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Maria Oosthuizen, 1972 | Modern/ Figurative painter | Page 2

Born in Paarl, raised mostly in Gauteng, Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen🎨 currently residing in Mossel Bay.
"I believe my highest calling in life is my relationship with God, my husband, my children and with all people. My friends and family provide a balance in my life and keep me humble. They are all extraordinary people!
I am inspired by God for He is the creator of all beautiful things. He called me for His purpose and in obedience and love of art, I paint with all I am to worship Him".

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Henry Lee Battle | Figurative painter

Henry Battle, a.k.a. Hbatto, a Californian native and well traveled Air Force veteran, now rooted in Atlanta GA, describes his style as richly realistic figurative snapshots of life. His subject matter ranges from spiritual and family-oriented, to romantic moments that he freezes in time.

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Anny Maddock, 1954 | Figurative painter

South African painter Anny Maddock started drawing people when she was old enough to hold a pencil and was considered a child prodigy. She matriculated at Rhenish Girls High in Stellenbosch and then studied fine art at Cape Technical College. After qualifying she studied Fashion Design and then went into Textile Design.
After her marriage and divorce she worked in fields as diverse as journalism, tourism, antiques and restauranteering.

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Georges Seurat | A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, 1884

"Bedlam", "scandal", and “hilarity” were among the epithets used to describe what is now considered Georges Seurat’s greatest work, and one of the most remarkable paintings of the nineteenth century, when it was first exhibited in Paris.
Seurat labored extensively over A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, 1884, reworking the original as well as completing numerous preliminary drawings and oil sketches (the Art Institute has one such sketch and two drawings).

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Bernard Ndichu Njuguna (Kenyan painter, 1979)

Bernard Ndichu Njuguna was born and grew up in the central highlands of Kenya surrounded by scenic landscapes and greenery. Moving narratives from his mother and observing his father prepare art lesson schemes for the school where he taught, were his earliest exposures to art.
These childhood scenes have shaped and provided inspiration for his paintings.

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Jacob Lawrence | Harlem Renaissance painter

Jacob Lawrence 1917-2000 | African American Expressionist painter

Jacob Lawrence is one of the most prominent and revered American artists of the twentieth century. This exhibition includes seventeen panels from Lawrence’s renowned sixty-panel Migration Series, portraying the flight of more than six million African Americans from the impoverished communities in the rural South to the industrial cities of the North.

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Maria Oosthuizen, 1972 | Modern / Figurative painter

South African artist Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen paints figurative portraits emanating innocence and hope that pay tribute both to her devotion to God and her belief in the intrinsic goodness of the people of this world.
Using balanced, harmonic compositions and a dedication to detail, Maria focuses on the interplay of light and shadow in her works, with particular attention to how light impacts form, conveying the powerful message that underscores all her work: that light has the power to expel darkness and reveal the goodness and abundance in life.

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Jean Abrie, 1962 | Figurative / Wildlife painter | Figures

Jean Abrie▪ produces figurative paintings with vibrant colours and broad brush strokes. The palette strengthens perceptions of colour and form to a large extent.
Abrie was born in the former Eastern Transvaal and in his early years grew up in Zimbabwe.
For biographical notes and other works by Abrie see: