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Remzi Taskıran, 1961 | Portrait painter

Turkish painter Remzi Taşkıran, was born in Adiyaman. He Completed his high school and art education in Istanbul. He had obtained his art education from Saadettin Çağlarca, a painter.
The artist, who has worked for some time as a press painter, has works that were exhibited in collections both at home and abroad.
His artworks are influenced by domestic environment and charming landscape in Istanbul.
His portraits of beautiful oriental women in the folk costumes and ornaments that shine gold, are very charming.
Maintaining his daily life with the paintings he created in his Istanbul studio, Taşkıran takes time to create unique themes of his art while preventing the worries of daily life while he is preparing for his exhibitions.

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Osman Hamdi Bey | Orientalist painter

Osman Hamdi Bey, [Constantinople, 1842-1910], Ottoman statesman, painter and art expert who put forth legislation aimed at regulating finds made by various archaeological enterprises in the Ottoman Empire and preventing the antiquities from being smuggled abroad.
As a painter, he became famous while he was alive. He worked on compositions with figures and portraits, and he was the first Turkish artist who painted figures.
In his paintings, there are many architectural and decorative details. He frequently appears as the main character; he used photos taken of him in different outfits and poses for his drawings.
Today, many domestic and foreign museum collections include his paintings as well.

The Tortoise Trainer - Pera Museum, İstanbul

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Nazim Hikmet | Sotto la pioggia camminava la primavera..

Barbara Florczyk

Sotto la pioggia camminava la primavera
con i suoi piedi esili e lunghi sull'asfalto di Mosca
chiusa tra gli pneumatici i motori le stoffe le pelli
il mio cardiogramma era pessimo quel giorno
quel che si attende verrà in un'ora inattesa
verrà tutto da solo
senza condurre con sè
coloro che già partirono
suonavano il primo concerto di Čajkovskij sotto la pioggia

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Halil Pasha (1857-1939) | Impressionist painter

Halil Paşa was a Turkish painter and art teacher.
He was one of Turkey's first Impressionists.
His family was originally from Rhodes and his father, Selim, was one of the founders of the Turkish Military Academy.
Like many early Western-style Turkish artists, he received his training in technical drawing and painting at the "Mühendishane-i Berrî-i Hümâyûn" (Military School of Engineering, now known as the Istanbul Technical University).

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Gurbuz Dogan Eksioglu, 1954 | Surrealist painter

Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu was born in Mesudiye in Ordu Province, Turkey. He studied graphics at the State College of Fine Arts in İstanbul named Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts today, where he is still teaching as an assistant professor.
He has been drawing cartoons since 1977 and holds a total of 64 awards, 23 of which are international.

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Hasan Saygin, 1958 | Abstract Realist painter

Hasan Saygin was born in Karamanli, Turkey. He spent his childhood and followed his primary education in his native town, Karamanli.
In 1977, he entered the School of Fine Arts in Istanbul.
In 1982, he decided to come to Paris and settled permanently.
He organized personal exhibitions in many Parisian galleries: 26 Gallery (Place des Vosges), Vendôme Gallery (rue de la Paix) and Michèle Boulet Gallery; in the Draguignan Museum, in the castle of Gordes, in Salerno in France, in the castle of Vascoeuil in France, as well as in Belgium (Gevaert Gallery in Bruges, castle of Ingelmunster, etc ...), in Almeria, Spain and in the U.S (in Vero Beach, Florida).

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Nâzım Hikmet | Prima che bruci Parigi..

Before the time runs out, my rose,
before Paris is burned down and destroyed,
before the time runs out, my rose,
and my heart is still on its branch,
I, one night, one of these May nights,
holding you against the wall in Quai Voltaire,
must kiss you on the lips
then turning our faces toward Notre Dame

Irina Karkabi

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Henri Matisse | Windows series

Addio | Nâzım Hikmet⏭
L'uomo dice alla donna: ti amo,
come se stringessi tra le palme il mio cuore,
simile a scheggia di vetro che m'insanguina le dita,
quando lo spezzo follemente.
La donna dice all'uomo:
ho guardato nei tuoi occhi,
nel mio cuore,