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Pedro Salinas | Che allegria vivere / What a joy to live

Che allegria, vivere
e sentirsi vissuto.

alla grande certezza, oscuramente,
che un altro essere fuori di me,
molto lontano,
mi sta vivendo.

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Mary Quant | The birth of miniskirt / La nascita della minigonna

"The sixties mini was the most self indulgent, optimistic 'look at me, isn't life wonderful' fashion ever devised. It expressed the sixties, the emancipation of women, the Pill and rock 'n' roll. ... It was the beginning of women's lib" - Mary Quant, 2012.

Dame Barbara Mary Quant, Mrs Plunket Greene, DBE, FCSD, RDI (born 11 February 1930) is a British fashion designer and fashion icon.
She became an instrumental figure in the 1960s London-based Mod and youth fashion movements.
She was one of the designers who took credit for the miniskirt and hotpants.
Ernestine Carter wrote: "It is given to a fortunate few to be born at the right time, in the right place, with the right talents. In recent fashion there are three: Chanel, Dior and Mary Quant".

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Hanna Pauli | Genre painter

Hanna Hirsch, later Hanna Pauli (Stockholm, 13 January 1864 - 29 December 1940, Solna), was a Swedish painter; primarily of genre scenes and portraits.
Hanna Hirsch was a daughter of music publisher Abraham Hirsch. She was a friend of Eva Bonnier, and they followed each other through the painting school of August Malmström, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm.

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Eva Bonnier (1857-1909)

Eva Fredrika Bonnier (1857-1909) was a Swedish painter and philanthropist.

Born in Stockholm as the daughter of publisher Albert Bonnier and a member of a leading family of publishers, Bonnier studied painting with August Malmström and became a student in the women's section of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm in 1878.
Together with her friend and co-student Hanna Hirsch, she traveled to Paris in 1883, staying there until 1889.

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Lori Putnam, 1962 | Modern Impressionist painter

Modern Impressionism stretches the boundaries with artists painting in styles ranging from near realism to almost abstraction. Putnam’s work is closer to the latter.

Recognized for her expressive brushwork, contemporary compositions, and intelligent use of color, Nashville Tennessee native, Lori Putnam paints small to medium-sized works en plein air and creates large paintings in her studio.
Having painted and taught in more than 20 different countries (including Ukraine, New Zealand, Guatemala, much of Europe and the UK), she believes that works created from life help her maintain freshness in her studio paintings as well.

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Louise Glück | Sunset / Tramonto

La mia grande felicità
è il suono che fa la tua voce
chiamandomi anche nella disperazione; il mio dolore
che non posso risponderti
in parole che accetti come mie.

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Alice Neel | Abstract Expressionist painter

From: MoMa - The Museum of Modern Art
Alice Neel's (1900-1984) portraits hinge on trust. A figurative painter throughout the 20th century, she created work known for its deliberate distortion, bold outlines, expressive brushwork, and imaginative use of color.
Neel gained her subjects’ trust by inviting them into her home and telling them stories.
"She lulled you", recounted artist and friend Benny Andrews, whom she painted along with his wife, the photographer Mary Ellen Andrews, in 1972.
Her sitters knew that while her paintings may not always be flattering, she would paint what lay beneath the surface and she would not judge.

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Dod Procter | Figurative painter

Dod Procter, born Doris Margaret Shaw, RA (1890-1972) was an English artist, and the wife of the artist Ernest Procter.
Her painting Morning was bought for the public by the Daily Mail in 1927.
Procter and her husband attended art schools in England and in Paris together, where they were both influenced by Impressionism and the Post-Impressionism movements.