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British Artists | Sitemap

The Art of the United Kingdom refers to all forms of visual art in or associated with the United Kingdom since the formation of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707 and encompass English art, Scottish art, Welsh art and Irish art, and forms part of Western art history.
During the 18th century Britain began to reclaim the leading place England had played in European art during the Middle Ages, being especially strong in portraiture and landscape art.

Increasing British prosperity led to a greatly increased production of both fine art and the decorative arts, the latter often being exported.
The Romantic period resulted from very diverse talents, including the painters William Blake, J. M. W. Turner, John Constable and Samuel Palmer.
The Victorian period saw a great diversity of art, and a far larger quantity created than before.
Much Victorian art is now out of critical favour, with interest concentrated on the Pre-Raphaelites and the innovative movements at the end of the 18th century.
The training of artists, which had long been neglected, began to improve in the 18th century through private and government initiatives, and greatly expanded in the 19th century.
Public exhibitions and the later opening of museums brought art to a wider public, especially in London.

In the 19th century publicly displayed religious art once again became popular after a virtual absence since the Reformation, and, as in other countries, movements such as the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the Glasgow School contended with established Academic art.
The British contribution to early Modernist art was relatively small, but since World War II British artists have made a considerable impact on Contemporary art, especially with figurative work, and Britain remains a key centre of an increasingly globalized art world.

List of British Artists: Painters, Sculptors, Photographers, Poets, Musicants, Writers.

Frank Owen Salisbury (1874-1962)
Stuart Luke Gatherer, 1971 | Figurative painter
Walter Savage Cooper (1861-1943) Genre painter
Herbert Draper (1863-1920) Classicist painter
Mimosa paintings
Thomas Edwin Mostyn | Edwardian Genre / Romantic painter
Jane Wells Loudon | The Victorian garden
Dylan Lisle, 1978 | Figurative painter
Pedro Salinas / Bill Bate | If you would call me / Se tu mi chiamassi / Si me llamaras..
Drew Darcy, 1976 | Figurative / Pop Art painter
Mike Worrall, 1942 | Surrealist painter
Richard Macneil, 1958 | Cityscape painter | Part.³
Richard Macneil, 1958 | Cityscape / Figurative painter
Philip Wilson Steer | Impressionist painter
Harold Harvey | Genre painter
William Shakespeare / Maria Amaral | Il mio occhio si è fatto pittore / Mine eye hath played the painter
Jack Vettriano, 1951 | Realist / Figurative / Genre painter
Gary Benfield, 1965 | Horse paintings
Gary Benfield, 1965 | Figurative / Wildlife painter
John Silver, 1959 | Figurative painter
Derek Jones, 1945 | Watercolor / Figurative painter
Thomas Benjamin Kennington | Victorian / Genre painter
David Inshaw, 1943 | Landscape / Pop Art / Romantic painter
Charles Conder | Symbolist / Impressionist painter
Walter Ernest Webster | Impressionist Figurative painter
Alfred Sisley | Impressionist / Plein Air painter
Sir Joshua Reynolds | Rococo Era painter
Mark Spain, 1962 | Figurative painter | Flamenco Dancers
Daniel Mirante, 1977 | Visionary painter
John Frederick Lewis RA | Orientalist / Genre painter
John Arthur Lomax | Genre painter
John Frederick Lewis | Victorian / Orientalist / Genre painter
Wendy Mould | Magical Realism painter
Dante Gabriel Rossetti | Lovesight / Visione d'Amore
Dante Gabriel Rossetti | Love Enthroned / Amore sul Trono
Dante Gabriel Rossetti | Love's Testament / Testamento d'amore
Henry Ryland | Neo-Classical / Pre-Raphaelite painter
Paul Falconer Poole RA | Genre painter
Meredith Frampton | Art Deco painter
Jeff Rowland, 1964 | Romantic painter of Rain ⁽²⁾
Arthur Drummond | Classicist / Genre painter
George Henry Boughton RA | Genre painter
Carne Griffiths, 1973 | Abstract / Portrait painter / Illustrator
Carne Griffiths, 1973 | Abstract | Portrait painter
Carne Griffiths, 1973 | Abstract Portrait painter
Henry Woods, R.A | Victorian-era painter
Dorothea Sharp | Plein air painter
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema | Spring / Primavera, 1894
Arthur John Elsley | Genre painter
Frederick Morgan | Genre painter
Francesco Hayez / Shakespeare | The Kiss, 1859 | Art in Detail
Peregrine Heathcote, 1973 | Academic Realism painter
Paul Henry R.H.A. | Post-Impressionist Landscape / Genre painter
Sir John Lavery R.A. | Plein Air / Portrait painter
Rudyard Kipling | Se.. / If..| Lettera al figlio, 1910
Kenneth Howard OBE RA, 1932 | Impressionist / Plein air painter
Helen Allingham RWS | Victorian era painter
Edward Moran | Seascape painter
David FeBland, 1949 | Expressionist Cityscape painter
Geoffrey Wynne, 1949 | Impressionist Watercolour painter
Jack Vettriano | The Singing Butler | Art in Detail
Jack Vettriano / Leonard Cohen | Dance me to the end of love
Edward Robert Hughes | Pre-Raphaelite painter
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema | The Roses of Heliogabalus, 1888
Shakespeare | Shall I compare thee to a summer's day.. / Dovrei paragonarti a un giorno d'estate..
William Blake | Symbolist painter
Neil Simone, 1947 | Visionary Surrealist painter
Adebanji Alade ROI, 1972 | Figurative / Cityscape painter
Hashim Akib, 1967 | Cityscape painter
Erich Fried /Lotta Blokker | It is what it is /É quel che è..
Erich Fried / Igor Mitoraj | Non so cosa sia l'amore / I don’t know what love is..
Ciro Marchetti | Fantasy Art
George Owen Wynne Apperley | Portrait /Figure /Symbolist painter
Laura Knight | The Nuremberg Trial, 1946
Ian Ramsay, 1948 | Plein Air /Watercolour painter
Thomas Gainsborough | Rococo Era /Romantic painter
Thomas Gainsborough | The Mall in St. James Park, 1783 | Art in Detail
Archibald Thorburn | Naturalism wildlife painter
Laura Knight | Avant-Garde painter
Rex Preston, 1948 | Abstract Landscape painter
Vernon Ward | Edwardian Era painter
William Witherington | The Robin | Art in Detail
William Etty | Narrative Victorian era painter
Kerry Hallam, 1937 | Abstract Impressionism painter
Paul Horton, 1958 | Storyteller artist
Eliot Hodgkin | Modern Still Life painter
Simon Bull, 1958 | Abstract painter
Paul Corfield, 1970 | Naïf Style Landscape painter
Wyndham Lewis | Vorticism Art Movement (1912-1915)
John Melhuish Strudwick | Pre-Raphaelite painter
Giuliana Lazzerini | Tuscan landscape
William Oxer | Abstract Romantic /Classical style painter
Ann Marie Bone, 1964 | Abstract Landscape painter
Kieron Williamson, 2002 | Impressionist Watercolour painter
David Roberts RA | Romantic Orientalist painter
Lucian Freud | Figurative /Portrait painter
Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale | Pre-Raphaelite painter
John William Godward | Victorian Neo-Classicist painter | Art in Detail
Hughie O'Donoghue RA, 1953 | Abstract Expressionism painter
Allen Jones RA, 1937 | Pop Art painter and sculptor
Derek Boshier, 1937 | Pop painter
George Underwood, 1947 ~ Surrealist /Visionary painter | Part 2
Lionel Percy Smythe | Victorian landscape watercolors painter
Margaret Thomas, 1916 | Abstract / Still life painter
Andrew Gifford, 1970 | London painting
David Piddock, 1960 | Magic Realism painter
Julius Olsson | Seascape painter
Leonora Carrington | Surrealist painter and sculptor | Sculpture
Charlie Chaplin ~ Smile, 1936 | Modern Times /Tempi Moderni
Richard Macneil, 1958 ~ Cityscape painter | Part. 2
Jane Eccles | Figurative Narrative painter
David Agenjo, 1977 | Conceptual painter
William Henry Barribal | Vintage Art Déco painter
Sir John Lavery R.A. | The Glasgow School of Art
Alan King, 1952 | Massurrealism Art Movement
Irina Rumyantseva, 1983 | Abstract Mixed media painter
Sir George Clausen RA | Victorian/ Edwardian/Genre painter
William Shakespeare | Sonnets, 1609
William Powell Frith | Genre Victorian-era painter
William Shakespeare ~ I Sonetti, 1609
John Atkinson Grimshaw | Moonlight painter
Thomas Sully | Portrait painter
Thomas Sully | Mother and Child, 1827
Thomas Cole | The Voyage of Life, 1842
John Martin | Romantic Landscape painter
Francis Danby | The Bristol School of painters
Arthur Hacker | Pre-Raphaelite painter
Joe Bowen, 1955 | Cityscape painter
Richard Stainthorp | Wire Figurative Sculptor
Robin Wight | Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculptures
Arthur Severn | Landscape in Watercolour painter
Walter Richard Sickert | The Camden Town Group
Fred Cuming RA, 1930 | Landscape painter
John Frederick Lewis | Orientalist / Genre painter
Alan Wolton, 1934 | Impressionist painter
Edmund Blair Leighton | Victorian-Era painter
George Lawrence Bulleid | Watercolour Victorian-Era painter
Guy Denning, 1965 ~ Figurative/Abstract painter
John Pototschnik, 1946 ~ Plein air painter
Charles Edward Perugini ~ Victorian Era painter
Albert Goodwin | Victorian Visionary landscapes
Richard Blunt ~ Historia de un amor
Cayley Robinson ~ Symbolist painter and illustrator
George Romney ~ Portrait painter
Rachel Clearfield, 1946 ~ Magical realism / Visionary painter
Nicholas Hely Hutchinson, 1955 ~ Neo-Romantic Landscapes
British Artists | Sitemap
William Henry Margetson | Victorian-era painter
William Blake | Lo scrittore romantico
George Dunlop Leslie ~ Genre painter
Catlin Harrison ~ Abstract artist
Sir William Orpen ~ Portrait painter
Henry Herbert La Thangue | Genre painter
Lizzie Riches, 1950
David Farrant, 1938 ~ Modern Impressionist painter
Edward Reginald Frampton ~ Pre-Raphaelite painter
Mark Mawson | Conceptual photographer
Carl Payne, 1969 ~ Figurative sculptor
Jacqueline Osborn | Stories on canvas
John Keats / Aldo Luongo | You say you love / Dici di amarmi
Sir William Russell Flint ~ Watercolour painter
Peter Miller | Vintage Car painter
Ford Madox Brown ~ Pre-Raphaelite painter
William Shakespeare ~ Aforismi...
Michael de Bono, 1983
Fletcher Sibthorp, 1967 | Figurative painter
John William Waterhouse & Hermann Hesse
Phoebe Anna Traquair | Arts and Crafts Movement painter
Susan Ryder, 1944
Augustus Edwin Mulready ~ The Cranbrook Colony Group
John Keats ~ La dolcezza di quel viso
Shakespeare & Yves Pires ~ Tu sei per la mia mente, come cibo per la vita...
John Keats | Without you / Senza di te | Lettera d'amore
J. W. Waterhouse ~ L'ultimo dei PreRaffaelliti
Hazel Soan, 1954 | British Watercolor painter
William Waterhouse ~ The Modern Pre-Raphaelite
Bill Bate, 1962
Sir Winston Churchill
Christine Taherian, 1960 ~ Impressionist painter
David Renshaw, 1973 ~ Time of love
Jack Vettriano, 1951 | Realist / Figurative / Genre painter | Part. 2
William Dyce | Realist painter
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema | Victorian era painter
Jack Vettriano, 1951 | Fallen angels
Alain Choisnet, 1962 ~ Figurative sculptor
Iain Faulkner, 1973 ~ British Style
Jack Vettriano | Lovers and Others Strangers | VideoArt
Derek Kinzett, 1966 ~ Wire sculptor
Anne Magill, 1962 ~ Never Let Me Go
Toby Boothman, 1973 ~ Hyperrealist Figurative painter
Jack Vettriano, 1951 | Lovers and Others Strangers
Jack Vettriano, 1951 | Love Story
Iain Faulkner, 1973 | Figurative / Romantic painter
Tim Thompson, 1951 ~ Seascapes painter
Brian Scott [Briscott] ~ Portrait painter
The Flamenco Dancers ~ Pat McDonald
Jeff Rowland, 1964 | Romantic painter of Rain | VideoArt
Alan Fearnley, 1942 ~ Retro and Classic Car
Alexander Millar, 1960 ~ Fly With Me
Thomas Cole ~ Founder of the Hudson River School
Adrian Chesterman, 1955 ~ Fantastic Realism illustrator
Joseph Edward Southall | Arts and Craft Movement
Jonathan Wolstenholme, 1950 ~ The Surreal books
Valentine Bartholomew
Jeff Rowland, 1964 | Romantic painter of Rain
Willem Haenraets and William Shakespeare | Romantic Rhythm
Kathryn White ~ Decorative painter
Emily Dickinson ~ Se tu dovessi venire in autunno /If you were coming in the Fall
Talon Abraxas, 1980 ~ Surrealist/Symbolist painter
Talon Abraxas, 1980 ~ Surrealist painter
Louise Rayner | Watercolour Cityscape painter
Sir Edward John Poynter
Dante Gabriel Rossetti | The Sonnet / Il sonetto
Dante Gabriel Rossetti | Pre-Raphaelite painter
John Collier 1850 -1934 ~ Pre-Raphaelite style painter
Atkinson Grimshaw | Victorian-era painter
Sir Edward Burne-Jones ~ Pre-Raphaelite painter
William Turner ~ Romantic landscape painter
Roger Desoutter, 1923 ~ Maritime painter
Butterfly effect by Kate Powel
Aldo Balding, 1960 ~ Figurative painter
Stephen Darbishire ~ Impressionist painter
Karen Wallis ~ Mist of Dreams
Steve De La Mare ~ Digital Fantasy painter
Goyo Dominguez, 1960 ~ Romantic/Realist painter
Goyo Dominguez, 1960 ~ Romantic Figures
Hamish Blakely ~ Love letters to my wife
Hamish Blakely ~ Flamenco Dancer
Paul Hedley, 1947 | Figurative painter
Kay Boyce
John Lloyd Strevens | Edwardian Era painter
Valentine Cameron Prinsep ~ Pre-Raphaelite painter
John William Godward | Victorian Neo-Classicist painter
Paul Martin, 1948 ~ Symbolist painter
David Hockney, 1937 ~ Pop Art painter
Damian Elwes, 1960 | Conceptual painter
George Underwood, 1947 ~ Surrealist /Visionary painter
Rob Hefferan, 1968 | Ballet Dancers
Rob Hefferan, 1968 | Figurative painter
Arts and Crafts movement, 1850-1900 | William Morris
Mark Spain, 1962 | Figurative painter
Mark Spain, 1962 | Figurative painter | VideoArt
Albert Joseph Moore ~ Academic/Classicist painter
Cecil Kennedy ~ Flowers painter
Raymond Leech, 1949 ~ Impressionist painter
Sherree Valentine-Daines, 1956 ~ Impressionist painter
Jackie Morris, 1961 ~ Watercolour painter
Paul Knight 1965 ~ Realist painter
Josephine Wall, 1947 | Fantasy painter
Nick Gentry 1980 | Floppy disk abstract paintings
Cath Riley ~ Hyperrealist Illustrator
Pam Hawkes | Portrait painter
Brenda Burke | Classical realist painter
Frank Cadogan Cowper ~ The last of the Pre-Raphaelites
Thomas Moran | Hudson River School
Ralph Hedley ~ Realist painter
William Powell Frith | Victorian Era painter
Lord Frederic Leighton | Victorian-era painter
Jason deCaires Taylor ~ Underwater sculptor
Francis Bacon ~ Expressionist painter
Ben Nicholson ~ Abstract painter
Bob Stroody ~ Digital landscapes
Arthur Hughes | Pre-Raphaelite painter
Leonora Carrington | Surrealist painter and sculptor | Painting
Paul Roberts, 1948 | Figurative Realist painter
Bob Barker, 1954
Peregrine Heathcote, 1973 | Figurative painter
Stephanie Rew, 1971 ~ Baroque style
Ophelia Redpath, 1965 | Surrealist painter
James Sant RA | Portrait /Genre painter
Hamish Blakely ~ Figurative painter
David Walker
Mary Jane Ansell, 1972 | Figurative painter
Cliff Warner
George Frederic Watts ~ Pre-Raphaelite painter
Lou Shabner | Pin-up painter
Russell Mills, 1971 ~ Abstract mixed media painter

Walter Richard Sickert🎨 | L'Americaine, 1908 | Tate

L'Arte del Regno Unito si riferisce a tutte le forme di arte visiva nel o associate al Regno Unito dalla formazione del Regno di Gran Bretagna nel 1707 e comprende l'arte inglese, l'arte scozzese, l'arte gallese e l'arte irlandese e fa parte dell'occidente storia dell'arte.
Nel corso del XVIII secolo, la Gran Bretagna iniziò a rivendicare il ruolo di primo piano che l'Inghilterra aveva giocato nell'arte europea durante il Medioevo, essendo particolarmente forte nella ritrattistica e nell'arte del paesaggio.
L'aumento della prosperità britannica portò ad una produzione notevolmente maggiore sia di belle arti che di arti decorative, quest'ultima spesso esportata. Il periodo romantico derivava da talenti molto diversi, tra cui i pittori William Blake, J. M. W. Turner, John Constable e Samuel Palmer.

Il periodo vittoriano vide una grande diversità di arte e una quantità molto maggiore creata rispetto a prima.
Molta arte vittoriana è ora per un favore critico, con interesse concentrato sui preraffaelliti e sui movimenti innovativi alla fine del 18° secolo.
La formazione degli artisti, che era stata a lungo trascurata, iniziò a migliorare nel 18° secolo attraverso iniziative private e governative, e si estese notevolmente nel 19° secolo.
Le mostre pubbliche e la successiva apertura di musei hanno portato l'arte a un pubblico più vasto, specialmente a Londra.

Nel diciannovesimo secolo l'arte religiosa mostrata pubblicamente divenne di nuovo popolare dopo un'assenza virtuale dopo la Riforma e, come in altri paesi, movimenti come la Confraternita preraffaellita e la scuola di Glasgow si contesero con l'arte accademica consolidata.
Il contributo britannico alla prima arte modernista fu relativamente piccolo, ma dalla seconda guerra mondiale gli artisti britannici hanno avuto un impatto notevole sull'arte contemporanea, specialmente con opere figurative, e la Gran Bretagna rimane un centro chiave di un mondo dell'arte sempre più globalizzato.