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Eugenè Burnand (1850-1921) | Naturalist painter

Eugène Burnand was a prolific Swiss painter and illustrator from Moudon, Switzerland.
Born of prosperous parents who taught him to appreciate art and the countryside, he first trained as an architect but quickly realised his vocation was painting. He studied art in Geneva and Paris then settled in Versailles.
In the course of his life he travelled widely and lived at various times in Florence, Montpellier, Seppey (Moudon) and Neuchâtel.
His later years were spent in Paris where he died a celebrated and well respected artist both in Switzerland and France.
He was primarily a realist painter of nature. Most of his works were of rural scenes, often with animals, the depiction of which he was a master. He increasingly painted human figures and by the end of his career could be called a portraitist whose skill revealing character was profound.

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Carlo Bossoli | Orientalist painter

Carlo Bossoli (6 December 1815, in Lugano - 1 August 1884, in Turin) was a Swiss-born Italian painter and lithographer, who spent his early career in Russia. He is best known for historical scenes from the Risorgimento.
His father was a stonemason of Italian origin, working in Switzerland. In 1820, his family moved to accept work in Odessa.
Until 1826, he studied with the Capuchins. After graduating, he worked in a shop that sold antiquarian books and prints. It was there that he began to draw and sketch.

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Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918) | Art Nouveau painter

Ferdinand Hodler was one of the best-known Swiss painters of the nineteenth century. His early works were portraits, landscapes and genre paintings in a realistic style.
Later, he adopted a personal form of Symbolism which he called "Parallelism".
Hodler was born in Bern, the eldest of six children. His father, Jean Hodler, made a meager living as a carpenter; his mother, Marguerite (née Neukomm), was from a peasant family.

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Johann Jakob Frey (1813-1865) | Paysages painter

Johann Jakob Frey, a Swiss landscape painter, a native of Basle, studied principally in Italy, and his views of that country are much valued.
He was first taught by his father, the painter and lithographer Samuel Frey (1785-1836). He later studied in Paris (1830) and in Munich (1834), the most vibrant artistic centre in Germany.
After travelling in Italy and Egypt, he settled in Rome where he specialised in landscape painting.
From Egypt, whither he accompanied Professor Lepsius, he brought many excellent sketches of the Pyramids, Labyrinths, ecc.

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Albert Anker (1831-1910) | Genre painter

Albrecht Samuel Anker was a Swiss painter🎨 and illustrator who has been called the "national painter" of Switzerland because of his enduringly popular depictions of 19th-century Swiss village life.
Born in Ins as the son of veterinarian Samuel Anker (then a member of the constituent assembly of the Canton of Bern), Anker attended school in Neuchâtel, where he and Auguste Bachelin, later a fellow artist, took early drawing lessons with Louis Wallinger in 1845-48.

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Jean-Jacques Pradier | Neoclassical Romantic sculptor

Jean Jacques Pradier (1792-1852), was a Swiss-born French sculptor🎨 best known for his work in the Neoclassical style.
Born in Geneva, Pradier was the son of a Protestant family from Toulouse. He left for Paris in 1807 to work with his elder brother, Charles-Simon Pradier, an engraver, and also attended the École des Beaux-Arts beginning in 1808.
He won a Prix de Rome that enabled him to study in Rome from 1814-1818 at the Villa Médicts.
Pradier made his debut at the Salon in 1819 and quickly acquired a reputation as a competent artist. He studied under Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres in Paris.

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Marius Borgeaud | Post-impressionist painter

Marius Borgeaud (1861-1924) was a Swiss Post-Impressionist painter. He was born in Lausanne.

Early life

Borgeaud came from a bourgeois milieu; he attended the Industrial School of Lausanne and did not intend to pursue painting.
As chance would have it, the future gallerist Paul Vallotton was one of his school-mates.
In 1888, he began working in a bank in Marseille and remained there until the death of his father the following year.

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Cuno Amiet (1868-1961) Expressionist painter

Cuno Amiet is often called the “master of colour” and is seen as a pioneer of modernism in Swiss art🎨; he ranks as one of the most versatile and significant artists of Switzerland.
Cuno Amiet was born in Solothurn and devoted his entire life to art. After finishing school he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and continued his training with his friend Giovanni Giacometti🎨 at the Académie Julian in Paris.