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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Romanian Artist. Mostra tutti i post
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David Croitor, 1958 | Old street of Bucharest

Born in Suceava, Romanian painter David Croitor, graduated from the Faculty of Geology University of Bucharest, he studied painting and drawing with Dmitry Loghina and Anita Aurel in Bucharest.
Debut solo exhibition was held in 1986 in Bucharest. Participated in many collective and personal exhibitions.

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Mihai Criste, 1975 | Surrealist painter

Mihai Criste 1975 | Romanian Surrealist painter
Mihai Criste | The Kiss of Autumn

Mihai Criste is a creative Romanian painter who is fascinated by abstraction, mystery and surrealism🎨.
He graduated from the Visual Arts Academy in Romania in 2001 and since then has been participating in group exhibitions along with illustrating children’s books, such as the The Wizard of Oz.
The graceful composition of his paintings, along with his creative concepts and titles, give his pieces a special touch and him a great degree of distinction.

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Dorina Costras, 1967 | Surrealist Figurative painter

Dorina Costras was born in Iasi, Romania.
Costras worked as a designer and as teacher of fine arts. Now I collaborate with decorating companies as indoor designer and I paint.
I like to transpose on canvas inner states, to interpret and render them.
I paint from imagination and the favorite theme whereat revert again and again is costumes and masks of carnival and also a fantastic universe with the atmosphere of the story away from our days. I alternate between them depending on my mood and inspiration of the moment.

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Demetre Chiparus | Art Déco sculptor

Demétre Haralamb Chiparus, also known as Dumitru Haralamb Chipăruș (16 September 1886 - 22 January 1947) was a Romanian Art Déco* era sculptor who lived and worked in Paris, France. He was one of the most important sculptors of the Art Deco era.
  • Life
Demétre H. Chiparus was born in Dorohoi, Romania, the son of Haralamb and Saveta Chiparus. In 1909 he went to Italy, where he attended the classes of Italian* sculptor Raffaello Romanelli.

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Zorina Baldescu, 1954 | Fantasy / Figurative painter /Illustrator

Born in Bucharest, Zorina Baldescu has been working as a children’s books illustrator for a number of years now. She specializes in creating delightful fairy tale images featuring mermaids, princesses, fairies, unicorns and more. Zorina’s images have been licensed for jigsaw puzzles and stationery products worldwide. Her images are perfect for any young girls range.

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Mihai Teodor Olteanu, 1953 | Impressionist painter

Born in 13 august 1953 in Ludus, Mures County in Romania, Mihai Teodor Olteanu, a famous artist with a plurality of expressions, displays a series of original paintings, the expression of an artistic maturity that impresses every time the art loving audience effervescent, charming and harmonious, the paintings of the world class artist, Mihai Teodor Olteanu, are an odyssey in search of himself and of the true faith in a universe that is beyond our world. Each work is the expression of a perfect interweave of an inner silence and a storm of feelings, which complement each other to triumph in the explosion of the divine message.

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Mihai Olteanu, 1962 | Figure /Landscapes /Portraits /Still life painter

Mihai Olteanu is an Romanian painter, known for working in the Impressionist style. Mihai Olteanu was born in was born on the 19th April 1962, Rediu village, Bira commune, Neamt county. For biographical notes -in english and italian- and early works by Mihai Olteanu see Mihai Olteanu, 1962 | Impressionist painter.

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Victor Brauner | Surrealist painter

Victor Brauner (15 June 1903 - 12 March 1966) was a Romanian Jewish sculptor and painter of surrealistic images.
He was born in Piatra Neamț, Romania, the son of a timber manufacturer who subsequently settled in Vienna with his family for a few years. It is there that young Victor attended elementary school. When his family returned to Romania in 1914, he continued his studies at the Evangelical school in Brăila. His interests revolved around zoology during that period.