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Karl Bang, 1935

Shanghai born painter 龐卡 Pang Ka Karl Bang was formally trained by the master artists of Chinese painting and he also formally trained in the European painting tradition in France and Belgium.
For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Karl Bang see 龐卡 Pang Ka Karl Bang, 1935 | Visionary painter|.

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Maria Amaral, 1950 | Figurative painter

Exiled from Spain in 1949 after years spent resisting Franco’s regime, her pastor father and teacher mother found refuge in Argentina.
On Christmas Day the following year 1950, in Buenos Aires, Maria Amaral was born.
In 1967, it was her turn to experience exile when she and her family were forced to flee from Argentina.
France welcomed them and they settled in Strasbourg, before she left for Paris and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, where she earned an honours degree in fine art, setting up her future as an artist.

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Paul Henry R.H.A. | Post-Impressionist painter

Born in Belfast, Paul Henry (11 April 1877 - 24 August 1958) was for much of the 20th century, one of the country’s most identifiable artists, with prints of his paintings of the west of Ireland popularised by railway companies in the 1920s and Bord Fáilte in the 1940s.
In 1898 he went to Paris studying under Jean-Paul Laurens, with Constance Gore-Booth a fellow student.

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Roderic O’Conor (1860-1940) | Post-Impressionist painter

Although he was born in Ireland, and attended art school in Dublin, Roderic O’Conor’s work only became more widely known in Dublin in the late 1950s.
Much of O’Conor’s career was spent in Belgium and France: after attending the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art and the Royal Hibernian Academy Schools, he travelled first to the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Antwerp, and later attended the atelier of Charles Carolus-Duran🎨 in Paris.

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Jon Bøe Paulsen, 1958 | Figurative painter

Born in Oslo Norway, Jon Bøe Paulsen has been oil painting for more than 35 years. Academically trained with degrees from the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA and Norwegian State Art Academy, Oslo.
His portraits tell many stories in one single image, and his dynamic between light and dark add a “carravaggistic” feel. Jon’s success as an artist was translated into various commissions, awards🎨 and publications, including a documentary film on his life.
Jon Bøe Paulsen's fine art is dramatically deep in layers, always thought-provoking.
The artist’s work has been featured in exhibitions in Norway, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom.
He is regarded by the Art Renewal Center (ARC) as an Associate Living Master.

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Shaun Berke, 1983 | Symbolist /Figurative painter

Shaun Berke - American painter, philosopher and outdoorsman from Thousand Oaks, California.
"Explorations in culture cultivated my dedication to nature, unearthing insights from mind, myth, and man".
Graduate: Moorpark College, Art Center College of Design, The Nerdrum🎨 School.
Member: The Getty Research Institute, World Wide Kitsch, The Halkyon Guild, The Alpine Fellowship.
Awards🎨 from The Art Renewal Center, Westlake Village Art Guild, Thousand Oaks Art Association.

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Love letter from Frida Kahlo to Diego Rivera | La mia notte | My night, 1939

Lettera di Frida Kahlo Diego Rivera,
Città del Messico, 12 settembre 1939
Mai spedita!

La mia notte mi strema.
Sa bene che mi manchi e tutta la sua oscurità non basta a nascondere quest’evidenza che brilla come una lama nel buio, la mia notte vorrebbe avere ali per volare fino a te, avvolgerti nel sonno e ricondurti a me.
Nel sonno mi sentiresti vicina e senza risvegliarti le tue braccia mi stringerebbero.
La mia notte non porta consiglio.
La mia notte pensa a te, come un sogno a occhi aperti.
La mia notte si intristisce e si perde.
La mia notte accentua la mia solitudine, tutte le solitudini. Il suo silenzio ascolta solo le mie voci interiori".
"La mia notte è lunga, lunga, lunga.

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Gerda Wegener | Wegener’s wife In 'The Danish Girl'

Gerda Wegener: The Lady Gaga of the 1920s

The Danish Girl tells the story of the painter Einar Wegener, who had the world’s first gender-reassignment surgery and became Lili Elbe.
But his wife Gerda had a fascinating life and career of her own.

by Helen Russell, The Guardian News

Eddie Redmayne is already being Oscar-tipped for his latest role in Tom Hooper’s biopic, The Danish Girl - the story of the painter Einar Wegener, who underwent the world’s first gender-reassignment operation to become Lili Elbe. But there was another woman behind Einar and Lili.