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Jean-François Millet at the National Museum of Wales

The goose girl's wistful gaze contrasts against the lively geese honking behind her and swimming in the water. In the background are the houses of Gruchy, the hamlet in Normandy where Millet was born.
This work was painted after his first visit to the area in nearly ten years.
There is a sense of personal nostlagia, less common to his works from Barbizon.

Jean Francois Millet | The goose girl at Gruchy | National Museum Wales

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Madeleine Lemaire | The Empress of Roses

Madame Madeleine Lemaire, née Coll (1845-1928) was a French painter and illustrator specialized in watercolour and oils of still-lives of flowers, especially roses, genre scenes and portraits.
Madeleine Lemaire was a pupil in Paris of the artists Madame Herbelin and of Charles Chaplin.
In 1864, she made her debut in the Paris Salon where she was to exhibit throughout her life, winning awards in 1877 and 1900.
She also exhibited at the Société des Aquarellistes from 1879.

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Christophe Vacher, 1996 | Fantasy painter

Christophe Vacher is a two-time Emmy Award winner and Annie Award Nominee French artist who has provided Backgrounds, Visual Development and Art Direction for Disney, Dreamworks, Universal Studios and the film industry since 1989.
He worked in many small animation studios before joining Disney's Paris-based animation unit for three years, where he painted backgrounds for such animated films as "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", "Runaway Brain" and served as head of background for the 1995 feature, "A Goofy Movie".

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Alda Merini / Camille Claudel | Smile woman / Sorridi donna

Camille Claudel | The Mature Age, 1913 (detail) | Claudel room at the Musée Rodin in Paris

Sorridi donna
sorridi sempre alla vita
anche se lei non ti sorride
Sorridi agli amori finiti
sorridi ai tuoi dolori
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Louis Valtat (1869-1952)

Louis Valtat was a French painter and printmaker, associated with the Fauves, who exhibited at the first Salon des Indépendants of 1884.
He is noted as a key figure in the stylistic transition in painting from Monet to Matisse.
Louis Valtat was born in Normandy in 1869, he is the son of the famous painter François Victor Valtat.
Two years later, Louis Valtat entered the School of Fine Arts and attended courses at the Julian Academy, where he met the Nabis group, including Edouard Vuillard.

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Max Ernst | Dada / Surrealist painter

Max Ernst, in full Maximilian Maria Ernst (born April 2, 1891, Brühl, Germany - died April 1, 1976, Paris, France), German painter and sculptor who was one of the leading advocates of irrationality in art and an originator of the Automatism movement of Surrealism. He became a naturalized citizen of both the United States, 1948 and France, 1958.
Ernst’s early interests were psychiatry and philosophy, but he abandoned his studies at the University of Bonn for painting.

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Edmond Rostand | A kiss, when all is said, what is it? / Un bacio, dopo tutto cos’è?

"Cyrano de Bergerac" is a play written in 1897 by Edmond Rostand. There was a real Cyrano de Bergerac, and the play is a fictionalisation following the broad outlines of his life.
The entire play is written in verse, in rhyming couplets of twelve syllables per line, very close to the classical alexandrine form, but the verses sometimes lack a caesura. It is also meticulously researched, down to the names of the members of the Académie française and the dames précieuses glimpsed before the performance in the first scene.

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Raoul Dufy | Still Life

Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) was a French Fauvist painter, brother of Jean Dufy.
He developed a colorful, decorative style that became fashionable for designs of ceramics and textiles, as well as decorative schemes for public buildings.
He is noted for scenes of open-air social events.
He was also a draftsman, printmaker, book illustrator, scenic designer, a designer of furniture, and a planner of public spaces.