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Manuel de Gracia (1937-2017)

Spanish painter Manuel de Gracia was born in Mora de Toledo. He started in Madrid practicing in the Círculo de Bellas Artes workshops and he held his first solo exhibition in 1963 in the Sala Toisón, together with Manuel Cano and José Suárez.
Later he exhibited individually at the Eureka gallery and after that he showed this work in Valladolid and Santander.


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Emilio Grau Sala (1911-1975) | Colorist painter

Emilio (Emi) Grau Sala was a Catalan painter. He studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Barcelona.
He was a famous colorist (oil painting, watercolor and pastel) and illustrator.
Having made his debut at the Salon des Humoristes in Paris when extremely young, he had his first one-man show in Barcelona at the age of 18, and went on to have shows of his work throughout the world - Paris, Madrid, London, Buenos Aires, New York.


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Federico García Lorca / Vanessa Lemen | Serenade / Serenata

Along the banks of the river
the night is bathing
and on the breasts of Lolita
die of love the branches.

Die of love branches.


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Dino Buzzati / Alex Alemany | Lettera d'amore

Sono finalmente ritornato, tesoro, ed ora aspetto che tu mi raggiunga.
Nell’ultima tua lettera, che ho avuto un mese fa, dicevi appunto che non potevi più vivere senza di me. Ti credo, perché uguale è il sentimento mio. Non è come un’attrazione fatale, quasi un castigo?
Di solito, tra uomo e donna, soltanto uno dei due si innamora. L’altro, o l’altra, accetta, o subisce. Nel nostro caso, meravigliosamente, la passione è pari in entrambi. Pazzi tutti e due. Ciò è bellissimo ma fa anche paura. Siamo come due foglie furiosamente sospinte l’una verso l’altra da opposti venti.
Che cosa accadrà quando si incontreranno?


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Juan Bayón Salado (1913-1995) | Paris painter

Spanish artist Juan Bayón Salado (born in Logroño), also known as Jean Salabet or Bay Sala, was a School of Paris painter, know for his Parisian cityscapes.
He settled in Paris between 1950-1969 and when using the pseudonym Jean Salabet between 1950-1957 he was mainly selling his works through Mr. Reynald Forgeot's gallery initially, and Mr. André Roussard later.
Faithful to the Post-Impressionism style, he exhibited in Montmartre in the gallery of rue Norvins, which would become that of Claude Bussière, then at André Roussard) during his long stay in Paris.
As a Parisian painter he was mostly known for his colorful cityscapes depicting the times of his generation including the signatures “Bay Sala”, “Bayon” and “Jean Salabet” used by the artist.


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Luis Cohen Fusé (1944-2019) | Figurative painter

Cohen Fusé born in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Studied Ceramics at the School of Fine Arts - Mar del Plata (Argentina). Graduated in Architecture at the Buenos Aires State University.
Studied engraving and lithography at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona.
In 1988 he signed a contract with the Vorpal Gallery of New York. Participates in exhibitions in the USA: New York and San Francisco, and also in Canada..


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Didier Lourenço, 1968 | Abstract painter

Didier Lourenço was born in Premià de Mar, Barcelona. At the age of 19 he began working in the lithography atelier of his father, where he learned the trade of lithography.
In 1988 Didier made a corner of the atelier his place for painting on canvas and paper. He shared his time between painting and printing lithographs for himself and professional artists.
The atelier would prove to be his best classroom, a place where Didier would build his education in the world of painting. That year he presented his first individual show and also edited his first collection of lithographies.


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José Jiménez Aranda (1837-1903) Genre painter

Luis Jiménez Aranda was a Spanish🎨-born French painter🎨 of genre scenes🎨; many in costumbrista style. His brothers, José and Manuel also became painters.
His first art lessons came from his older brother, José, followed by classes at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de Santa Isabel de Hungría under the direction of Eduardo Cano and Antonio Cabral Bejarano.
In 1868, thanks to a four year stipend from a wealthy patron, he went to Rome to see the Old Masters and complete his studies with Marià Fortuny🎨.