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Olga and Sergey Kamennoy

Sergey ed Olga sono la coppia di artisti che lavorano insieme sotto lo pseudonimo di "KAMU Sergey and Olga" per più di 15 anni.
- Sergey Kamennoy / Сергей Каменной è nato nel 1959 a Kharkov, Ucraina. Ha studiato alla scuola d'arte, frequentando l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Kharkov dal 1978-1983.
E' membro dell'Unione degli Artisti di Ucraina dal 1988. Durante gli studi si rese conto che era daltonico, anche se lui eccelso in disegno e incisione. Ha costruito una carriera di successo nella stesura.
- Olga Kamennoy / Ольга Каменная è nata a Mosca, in Russia e collabora con Sergey nella composizione dei dipinti: Sergey disegni preparara i disegni in bianco e nero, disegna i personaggi, temi su foglia d'oro e aggiunge incisioni. Olga sceglie e lavora con i colori.

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Anatoly Metlan, 1964 | Flamenco dancers

Anatoly Metlan’s travels serve as inspiration for his paintings, whether it’s the beauty of Mediterranean landscapes or talented flamenco and tango dancers in Spain. From a young age, Metlan was influenced by the Impressionists, often traveling to southern France to draw the same inspiration as these artists.
More recently, Metlan has focused on depicting dancers, musicians, and gypsies.
In his paintings of dancers, Metlan emphasizes sensual tango poses, forever capturing moments of energy, emotion, and drama.
Full of passion, these paintings draw upon Metlan’s memories of attending flamenco concerts in southern Europe.
"I was captivated by the dramatic suspended tension and the emotional expressiveness of dance moves" Metlan says.

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Volodymyr Tsisaryk / Володимир Цісарик, 1978 | Figurative sculptor

Ukrainian sculptor Volodymyr Tsisaryk was born and grew up in Lviv. His works were seen by almost every tourist who visited the city at least once in recent years.
Volodymyr says that he did not choose the profession, but he was chosen by the profession. After graduating from Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after Ivan Trush, Department of Monumental and Decorative Sculpture and obtaining Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors, Volodymyr immediately began creating sculptures the elegance of which show the skill of the author.

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Shafira Yablonski, (Impressionist painter, 1938)

Ukrainian painter Shafira Yablonski was born in the city of Dneprodzerzhinsk.
When Shafira was 3 years old the world war II began and her family was evacuated to Kazakhstan.
When the war was over and the city of Dneprodzerzhinsk was liberated, they returned home to Ukraine.
There Shafira spent her childhood and adolescence and finished high school.
All her childhood she was fond of drawing. When Shafira was 15, she joined the art studio at the House of Culture and began learning to paint.

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Denis Chernov, 1978 | Figurative Pencil painter

Denis Chernov was born in Sambir, Lviv province, Ukraine. He lives and works in Kharkiv after graduating from Kharkiv Art College, in 1998, Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (Chair of Graphic Art), in 2004.
He regularly participates in artistic exhibitions, both in Ukraine and abroad.
Most of Denis Chernov’s artworks are kept in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Italy, England, Spain, Greece, France, USA, Canada and Japan. Some works have been sold at 'Christie's.

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Alexander Bolotov, 1981 | Unforgettable Paris

Ukrainian painter Александр Болотов was born in Donetsk. In 2002 he graduated from the Donetsk Art School, Department of Painting.
For several years he worked in publishing houses on book illustrations. He taught at the children's art school. In 2008, he left the genre of illustration and devoted himself entirely to painting.
Initially, the only favorite style was realism in depicting types of nature: forest, sea landscapes, because His favorite artists were the leading figures of the Russian landscape school - Ivan Shishkin🎨 and Ivan Aivazovsky🎨.

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Anatoly Metlan, 1964 | Mediterranean paysages

Anatoly Metlan was born in Yalta, a southern Ukranian city.
He developed an interest in art at a young age, and was encouraged by his parents who also had a love of art.
His talents were recognized and he attended a high school specializing in the arts.
He graduated high school in 1985 and went to Krivoi Rog University to continue his art studies.

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Olga Akasi, 1970 | Classical portraits painter

Olga Akasi / Ольга Акаси is an Ukrainian artist born in Kiev, Ukraine.
She studied painting at the Grekov Odessa Art school.
"Akasi’s characters have astonishing faces. They don’t look like faces of real people; they came from another world, very far from human being. They look like images that don’t exist in our world.
Artist materializes them, embodies them, makes viewer to peer at this different-being and not to recognize himself in it. Smiles of faces at her works are not mundane and not human; there is something different in human being, the mystery that unites mundane human world with non-material, spiritual image".