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Eduard Zentsik, 1975 | Symbolist / Surrealist painter

The Estonian painter Eduard Zentsik is an prolific artist of many faces. He’s developed radically different artistic personas, refusing to link his name to a single signature style, technique, or theme. Instead, Zentsik mixes genres and media and playfully subverts the traditions of old.
Zentsik’s oeuvre is as enormous as it’s diverse.
Some of his endeavors, focus on physical metamorphoses and flourishes of the flesh.
Others, like the highly symbolic paintings made in the surrealistic canon, accentuate the spiritual aspects of his philosophy.
Elsewhere, the artist indulges in formless Pollockian color drippings or flirts with digital media.

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Surreal world by Amandine Van Ray

Amandine Van Ray is an Estonia-based artist (from Tallinn) who creates Surreal artworks with the use of both photography and digital art. In her works, her subjects portray very expressive emotions as they are surrounded by a Surreal world filled with floating creatures and such.
Her impressive skills and boundless imaginations makes her mix of digital art and the subject's expressions an amazing masterpiece.
Each individual of her figures floats unnaturally through the air in a journey where darkness and isolation seem to be the dominating forces that drive each visual story.
Many of her surrealistic artworks are decored with amazing fish, which is extremely inspiring.

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Eduard Hau | Interiors of the Hermitage Museum

Eduard Petrovich Hau / Эдуард Петрович Гау (28 July 1807 in Reval - c.1888 in Dorpat) was a Baltic German painter and graphic artist.
He was the son of painter Johannes Hau (1771-1838), who had emigrated from Northern Germany in 1795, and he grew up in the German community of Tallinn ("Reval" in German). His half-brother was the painter Woldemar Hau. From 1830-1832, he studied at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts.

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Eduard Zentshik, 1975 ~ Surrealist painter

Eduard Zentsik was born in Sillamae, Estonia. Graphic artist, painter, photographer, designer, author of installations, performances and musical improvisations. Organizer of youth exhibitions and projects. For over years of creativity had more than forty personal exhibitions and took part in numerous joint projects. Participant and winner of international Photographic and Art competitions. Works are in private collections around the world.