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Edgar Degas ~ The Bather series

Dopo la pubblicazione della serie "The Bathers" del francese Paul Cézanne ed in seguito del russo Vitali Tikhov [Виталий Тихов Гаврилович], Vi presento la serie delle bagnanti di Edgar Degas.
Edgar Degas | The Bather series
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Camilla Göbl-Wahl ~ Floral Still Life painter

Camilla Göbl-Wahl | Austrian Still Life painter
Camilla Göbl-Wahl [Vienna 1871-Vienna 1965] was an Austrian Floral Still Life painter.
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Yuri Klapouh

Юрий Клапоух, Ukrainian painter, was born in 1963.
Graduated from the Moscow Institute of painting of V.I.Surikov in 1993.
Professionally engaged in painting during 15 years.
His favorite themes are Russian landscape, classical portrait and genre scene of the rural life.
Took part in many group and personal exhibitions. His paintings are in private collections in the USA, Czechia, Poland, Austria, the Republic of South Africa and Germany.

Yuri Klapouh [Юрий Клапоух] ~ Ukrainian Figurative painter

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Pino Daeni / Jim Morrison | I'll stop loving you only when a deaf painter...

"I'll stop loving you only when a deaf painter
manages to paint the noise of a rose petal
falling on a glass floor of a castle never existed..."
Jim Morrison 

"Smetterò di amarti solo quando un pittore sordo
riuscirà a dipingere il rumore di un petalo di rosa
cadere su un pavimento di cristallo di un castello mai esistito..."
 Jim Morrison

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Pino Daeni | Romantic Figurative / Plein-air painter

Pino Daeni (November 8, 1939 - May 25, 2010) was an Italian* American* book illustrator and painter. He is known for his style of feminine, romantic women and strong men painted with loose but accurate brushwork.
Considered one of the highest paid book illustrators of his time, he created over 3,000 book covers, movie posters and magazine illustrations.

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Pino Daeni | Impressionist Figurative / Plein-air painter

Pino (1939-2010) was an immense talent who will be greatly missed.
His talent was surpassed only by his character and his passion for life and for his family.
Italian artist, Pino Daeni's art and canvases elicit feelings of warmth, nostalgia, love and family.
His paintings are often set on vibrantly sunny beaches on the Mediterranean where he grew up.

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Kay Ruane, 1956 ~ Outside the window

Kay Ruane is an American painter. For years I've been drawing figures inside a room with micro landscapes out the windows. I think of the drawings as dioramas, or tiny graphite worlds. At first these drawings were formal in imagery, as well as strictly black and white. Recently, I'm paying a lot more attention to details like the kind of flower, the title of a book on the table or a painting on the wall. I want these details to relate to specific themes in each drawing, with a dose of humor and sexuality.
Kay Ruane 1956 ~ American painter | Outside the window
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Kathryn White ~ Decorative painter

Kathryn White | British Decorative painter
Kathryn White, British painter, is a leading licensing artist for the gift, home decor, and stationery markets. While living in England, Kathryn found inspiration in the Cotswold Hills that surrounded her home, and from her frequent trips to Europe. The flea markets of Paris, the hills of Umbria in Italy, and the simple classic charm of Stockholm in Sweden have all found expression in her work. Now, from her studio on the North Shore of Massachusetts, she returns to these influences as an endless source of concepts, light, colors, design and decorative elements with which she celebrates the New World as well as the Old.
The Art of Kathryn White fuses contemporary materials and techniques with traditional methods. Her versatility allows her to paint in both oils and watercolors and in the centuries-old medium of egg tempera.
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Dasil | Surrealist painter

David Silva - Dasil | Mexican Imaginative Surrealist painter

Resident in region of Montreal since the spring of 2002, Dasil [David Silva] Mexican-born painter, is a professional, self-taught, fine art artist, continuously active for almost twenty years. In parallel with a multi-year career in commercial photography, corporate communications and television programming production, Dasil has developed a rich pictorial work, original and very personal. Upon his recent arrival in his new adoptive country, he confirmed his firm will to devote himself totally from now on to the development of his painting.

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Gil Bruvel, 1959 ~ Stainless Steel sculptures

A word from Gil Bruvel...
I am artist because it is the conduit to release the ideas and visuals I carry daily. Since I was a little boy I have pursued my own exploration rooted in the unconscious mind and nurtured with daily practice using a variety of mediums of artistic expression. My artistic process developed organically from my father's cabinet shop to the stainless steel sculptures I create today.
I am very passionate about my current expression - Flow Series. It is the culmination of my life's work. The overwhelming feeling of purpose and expression started with my design of George's Horse. I wanted to do something new and contemporary, but it wasn't exactly the idea of modernity that led me to this design.
Gil Bruvel 1959 | Stainless Steel sculptures
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Gil Bruvel, 1959 ~ Visionary painter

Award winning painter Gil Bruvel creates works of art with quality reminiscent of the Old Masters in a distinct Visionary style. Born in Sydney, Australia, Gil Bruvel's French-born parents moved the family back to the south of France when he was 4 years old. Gil's father, being a cabinetmaker, introduced the budding artist to the inner workings of a wood workshop including furniture design, its practical function, and every aspect of hand crafting each piece.
Gil Bruvel 1959 | Australian-born French Visionary painter
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Santiago Carbonell, 1960 ~ Realist and Visionary painter

Born in 1960 in Quito, Carbonell, Ecuadorian painter, emigrated to Mexico in 1986. Carbonell studied painting in Barcelona and was part of a group of young painters influenced by informalism. Tàpies was an influential figure for him. Tachism and working with different materials, accidents, chance, and texture are all highly influential in his works. He likes to experiment and is influenced by the avant-garde. His own work is realistic in nature and combines elements of romanticism and minimalism.
Santiago Carbonell 1960 | Realist and Visionary painter
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Nicky Boehme ~ American Romantic painter

Nicky Boehme’s paintings of quaint, peaceful, scenes awash with dramatic light and vibrant color, draw the viewer into a romantic and memorable adventure of a special place and time. Ms. Boehme studied Technical art at the Oakland Art Institute in California and went on to become the Art Director of several national art agencies. It was at this time that she received numerous awards as an illustrator and graphic designer. She has had many feature articles on her art in national magazines and trade publications. Her art has been published internationally in several books. Nicky is an artist member of the National Society of Marine Artists and the Oil Painter of America.

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Kahlil Gibran ~ Sulla conoscenza

E un uomo disse:
Parlaci della Conoscenza.

E lui rispose dicendo:
Il vostro cuore conosce nel silenzio i segreti dei giorni e delle notti.
Ma il vostro orecchio è assetato dal rumore di quanto il cuore conosce.
Vorreste esprimere ciò che avete sempre pensato.
Vorreste toccare con mano il corpo nudo dei vostri sogni.

Vladimir Kush 1965 | Russian Surrealist painter __ More ➦

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Emily Dickinson & Camille Claudel ~ Tutto imparammo dell'amore

Tutto imparammo dell'amore
Alfabeto, parole.
Il capitolo, il libro possente
Poi la rivelazione terminò.
Ma negli occhi dell'altro
Ciascuno contemplava l'ignoranza
Divina, ancora più che nell'infanzia:
L'uno all'altro, fanciulli.
Tentammo di spiegare
Quanto era per entrambi incomprensibile.
Ahi, com'è vasta la saggezza
e molteplice il vero!

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Zinaida Serebryakova ~ Russian-born French painter

Зинаида Евгеньевна Серебрякова 1884-1967, was the first female Russian painter of distinction, as a master of portrait, genre scenes from the life of peasantry. She was born near Kharkov into one of Russia's most refined and artistic families. In 1900 she entered the art school founded by Princess M. K. Tenisheva. She studied under Repin in 1901, and Braz between 1903-1905. Between 1902-1903 she spent time in Italy, and from 1905-1906 she studied in Paris. At the outbreak of the October Revolution in 1917 Serebriakova's life suddenly changed. In 1919 her husband Boris died of typhus contracted in Bolshevik jails. She was left without any income, responsible for her four children and her sick mother. She did not want to switch to the futurist style popular in the art of the early Soviet period, nor paint portraits of commissars, but she found some work at the Kharkov Archaeological Museum.
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Vitali Tikhov ~ The Bather series

Тихов Виталий Гаврилович 1876-1939, Ukrainian painter, one of the best and most talented students in Vladimir Makovsky's studio, made his entrance into art history with his pictures of "bathers" and "nudes". In the early 1910s his magnificent, large-format "bath-house" paintings were especially successful and much admired, and for these he was twice awarded the graduation Gold Medal of the Academy of Fine Arts, having studied there on two separate occasions.
Vitali Gavrilovitch Tikhov [Тихов Виталий Гаврилович] 1876-1939 - Ukrainian Nude painter

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Marcos Rey, 1978 | Realist painter

Marcos Rey was born in the Galician city of Vilagarcía de Arousa, Spain.
Drawing was always a very important part of his life since he was a child. At 26 years old he started making commissions, as he mastered his technique helped by books and his own artistic intuition.
Drank from the fountains of the great masters like Da Vinci, Dalì, Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan, Ingres and contemporary artists.
Currently continues to gain knowledge, which will serve to develop his artistic development in the future.

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Adam Martinakis, 1972 | Surrealist Digital painter

Last Kiss - Adam Martinakis 1972 - Polish Surrealist Digital painter

Polish painter Adam Martinakis was born in Lubań. Since 1982 lives and works in Athens, Greece.
Studied in T.E.I. Of Athens, Faculty of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Industrial Design.
Since 2000 has been working on digital arts: digital image, 3D animation, graphics, web design, video and multimedia.
Since 2006 is teaching digital graphics on Hellenic American Educational Foundation, Athens College.

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Emily Dickinson ~ Se tu dovessi venire in autunno /If you were coming in the Fall

Alan King, 1952 | Massurrealism Art Movement
Se tu dovessi venire in autunno
mi leverei di torno l’estate
con un gesto stizzito ed un sorrisetto,
come fa la massaia con la mosca.
Se entro un anno potessi rivederti,
avvolgerei in gomitoli i mesi,
per poi metterli in cassetti separati -
per paura che i numeri si mescolino.
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