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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Brazilian Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Ozz Franca (1928-1991) Figurative painter

Born and grew up in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and from an early age he showed talents an artist, as well as exceptional prowess as a competitive swimmer.
At 14 he won first prize at the annual Spring Salon Art Competition. At 15, he qualified for the Brazilian Olympic Swimming Team.
With two amazing talents, Franca was unsure what he should do with his life. Fate stepped in, and the Olympic Games were canceled the year Franca was to compete due to the outbreak of World War II.

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Tullius Heuer | Surrealist painter

"Hi, i’m Tullius Heuer and i live in a city called Maceió, located at the state of Alagoas, Brazil.
I’m a self-taught digital artist. I’m actually working with freelance works for living, including stuff like CD covers, posters, book covers, logos/branding/visual identity, advertisement etc.
My personal artworks consist in my thoughts and feelings about life and existence. I don’t have a specific theme to focus in my works, but most of them usually have strong emotional touches with positive messages.

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Edson Campos, 1955 | Post-Romantic painter

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Edson Campos has enjoyed sketching and painting since childhood. He is a completely self-taught artist.
He moved to the United States in 1978 where he quickly established himself as an artist of the highest caliber.
Campos has exhibited his lifelike, passionate paintings and drawings in major cities throughout the country, winning several awards🎨.

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Rodolfo Ledel, 1939

Brazilian painter🎨 Rodolfo Ledel was born in Porto Alegre. Begins to attend electrical engineering URGS but abandons his studies in 1964.
Dedicated to the trade for many years. In parallel paints pictures, which trades in your own shop. Its hobby photography, which do not engage in and that earns him participation in international fairs and winning major awards🎨.

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Almeida Júnior (1850-1899) | Genre painter

José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior was a major Brazilian painter🎨 whose works became a source of inspiration for subsequent modernists. As a painter, he defied the popular traditions of his contemporaries and carved a new niche for himself.
At a time when his fellow painters were achieving fame by painting mythological and historical subjects, he decided to focus on reality and portray the beauty of rural life. The subjects he chose to paint were an unchartered territory, but his skill ensured that the gamble paid off.

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Brazilian Artists | Sitemap

José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior🎨 | Realist Genre painter

The creation of art in the geographic area now known as Brazil begins with the earliest records of its human habitation.
The original inhabitants of the land, pre-Columbian Indian peoples, produced various forms of art; specific cultures like the Marajoara left sophisticated painted pottery.

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Juarez Machado, 1941 | Pittore Art déco

Juarez Machado è un pittore Brasiliano, noto per le sue figure in Art Déco style.
Machado è nato a Joinville.
Pittore, scultore, disegnatore, fumettista, mimo, disegnatore, scrittore, fotografo ed anche attore.
Nel 1954 si trasferisce a Curitiba, dove s'iscrive alla Scuola di Musica e Belle Arti di Paraná.
Nel 1964 espone la prima volta con una mostra personale presso la Galleria Cocaco, Curitiba, iniziando una carriera di grande successo.

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Juarez Machado, 1941 | The Last Tango

Juarez Machado 1941 | Brazilian painter

Brazilian painter Juarez Machado was born in the city of Joinville, in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.
He studied at the School of Art in the state of Paranâ, in the city of Curitiba, and participated actively in its artistic movement.
In 1966 he took up residence in Rio de Janeiro, intensifying his activities.
In addition to painting he also dabbled in illustrating, scenography, sculpture, drawing and engraving.