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David Park (1911-1960) | Figurative Expressionist painter

American painter🎨 David Park was a pioneer of the Bay Area Figurative School of painting during the 1950s.
David Park was part of the post-World War II alumnae of the San Francisco Art Institute which was called the California School of Fine Arts at the time.
He revived an interest in figurative art, at first experimenting with still-abstracted forms that relied on color for their impact, dynamics and warmth.

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Jules Pascin (1885-1930) | Expressionist painter

Bulgarian🎨-born painter Jules Pascin, original name Julius Pincas, renowned for his delicate draftsmanship and sensitive studies of women.
Born of Italian Serbian and Spanish Jewish parents, Pascin was educated in Vienna before he moved to Munich, Germany, where he attended art school in 1903.
Beginning in 1904, his drawings were regularly published in satiric journals such as the Lustige Blätter and Simplicissimus. At the request of his family, who disapproved of his bohemian lifestyle, he changed his name to Pascin in 1905.

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Francis Bacon (1909-1992) | Expressionist painter

Born to an British family in Dublin on 28 October 1909, Francis Bacon was the second of five children of Christina Firth, a steel heiress, and Edward Bacon, a race-horse trainer and former army officer. His childhood, spent at Cannycourt, County Kildare, was blighted by asthma from which he suffered throughout his life.
With the outbreak of war in 1914, his father took the family to London and joined the Ministry of War; they divided the post-war years between London and Ireland. Bacon repeatedly ran away from his school in Cheltenham (1924-6).
After his authoritarian father, repelled by his burgeoning homosexuality, threw him out of the family home for wearing his mother’s clothes, Bacon arrived in London in 1926 with little schooling but with a weekly allowance of £3 from his mother.

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Albert Bloch (1882-1961) | Expressionist painter

Albert Bloch was the only American artist associated with Der Blaue Reiter - The Blue Rider, a group of early 20th-century European modernists.
He was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He first studied art at the St. Louis School of Fine Arts. In 1901-03 he produced comic strips and cartoons for the St. Louis Star newspaper.

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Paul Delvaux (1897-1994) | Surrealist painter

Paul Delvaux (23 September 1897 - 20 July 1994) was a Belgian painter🎨 noted for his dream-like scenes of women, classical architecture, trains and train stations, and skeletons, often in combination.
He is often considered a surrealist, although he only briefly identified with the Surrealist movement🎨.
He was influenced by the works of Giorgio de Chirico🎨.

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Egon Schiele | Quotes / Le lettere

  • Art cannot be modern. Art is primordially eternal.
  • Bodies have their own light which they consume to live: they burn, they are not lit from the outside.
  • I must see new things and investigate them. I want to taste dark water and see crackling trees and wild winds.
  • At present, I am mainly observing the physical motion of mountains, water, trees and flowers. One is everywhere reminded of similar movements in the human body, of similar impulses of joy and suffering in plants...
  • I was in love with everything- I wanted to look with love at the angry people so that their eyes would be forced to respond; and I wanted to bring gifts to the envious and tell them that I am worthless.

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Egon Schiele | Expressionist painter

Egon Schiele, (born June 12, 1890, Tulln, near Vienna - died Oct. 31, 1918, Vienna), Austrian🎨 Expressionist painter, draftsman and printmaker noted for the eroticism of his figurative works.
As a student at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (1907-09), Schiele was strongly influenced by the Jugendstil movement, the German Art Nouveau.
He met Gustav Klimt🎨, leader of the Vienna Sezession group, and the linearity and subtlety of Schiele’s work owe much to Klimt’s decorative elegance.

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Edvard Munch | Paintings and Quotes / Aforismi

By painting colors and lines and forms seen in quickened mood I was seeking to make this mood vibrate as a phonograph does. This was the origin of the paintings in The Frieze of Life.
Attraverso l'arte cerco di vedere chiaro nella mia relazione con il mondo, e se possibile aiutare anche chi osserva le mie opere a capirle, a guardarsi dentro.
To die is as if one's eyes had been put out and one cannot see anything any more. Perhaps it is like being shut in a cellar. One is abandoned by all. They have slammed the door and are gone. One does not see anything and notices only the damp smell of putrefaction.

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