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Pavle "Paja" Jovanovic | Orientalist painter

From Belgrade City Museum:

Pavle "Paja" Jovanović / Павле "Паја" Јовановић (Vršac, 1859 - Vienna, 1957) was born into the family of photographer Stevan and Ernestina Jovanović.
In 1875, his father took him to Vienna, where he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie der bildenden Künste) in 1877. Having completed his studies at the Academy, Jovanović travelled a lot and worked for Paris and London art dealers, to settle in Vienna in 1895. He was elected full member of the Serbian Royal Academy in 1888.
In his very long artistic career, Jovanović created outstanding works of art: history paintings (Migration of the Serbs, Proclamation of The Code of Emperor Dušan), genre paintings (Adoring of the bride, Cocok-fight, Fencing) and numerous portraits of famous people (Mihailo Pupin, King Aleksandar and Queen Maria Karađorđević).

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Micko Art

Micko is the nickname of the professional painter Miodrag. Micko is a self taught artist.
Micko was born in Serbia, in an industrial town close to Belgrade. After graduating in electrical engineering from Nikola Tesla Institute, he soon found himself in a profession which was no way suited to his personality.
"I was a dreamer living in a world of restrictions and rules where creativity and artistic beauty did not exist. The only picture in my head read 'high voltage dangerous to life' and only five colours existed". There must have been something more...
He first sketches out the scene with pencil and brush, and then adds a combination of acrylic and impasto gel with a palette knife layer upon layer within each scene to get the final, textured effect.

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Vladimir Dunjic, 1957 | Abstract/Figurative painter | Page 2

Born in Čačak, Serbian painter Vladimir Dunjić🎨 graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in the class of Professor Mladen Srbinović in 1981.
He has been a member of Ulus (The Serbian Association of Fine Arts) since 1982.
He took part in several solo and group exhibitions, both in Yugoslavia and abroad.
Vladimir Dunjic lives and works in Belgrade.

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Nadežda Petrović (1873-1915) | Impressionist painter

Nadežda Petrović / Надежда Петровић was a Serbian painter and one of the women war photography pioneers in the region.
Considered Serbia's most famous impressionist and fauvist, she was the most important Serbian female painter🎨 of the period.
Born in the town of Čačak, Petrović moved to Belgrade in her youth and attended the women's school of higher education there.
In 1893, she became an art teacher at the school and later taught at the women's university in Belgrade. Afterwards, she obtained a stipend from the Serbian Ministry of Education to study art in the private school of Slovenian artist Anton Ažbe in Munich.

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Stojan Milanov, 1963 | Impressionist painter

Serbian painter Stojan Milanov has been a professional painter since 1985 and member of The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia - ULUPUDS since 2005.
In 2005, he was awarded🎨 "Artist of the Year" by Simic Galleries, California.
His themes are human figure and urban landscape, technique oil on canvas.
Graduated from the University of Architecture in Belgrade.
He has participated in many collective exhibitions and art meetings.

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Stojan Milanov, 1963 | Abstract painter

Stojan Milanov was born in Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and has been painting since 1985.
He is a member of the Association of Fine and Applied arts of Serbia.
His paintings can be found in many collections in America and Europe. So far he has participated in several group exhibitions and had several solo exhibitions.

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Miomir Badzic | Ballet dancers

Badžić Miomir is an Serbian artist, known for working in classical and realistic style. Do not give preference to any one genre, among his works can be found portraits, landscapes, still lifes...
Some time ago, he wrote to order several paintings replica on a historical theme for one of the Serbian museums. Currently the artist lives and works in the United States.

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Nenad Mirkovich, 1951

The man whose first name means "surprise" in his native language delivers that element in his paintings of tranquil landscapes, crashing coastlines, peaceful symphonies and energetic jazz bands.
Collectors of all ages and of varied lifestyles find something in the diverse repertoire of Nenad Mirkovich to delight the senses.
He delights himself with the reactions of viewers when they discover that the same talented artist painted all these scenes.
Nenad Mirkovich says the varied subject matter and styles he uses in his work are not so different as they first seem, however.