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Gustav Feith (1875-1951) | Flowers painter

Born in Vienna, Gustav Feith was known as a watercolorist and graphic artist and became well-known for his pieces of flowers.
Feith trained both with an apprenticeship as a lithographer with Ferdinand Pamberger (Austrian painter, 1873-1956) and also as a painting student with Josef Hasselwander (Austrian painter, 1812-1878).
Feith also worked as a draftsman in the Vienna Graphic Arts Institute.

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Friedrich Von Amerling | Academic painter

Friedrich von Amerling (14 April 1803 - 14 January 1887) was an Austro-Hungarian portrait painter in the court of Franz Josef.
He was born in Vienna and was court painter between 1835-1880. With Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller he is one of the outstanding Austrian portrait painters of the 19th century.

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Adolf Kaufmann (1848-1916) | Paysage painter

Adolf Kaufmann was an Austrian landscape and marine artist.
He was initially self-taught, but completed his studies with the animal painter, Émile van Marcke, in Paris and undertook several study trips, throughout Europe and the Middle East.
His residence alternated between Paris, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich.
In 1890, he decided to settle in Vienna and opened a studio in the Wieden district. In 1900, together with Carl von Merode and Heinrich Lefler, he opened an "Art School for Ladies".

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Rudolf Ernst (1854-1932) | Orientalist painter

Rudolf Ernst was an Austro-French painter, printmaker and ceramics painter who is best known for his orientalist motifs. He exhibited in Paris under the name "Rodolphe Ernst".
He was the son of the architect Leopold Ernst and, encouraged by his father, began studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at the age of fifteen.
He spent some time in Rome, copying the old masters, and continued his lessons in Vienna with August Eisenmenger and Anselm Feuerbach.

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Jakub Schikaneder (1855-1924) | Impressionistic nocturnes

Jakub Schikaneder came from the family of a German customs office clerk. Despite the family's poor background, he was able to pursue his studies, thanks in part to his family's love of art; an ancestor was Urban Schikaneder, the elder brother of the librettist Emanuel Schikaneder.
After having completed his studies in Prague and Munich 1871-1879, Schikaneder, alongside Emanuel Krescenc Liška, was involved in the furnishing of the royal box in the National Theatre in Prague; however, this work was lost in a fire in 1881.

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Alfons Walde (1891-1958) Tyrolean Expressionist painter

Alfons Walde was an Austrian artist🎨 and architect.
Walde is known best for his winter landscapes and farming images, especially skiing and sporting scenes, painted in tempera or impastoed oil paint.
Many of his paintings can be seen in the Museum gallery in Kitzbühel.

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Egon Schiele | Expressionist painter | Page 2

Egon Leon Adolf Schiele🎨 (12 June 1890 - 31 October 1918) was an Austrian painter🎨.
A protégé of Gustav Klimt🎨, Schiele was a major figurative painter of the early 20th century.
The twisted body shapes and the expressive line that characterize Schiele's paintings and drawings mark the artist as an early exponent of Expressionism.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Schiele see:
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Rainer Maria Rilke / Auguste Rodin | Love Song, 1907

Auguste Rodin🎨 - Fugit Amor, 1881

How shall I hold my soul and yet not touch
It with your own? How shall I ever place
It clear of you on anything beyond?
Oh gladly I would stow it next to such
Things in the darkness as are never found
Down in an alien and silent space
That does not resonate when you resound.