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Happy Birthday Édouard Manet!

It’s Édouard Manet’s birthday - born on this day - January 23, 1832. To this day, Manet is still considered to be the father of modernism.

Édouard Manet -the eldest son of an official in the French Ministry of Justice- had early hopes of becoming a naval officer. After twice failing the training school's entrance exam, the teenager instead went to Paris to pursue a career in the arts. There he studied with Thomas Couture and diligently copied works at the Musée du Louvre.
The biennial (and later, annual) Parisian Salons were considered the most expedient way for an artist to make himself known to the public, and Manet submitted paintings to Salon juries throughout his career. In 1861, at the age of twenty-nine, he was awarded the Salon's honorable mention for The Spanish Singer.

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David Gray, 1970 | Classical Realist painter

David's Gray signature style reveals a personal and contemporary expression of beauty and order which pays homage to the Classical Tradition in its craftsmanship. Collectors of David's work often relate that his painting provoke a sense of peace, stillness, or a contemplative mood.
His award winning works have been covered by major art publications including Southwest Art, Art of the West, and American Art Collector.
David also teaches several workshops per year in portraiture and still life painting throughout the United States and abroad.
In addition to his well known signature style, David is also currently exploring a more contemporary sensibility in recent works. Keep an eye out for more new paintings to be released in this exciting, organic style.

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Gianni Strino, 1953 | Figurative / Realist painter

Italian painter🎨 Gianni Strino studied fine art at the acclaimed Naples Art Institute winning the medal for the best graduate artist in 1970. He taught art and art history until the demand for his work allowed him to become a full time artist.
In his striking portraits Strino not only captures the beauty of his sitters but also the reality of the everyday. He does not restrict his models to beautiful young women as many portraitists do.

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Daniela Astone, 1980 | Figurative Realist painter

Daniela Astone was born in Pisa, Italy and raised in Porto Santo Stefano, in Maremma (Italy), a costal town south of Florence. She discovered her passion for drawing and painting at a very young age, and began nourishing and cultivating her craft early on.
In 1998, after graduating from the High School for Visual Arts of Grosseto, she moved to Florence to study illustration at the International school of Comix.
Upon arriving, she first worked in illustration, then, in 2001, enrolled in The Florence Academy of Art🎨, where she is now an instructor. In 2003, Daniela participated, as a student, in the exhibition, "Realism Revisited" at Panorama Museum, Bad Frankenhausen, Germany.

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Arkady Plastov (1893-1972) Socialist Realist painter

Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov / Аркадий Александрович Пластов was a Russian🎨 socialist realist painter. Plastov was born into a family of icon painters in the village Prislonikha in the Russian Governorate of Simbirsk.
He attended the sculpture department of the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture beginning in 1914.

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Bo Bartlett, 1955 | Realist / Figurative painter

Bo Bartlett is an American🎨 Realist painter with a modernist vision. His paintings are within the tradition of American Realism as defined by artists such as Thomas Eakins and Andrew Wyeth.
Like these artists, Bartlett looks at America's land and people to describe the beauty he finds in everyday life. His paintings celebrate the underlying epic nature of the commonplace and the personal significance of the extraordinary.
"Bartlett was educated at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where realist principles must be grasped before modernist ventures are encouraged.

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Liseth Visser, 1960 | Classical Realist painter

Dutch artist🎨 Liseth Visser a.k.a. ElisabethV paints her pictures in a classic realistic way using oils. She paints on panels and works both on a commission and non-commission basis.
She uses a traditional labour-intensive technique with under-layers, under-paintings and lots of (half) transparent to create softness, depth and glow within the final layers, this to achieve a natural and realistic skin tone in a poetic ambiance.

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He Lihuai 何力怀, 1961 | Realist painter

Mr. He Lihuai 何力怀 - Chinese painter🎨 - was born in Chongqing. He worked as an art designer at Capital Museum from 1985-1996 after receiving Art of Bachelor degree in oil painting at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 1984.
As a member of Chinese Artists Association and a professional artist.
He has been honored as a very talented oil painter in contemporary China.

He's paintings have been exhibited regularly at home and abroad as well as at the art auction company gave held by the organizations like Baoli and Zhongding, many of which have been kept by domestic and overseas art lovers.

He Lihuai è nato a Chongqing nel 1961. Ha lavorato come designer d'arte al Capital Museum dal 1985-1996 dopo aver conseguito la laurea in pittura ad olio presso la Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts nel 1984.
È membro della Chinese Artists Association ed artista professionista.
È stato onorato come talentuoso pittore ad olio nella Cina contemporanea.
I suoi dipinti sono stati esposti regolarmente in patria ed all'estero, nonché presso la società di aste d'arte tenutasi da organizzazioni come Baoli e Zhongding, molte delle quali sono state conservate da appassionati d'arte nazionali e d'oltremare.