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Laura Alma-Tadema | Genre painter

Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema -née Epps (1852-1909) was an English painter specialising in domestic and genre scenes of women and children.
Eighteen of her paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy. Her husband, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, was also a painter.


A daughter of Dr. George Napoleon Epps (who was brother of Dr. John Epps), Lady Alma-Tadema had two sisters who were also painters (Emily studied under John Brett, a Pre-Raphaelite, and Ellen under Ford Madox Brown), while Edmund Gosse and a stockbroker called Rowland Hill were her brothers-in-law.
It was at Madox Brown's home that Alma-Tadema first met her in December 1869, when she was aged 17 and he 33. (His first wife had died in May that year.)

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Daniel Rodgers | It's Christmas time

Daniel Rodgers is an figurative artist and illustrator living in Sunderland, UK.
"I'm a freelance illustrator and artist that specialises in making illustrations on the realistic side of things.
As you'll see through this site I like to work on a variety of subject matter from traditional Christmas cards to fantasy and scifi illustrations.
Above all I find it most satisfying to inject some element of story into my work.
My work focuses on a love of painting and drawing with a narrative context.
I enjoy using oil or watercolour on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, paper, timber board".

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Oscar Wilde | De profundis, 1897

Il "De Profundis" è una lunga lettera a Lord Alfred Douglas, il giovane amato da Wilde, scritta nei primi mesi del 1897 nel carcere di Reading dove Oscar Wilde (Scrittore, aforista, poeta, drammaturgo, giornalista e saggista irlandese dell'età Vittoriana, esponente del decadentismo e dell'estetismo Britannico, 1854-1900), si trovava da quasi due anni per aver amato un uomo.
Nel 1895 Oscar Wilde, al culmine del successo mondano e letterario, fu condannato a due anni di lavori forzati per “atti osceni”: alla sofferenza della reclusione si unirono la bancarotta finanziaria e la morte civile, con il divorzio e la perdita dei figli.
Chiuso tra le mura del carcere di Reading, Wilde scrisse una lunga lettera a Lord Alfred Douglas, il giovane poeta aristocratico di cui era innamorato e che era stato la causa dello scandalo.

Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas, May 1893 | British Library

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Lord Alfred Douglas | L’Amore che non osa.. / The Love that dare not..

Lord Alfred Bruce Douglas, soprannominato "Bosie" (1870-1945), è stato un poeta, scrittore e traduttore Britannico, ricordato soprattutto per il fatto di essere stato il compagno dello scrittore Oscar Wilde, nonché un poeta uraniano.
Douglas incontrò Oscar Wilde nel 1891 e subito iniziò una relazione con lui. Quando suo padre, il marchese di Queensberry (con il quale Alfred aveva già rapporti di odio reciproco a causa del carattere intrattabile di entrambi), scoprì il legame del figlio insultò pubblicamente Wilde con un biglietto sgrammaticato lasciato al club dello scrittore dublinese.

Paul Cadmus (American painter, 1904-1999)

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James Hayllar (1829-1920) | Genre painter

From Christie's:

Artistic dynasties were not unusual in Victorian England, but few attained the distinction of the Hayllars, where five members of the family exhibited at the Royal Academy towards the end of the century. In addition to producing a son who was an engraver, James produced four remarkable daughters, each of whom he taught.

James Hayllar was born in Chichester in 1829, and after overcoming family opposition enrolled at Cary's Art School in 1842. Francis Cary was a respected historical painter who later took over Sass's Academy in Bloomsbury. He is now principally remembered as tutor to Rossetti and Millais.
On completing his studies, Hayllar made a tour of the continent, where he encountered Leighton in Rome in in 1851.
His likeness can be seen in Leighton's first great canvas, Cimabue's Madonna carried through the streets of Florence, which was purchased by Queen Victoria, and is now in the Royal Collection, though on loan to the National Gallery.

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Tony Hinchliffe | Figurative painter

"I have always loved the sense of escapism that comes with creating artwork.
I am passionate about exploring my creativity, constantly looking at developing my techniques so I can keep that feeling of energy within my work.
When someone is emotionally moved by looking at my artwork that is a big motivation for me as I have always liked to please people through my painting.
My preferred medium is oil paint, I do sometimes create an acrylic underpainting first as I really like the way the oil paint behaves when applied over acrylic. I often dilute the oil paint down with turpentine in the initial stages and use it like watercolour.
My Figurative painting is all about depicting the mood and intimacy within a moment, using a loose approach to my brushwork, trying to be spontaneous while carefully considering placement of strong contrasting values to create depth.

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Tishk Barzanji | Modern Surrealist /Symbolist painter

Kurdish-British artist Tishk Barzanji is a visual artist based in London, United Kingdom. His work touches on the modernism and surrealism movement.
His process is about space, colour, deconstruction, breaking boundaries, understanding the living space in this fast-moving world, and human interactions within these spaces.
Inspired by his childhood in Kurdistan, and early adult years in London, where he moved in 1997.
The first few years in London were an eye-opener, where his passion for architecture and art began. Surrounded by the rich cultures of London and this new environment, shaped his ideas.
He later went on to study Fine Art at Richmond upon Thames College, and Physics at Loughborough University.
Since 2017, he has worked with Rockefeller, New York Times, V and A museum, Somerset house, NET-A-PORTER, Gucci, and most recently featured in British Vogue.

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Blandford Fletcher | Genre painter

William Teulon Blandford Fletcher, noto come Blandford Fletcher (1858-1936), è stato un pittore naturalista Britannico.
Figlio di un commerciante di biancheria, contro la volontà del padre, Fletcher studiò alla South Kensington School of Art dall'età di sedici a vent'anni, dove vinse la medaglia d'argento ed il premio della Regina.
Durante quel periodo visitò anche la Bretagna e fece conoscenza per la prima volta con Stanhope Forbes ed i suoi amici.