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Ernesto Garcia Pena, 1949 | Abstract painter

Painter, drawer and engraver, Ernesto Garcia Peña has a natural tendency towards fantasy and hedonism, where he ingrains his artworks with a perceptible chromatic gradation of musical notes to express his feelings and emotions towards sensual subjects.
The fine drawing, the explosion of greens and blues, the delicate transparencies, all bestow a voluptuous sensuality to his obsessive search for beauty.
Plant motifs, with an evanescent lightness, create a dreamlike atmosphere that the artist controls at will to tone down or emphasize the eroticism of his enigmatic women or the mating of his levitating couples.
He studied art at the Instituto Superior de Arte. His paintings are part of the collection of Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Cuba, Museo de Arte Memorial América Latina, Brasil, Museo de Arte Moderno Miskolc, Hungría and Museo de Arte de Las Américas, Nicaragua.

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Julio Larraz, 1944 ~ Surrealist/Figurative painter

Julio César Ernesto Fernandez Larraz was born in Havana, Cuba, on March 12 1944. The son of a newspaper editor, he began drawing at a very early age. In 1961 his whole family moved to Miami, Florida. In 1962 they moved to Washington, DC and in 1964 to New York. There he began to draw political caricatures that were published by the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune and Vogue magazine, among others.
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Alexi Torres, 1976

Cuban painter Alexi Torres creates works that capture the creative powers of the universe as well as the problems facing it. He grapples with how to express the influences of the past, possibilities of the future and the responsibilities of the now. Torres creates woven canvasses which immortalize influential figures and emblems past and present.
He paints leaves, feathers, and other organic materials to create his works, which represent everything from Oprah Winfrey to Pablo Picasso to an unnamed soldier. His works are all-natural, fragile and ephemeral, serving as an answer to his own appreciation of Earth’s needs.
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Pedro Álvarez Castelló ~ Tango Argentino

Pedro Reinaldo Álvarez Castelló (1967-2004) was a Cuban painter who rose to prominence during Cuba's Special Period. Alvarez was a native of Havana, Cuba. He studied art at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes "San Alejandro" from 1980-1985 and the Instituto Superior Pedagogico Enrique Jose Varona from 1986-1991. He was a member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. He married a Cuban woman and had a child. When he wasn't travelling to promote his work, he divided his time between Malaga, Spain and Havana.
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Luis Miguel Rodriguez, 1959 | Symbolist painter

Cuban painter Luis Miguel Rodriguez was born in Havana, Cuba. At the age of 13, his outstanding abilities to create sketches and drawings led to him to be selected by the prestigious academy of art “San Alejandro” of Havana Cuba. During this time, his love of the sea and the underwater world he discovered temporarily distanced him from the art that he displayed such a passion as well. His love for underwater diving opened a new prospective for his abilities as an artist.

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Tomás Sánchez, 1948 ~ The Enchanting Forests

Tomás Sánchez, one of the most important and celebrated living Cuban Master. His work is meticulous in its breathtaking detail, but the objective of the artist is not so much the recreation of reality as it is displaying the magnificence of a lyrical universe.
Tomás Sánchez, born in Cuba in 1948, invents richly spiritual images of nature in his art. Sánchez graduated in 1971 in National Art School, Cuba. Tomás Sánchez was awarded the 1st prize of Drawing for Young Artists in the National Exhibition of Arts.
Tomás Sánchez 1948 ~ Cuban Landscape painter
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José Villa Soberón, 1950 | John Lennon Memorial, Havana, 2000

José Ramón Villa Soberón is a Cuban sculptor, particularly known for his public sculptures around Havana. He studied at the The National School of Art in Havana, Cuba and the Academy of Plastic Arts in Prague. He is a professor at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana.
His sculptures, paintings, engravings, drawings and designs are held by the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana, and in 1996 he was one of the selected artist in the second Trienal Americana de Escultura in Argentina.

José Villa Soberón 1950 | Cuban Figurative sculptor | John Lennon Memorial | Cuba 2000

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Cesar Santos, 1982 | Realist painter | Part. 2

Cesar Santos🎨 is a Cuban-born American painter🎨, best known for images that transmit the impression of paintings of the past, but are also imbued with contemporary, fresh concepts and his own philosophy.
His work shows a wide range of influences, including sources as diverse as the Renaissance🎨, Nineteenth Century academic work, and contemporary society. His artistic energy drives him to arrange elusive figures and objects in conceptual designs, yet rendering them in a believable and convincing way.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Santos, see Cesar Santos, 1982 | Realist Portrait / Conceptual painter🎨.