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Martha Walter (1875-1976)

Martha Walter was an American impressionist painter.


A Philadelphia native, Walter attended Girls High School.
She studied art at the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art (now the University of the Arts College of Art and Design) from 1895-98 and at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia.
She was taught by William Merritt Chase. She won the school's Toppan Prize (1902) and Cresson Traveling Scholarship (1908).
In 1909 she also won the school's Mary Smith Prize for the best painting by a resident female artist.

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Giuseppe Faraone, 1954 | Impressionist painter

Born in Picerno (Potenza), Giuseppe Faraone attended the Art School of Potenza, before moving to San Donato Milanese on the outskirts of Milan, where he still lives and works. Here he started his relentless pursuit of a variety of drawing techniques and the use of colors.
He understands the art of painting, having perfected his talent in Italy and abroad. Faraone fined tuned his skills in the Impressionist style by painting in the same places where French Impressionism was born.
The scenes depicted in his works of art are many, but in particular, he focuses on the stunning views of Milan. Unlike the French Impressionists, who represented a satisfied and happy society, in the paintings of Faraone we find the Milan that works, where everything is moving.


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Frank Myers Boggs (1855-1926)

American-born French painter Frank Myers Boggs was born in Ohio and raised in New York City, where he began his career as an engraver for "Harper's" magazine.
He went to Paris in 1876 and studied at the École des Beaux-Arts with Jean Léon Gérôme, who encouraged him to practice landscape painting rather than figure painting in the academic tradition. Two years later he returned to New York City and set up a studio on Shelter Island.


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Roelof Rossouw, 1957 | Romantic Impressionist painter

Roelof Rossouw was born and grew up in Benoni, near Johannesburg. As a child he had a passion for comic heroes like Tarzan, Cisco Kid, Flash Gordon and Tintin which, with the artists of the sixties, inspired him to draw his own comics. Already at the age of fourteen Roelof started making oil paintings of landscapes and portraits.
When he was seventeen, a European art tour opened the doors for his vision to pursue art and travel. He gained a National Diploma in Arts and Design at Wits Technicon that taught him the value of training and not only relying on his raw talent.
In April 1882, whilst working for Medusa as a graphic artist and medical illustrator, he discovered modern impressionistic artists such as Ken Howard, Bernard Dunstan, Max Agostini and admired their loose style in painting.


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Frederick Carl Frieseke (1874-1939)

Frederick Carl Frieseke was born in Owosso, Michigan. After studying for a short while at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Students League in New York, Frieseke left for France in 1898, and almost all of his career was spent as an expatriate, with ties to the United States maintained through his New York dealer, William MacBeth, and by occasional visits to America.
Following the pattern of innumerable young Americans, he enrolled at the Academie Julian where he studied with Benjamin Constant (1845-1902) and Jean-Paul Laurens (1838-1921).
He appears to have had at least brief contact with and to have been influenced by James McNeill Whistler, who had recently opened his Academie Carmen in Paris.
He married Eva Graham and in 1871 their daughter Edith was born. Their son, Frederick Carl, was born in Owosso in 1874.


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Olga Darchuk /Ольга Дарчук, 1976

La pittrice ed insegnante d'arte Ucraina Olga Darchuk è nata nella città di Krivoy Rog, nella regione di Dnepropetrovsk.
Si è laureata presso il Liceo Artistico e l'Università pedagogica Krivoy Rog - Facoltà di grafica artistica.
Darchuk crede che l'arte dovrebbe portare alle persone gioia, ispirazione e trasmettere emozioni positive. La sua creatività è ispirata e basata sul lavoro con il colore.
Le vivaci composizioni di Darchuk sono dipinte esclusivamente con una spatola, usa molto raramente i pennelli. Preferisce creare utilizzando la tecnica Alla Prima con oli su tela.
I soggetti urbani e naturali dai colori forti e fluenti trasmettono un sentimento di speranza e leggerezza.


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Georgi Lapchine (1885-1950)

Georgi (Georges) Alexandrovich Lapchine / Георгий Александрович Лапшин è nato a Mosca.
All'inizio del 1900 ha studiato alla scuola Stroganov. Ha vissuto a Parigi, dove ha studiato con Cormon e JF L'Hermitte.
Ritornato a Mosca, partecipò alla mostra collettiva dell'indipendenza (1910) e fu fondatore / partecipante permanente di "Arte libera" (1911-1917).


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Michele Petrelli | Modern impressionist painter

Michele Petrelli contemporary Italian artist was keening about painting from when he was very young and he graduated from the Art School in 1991.
In 1999 he obtained the title of technical designer.
He says about himself: "I am an enceph in a glass vial. I am a visual-auditory-tactile artist. I do not despise the material thought wandering in the spirit and in the humour".
During the first part of his life he did not have much painting.


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Claude Monet | Inondation à Giverny, 1886

Claude Monet | Inondation à Giverny, 1886

In Inondation à Giverny Monet has created a vibrant landscape that pulses with dynamism. With the patchwork of colors that makes up the rolling hills of the landscape in the distance, coupled with the expansive stretch of water that carries the fragmented reflections of Giverny’s church and neighboring houses on its mirror-like surface, Monet has captured the effects of the natural light as it illuminated the region, and the atmospheric quality of the landscape as a whole, with remarkable results.


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Jane Sutherland (1853-1928) | Impressionist painter

Jane Sutherland was an Australian landscape painter who was part of the pioneering plein-air movement in Australia, and a member of the Heidelberg School. Her advocacy to advance the professional standing of female artists during the late nineteenth century was also a notable achievement.
Jane Sutherland was born in New York to Scottish parents; the family emigrated to Sydney in 1864 and moved to Melbourne in 1870.


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Michel-Eugène Chevreul | Color theory, 1839

Michel-Eugène Chevreul, (born Aug. 31, 1786, Angers, France - died April 9, 1889, Paris), French chemist who elucidated the chemical composition of animal fats and whose theories of colour influenced the techniques of French painting.

Background And Education

Chevreul belonged to a family of surgeons. After receiving a private education during the French Revolution, in 1799 Chevreul entered a new scientific school in Angers.
In 1803 he left for Paris, intending to become a chemist. Nicolas Vauquelin, professor of chemistry at the Museum of Natural History, accepted him as his assistant.
Vauquelin wanted to isolate substances from animal and plant materials, and under his direction between 1807-1811 Chevreul isolated several coloured substances from woods, three of which (brazilin, hematoxylin, and quercetin) became commercial dye ingredients.


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Anatoly Metlan, 1964 | Flamenco dancers

Anatoly Metlan’s travels serve as inspiration for his paintings, whether it’s the beauty of Mediterranean landscapes or talented flamenco and tango dancers in Spain. From a young age, Metlan was influenced by the Impressionists, often traveling to southern France to draw the same inspiration as these artists.
More recently, Metlan has focused on depicting dancers, musicians, and gypsies.
In his paintings of dancers, Metlan emphasizes sensual tango poses, forever capturing moments of energy, emotion, and drama.
Full of passion, these paintings draw upon Metlan’s memories of attending flamenco concerts in southern Europe.
"I was captivated by the dramatic suspended tension and the emotional expressiveness of dance moves" Metlan says.


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Jen Beaudet, 1970 | Romantic Impressionist painter

Born and raised in Southern California, Jen Beaudet (Zondervan) has always been largely influenced by the beauty that surrounds her. She's been selling art online since 2009.
With a great love of nature, and the beauty in simple things, her art reflects her emotions and expresses her feelings about the subject.


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Alfred Sisley | Artworks /Quotes | Page 2

▻ "The animation of the canvas is one of the hardest problems of painting".

"L'animazione della tela è uno dei più difficili problemi della pittura".


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Shafira Yablonski, (Impressionist painter, 1938)

Ukrainian painter Shafira Yablonski was born in the city of Dneprodzerzhinsk.
When Shafira was 3 years old the world war II began and her family was evacuated to Kazakhstan.
When the war was over and the city of Dneprodzerzhinsk was liberated, they returned home to Ukraine.
There Shafira spent her childhood and adolescence and finished high school.
All her childhood she was fond of drawing. When Shafira was 15, she joined the art studio at the House of Culture and began learning to paint.


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Bessie Davidson | An Australian Impressionist in Paris

Bessie Ellen Davidson (1879-1965) was an Australian painter🎨 known for her impressionist, light-filled landscapes and interiors.
Davidson was born on 22 May 1879 in North Adelaide, South Australia, to a family of Scottish and English origin.
In 1904, after her mother's death, she went to Europe to study art in company with Preston.
They spent the first few months in Munich, where Davidson studied briefly at the Künstlerinner Verein, before moving on to Paris.
There she studied at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière, under René-Xavier Prinet🎨, where she met and began a lifelong friendship with Philippe Besnard's future wife, Germaine Desgranges. She also took classes with Raphael Collin, Richard Miller and Gustave Courtois.


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Nancy Guzik, 1944 | Impressionist painter

American painter🎨 Nancy studied at The American Academy of Art in Chicago and The Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Old Lyme, Connecticut. However, it was her close association and ensuing relationship with Richard Schmid🎨, that brought her painting to its full potential. Nancy and Richard married in April of 1998.
Her art has been recognized with many awards🎨, including the 2007 Award of Excellence by the Women Artist of the West, Grand Prize from International Artist Magazine, three Gold Medals from the Palette and Chisel Academy, and First Prize from the Midwest Pastel Society.


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Susan Lyon, 1969 | Realist/Impressionist painter

Susan Lyon grew up in Oak Park, Illinois. Her initial interest in art was sparked by a PBS television show on Georgia O’Keeffe🎨 that inspired her to take drawing classes.
Lyon studied art at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and was an active participant in Chicago's Palette and Chisel Club. It is there she first began exhibiting and selling her work; at twenty-three she was the youngest winner of the prestigious Gold Medal🎨 which she won two consecutive years in the annual Oil Painting show plus a third place in the Silver Medal show. Medal Watercolor show.
She entered the Oil Painters of America show once and got 7th place. In 1998 and 2000 she won an artist choice award🎨 in the Northwest Rendezvous Show.


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Alexander Gunin, 1969 | Impressionist painter

Russian🎨 Modern Artist Alexander Aleksandrovich Gunin was born in Omsk, and today he lives and continues his career in the cultural capital of Russia - St. Petersburg.

A talented artist does not stop in one direction and tries himself in different genres.
His paintings occupy a worthy place in private collections around the world.


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René Xavier Prinet (1861-1946) | Impressionist / Genre painter

René Xavier Prinet | The Kreutzer Sonata inspired by the story by Tolstoy

René François Xavier Prinet was a French painter🎨 and illustrator who drew his subjects from middle-class society.
He was born to Henri Prinet, an Imperial Prosecutor in Vitry-le-François. A promotion led to him being posted in Paris, where they lived in a home not far from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts.
His father painted as a hobby and was supportive of his desire to study art, having him seek the advice of Louis Charles Timbal, a well-known church painter and friend of the family.