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Zoran Kezic, 1960 | Landscape / cityscape painter

Award winning** Artist Zoran Kezić was born in 1960. In 1980, he graduated from a secondary art school, a graphic designer.
He exhibited at 15 collective exhibitions. He participated in many humanitarian actions and art colonies.
A highly productive painter who satisfies the tastes of a wide population.
Kezić has won numerous awards** for his artistic work and engagement.

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Dusan Jovanovic, 1949 | Magic Realism painter

Dušan Jovanović is an Serbian painter of portraits and still lifes.
Jovanović was born May 1, 1949 in Belgrade. He has attended many esteemed educational institutes, such as Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, School of Art for Interior Decoration, School Restoration-Painting etc.
He took participation in more than two hundred art exhibitions throughout Europe, including: Show World "My country, my home" (Moscow, Russia, 1965) and Exhibition "Selections 1984" Nation Gallery (Paris, France, 1984).

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Ana Mutavdzic | Abstract Cityscape painter

Ana Mutavdzic is an Serbian painter, known for working in the Abstract style*.
Mutavdzic was born in Kragujevac, Serbia - Yugoslavia.

I am driven by the feeling that with my brush I can convey my own understanding of the world to the canvas, the colours of my soul, my feelings and the way of life. It's one of the things which make me paint all over again.
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Kolja Tatic, 1962 ~ Surrealist Digital painter

Born in Jagodina, Serbia, Kolja Tatic was drawn to the arts at an early age. When asked about childhood influences, Tatic replied, "My father was my first teacher, and when I was about 12, I saw for the first time paintings from Giorgio de Chirico and Dali". He went on to say, "...when I first saw "Love Song" and "The Mystery and Melancholy of a Street" from de Chirico and "Premonition of Civil War" from Dali, I saw 'mysterious, enigmatic worlds...'" He said he considers secrecy, mystery, and premonition to be among the most important factors in quality artwork and wishes to create "enigmatic, mysterious, silent places" through his artwork. In this, I believe, he has certainly succeeded.
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Miriana Mitrovich | Abstract photographer

Miriana Mitrovich | Bulgarian-born Canadian Abstract photographer | Four Dozen Roses

Miriana Mitrovich is Bulgarian-born Canadian artist, born in Sofia. As a daughter of a ballerina and a sculptor, she was enrolled in a classical ballet and piano lessons by the age of six and sculpting portraiture under the guidance of her father. At the age of ten, she was accepted as one of twenty-eight children from across the country into a nine-year program at the National Ballet School in Sofia.

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Ljubomir Ivankovic, 1953 | Serbian-born Canadian painter

Ljubomir Ivankovic, Serbian-born Canadian painter, was born in Pirot, Yougoslavia.
Education: 1981/82 - Scholarship from the Yougoslavian Government to study in France; 1978 - Member of the Yougoslavian Artists Association; 1978 - Belgrad University's School of Graphic Arts. He is granted the official title of painter/etcher.
1972 - Nis (Yougoslavia) School of Graphic Arts.
Exhibitions: - Ivankovic has participated in many group exhibitions in Yougoslavia, France, Spain, Poland, Germany, Norway and Argentina. He was awarded many prizes for his works in etching or for illustrating art books.
In 1982, at the Salon d'octobre de la Serbie in Paris, the French Government (Department of Education and Culture) has recognized officially his contribution to culture.
Ljubomir Ivankovic came to Canada in 1990 and is now a canadian citizen, living in Montreal.

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Djordje Prudnikov (1939-2017) Figurative painter

Đorđe Prudnikov / Djordje Prudnikov /Ђорђе Прудников was an Russo-Serbian painter, graphic artist and designer, championed as one of the greatest and most original contemporary artists to emerge from the former Yugoslavia.
It was the hand of God that joined a serbian woman and a russian man, who had come to Serbia as boy, with his parents, after the October Revolution in Russia. So, on April 19th 1939 in Uzice, they got their son: Djordje Prudnikov.

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Katarina Ali, 1973 ~ Surrealist and Fantasy painter

Katarina Ali was born in 1973 in Zemun, Yugoslavia. In 1993 she graduated in Industrial Design from the School of Design in Belgrade and in 1999 she graduated in Graphic Planning from the Academy of Beautiful Arts and Design in Belgrade.