took private drawing lessons at the studio of another Izmail artist, where he was able to further develop his drawing technique. His technique became so well developed that he is able to achieve any effect desired. The core of his work is based on composition and internal movement of forms. His work always includes reality and fantasy. For example, in his painting “Sweet Smack of Secret”, done in the style of Pointillism, the girl is real as is the space near her, but the horizon is portrayed as if from outer space. First he sketches the subject, and then he devotes much time to the deciding of matters of composition. Very often the completed works bears little resemblance to the original sketches, but rather reflect the artist’s philosophical view of the subject.

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JoAnn Peralta | Realist /Impressionist painter

JoAnn Peralta, Fine Artist JoAnn Peralta's fine art paintings have captivated collectors with her keen sense of mood and lush brushwork since 2004. Each painting invokes a timeless romantic flair towards life and sets a tone of intrigue through her use of lighting and color. The beauty of light with a contemporary, modernist touch is what Peralta describes as her inspiration. Her passion for the West, historical and romanticized, are what dominate her vision and scope as it pertains to her hispanic and Italian ancestry and it continues to draw Masters of the American West, Autry Museum patrons and collectors.

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Martinho Dias, 1968 ~ Abstract Realism painter

Martinho Dias, Portuguese painter, was born in Trofa, near Oporto, Portugal, where he lives and works. He is represented in the “NY Arts Annual Catalogue”, 2009, New York
He has a degree in Fine Arts - Painting, from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Oporto University, since 1996.

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Tara Juneau, 1981 |~Canadian Figurative painter

Tara Juneau is a young Canadian painter living and working in Shawnigan Lake B.C. She has studied with world-renowned artist and author Anthony Ryder in Santa Fe New Mexico as well as Jeremy Lipking in California. Tara views her work as an ongoing and evolving relationship with herself, the natural world and with God. She prefers working from life whenever possible, using oil paint as her means of expression.
Art is my passion in life. Through painting I try to express the power that light and beauty have on my soul. I am always striving to know more - not only how to paint but also learning about what I paint. There is beauty and natural order in everything and I hope that through my work I can reveal that truth to others ”.

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Mark Keller, 1955 | Figurative painter

Mark Keller is a musician, songwriter, producer, painter, filmmaker, drawer, teacher and owner of Loudville Studios in Sausalito, CA. And that’s just scratching the surface.
As a boy in Oklahoma, Mark developed a passion for music. He took this passion into his adult life, playing in a number of bands and eventually making his way into the advertising industry as a jingle writer.

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Christine Taherian, 1960 ~ Impressionist painter

Christine Taherian, British painter, was born in Cardiff in 1960. During late 70's she went to Glasgow and attended a Fine Art Course in Glasgow University. Before finishing the course she moved to Tehran with her family and continued studying and practising painting.
While she was in Tehran, she also studied Persian language and researched on Middle Eastern art and culture. Christine has produced art works in different media and styles but her major interest is impressionism using Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media.

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