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Jules-Joseph Lefebvre | Academic painter

Winner of the coveted Prix de Rome in 1861, Lefebvre fulfilled his early promise both as a painter of meticulously executed portraits and as a teacher: during his long career, he earned three Salon medals, was appointed to the French Academy of Fine Arts, and attained the rank of Commander in the Legion of Honor.

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Henri Matisse | Windows series

Addio | Nâzım Hikmet⏭
L'uomo dice alla donna: ti amo,
come se stringessi tra le palme il mio cuore,
simile a scheggia di vetro che m'insanguina le dita,
quando lo spezzo follemente.
La donna dice all'uomo:
ho guardato nei tuoi occhi,
nel mio cuore,

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Lluís Ribas, 1949 | Luminist painter

Lluís Ribas is one of the best known luministas of contemporary Spanish art. His profound knowledge of the secrets of light, shade and opaqueness are present throughout his work. His female forms are classics - brilliantly executed and exquisitely drawn. His palette contains a wide range of colors which give his paintings their great beauty.

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Olha Darchuk /Ольга Дарчук, 1976 | Abstract / Impressionist painter

Ukrainian artist⏩ Olha Darchuk was born in the city of Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region.
Graduated from art school and Krivoy Rog pedagogical University, faculty of artistic graphics.
Still wrote his first five years in the garden of the Krivoy Rog artist, from which it got its first recognition, and her mother, in turn, received a recommendation to send her daughter to art school.
With six years visited the studio of Fine Arts, and in 1986 he enrolled in art school, which successfully disaccustomed 4 years the artist Chumatchenko AN.

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Patricia Watwood, 1971 | Figurative painter

Patricia Watwood is an American⏩ figurative painter. Watwood’s paintings explore transformative narratives and mythological archetypes using the human figure. Her oil paintings show traditional methods and a technical rigor that balance perception and conceptual design.
Watwood has exhibited at galleries and institutions worldwide such as Hirschl and Adler and The Forbes Galleries in NYC, The New Britain Museum of American Art, The Butler Museum, and the Bruce Museum.

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Hu JunDi / 胡峻涤, 1962 | Impressionist painter

Hu Jundi / 胡峻涤 was born in the Jilin province, in Northern China. He graduated from Southwest Chongqing University fine arts department in 1984 and presently resides in Sichuan Leshan area.
He is recognized for his ability to bring forth a sense of delicate serenity and harmony.
He has mastered the fusion of traditional Chinese brush with the unmatched depth of oil painting.
His paintings brilliantly meld eastern and western culture together with complete integrity, the story unfolds as Hu Jundi expresses the poems in his heart through paint on cloth.

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Louis Abel-Truchet | Post-Impressionist painter

Louis Abel-Truchet (1857-1918) was a major French painter⏭, etcher and lithographer of his time. He was born in Versailles in Paris and this city was to remain close to his heart throughout his life.
He is well known for his paintings portraying turn of the century life in Paris.
Working mainly in oils his paintings included portraits of elegant young Parisian women, landscapes of the city and scenes depicting everyday life in Paris.
He particularly liked to paint the artists quarter of Monmartre.

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Tan Jianwu / 谭建武, 1971 | Neoclassical painter

Tan Jian Wu 谭建武, contemporary Chinese painter⏭, was born in Hunan Leiyang in 1971.
In 1991 he graduated from Hunan Normal University fine arts department, and then employed in the "Shenzhen Youth" magazine art editor in 1993, has engaged in professional oil painting.
Work advocating neo-classical style, painted a deep earthy power, especially in the field of classical portraiture quite accomplished. Many political and business elites who draw portraits. Now the Shanghai Oriental Art Center artists.

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Salvatore Quasimodo | Poetry of Love / Poesia d'amore

Angelo Dall'Oca Bianca (Verona, 1858 - 1942) Stelle cadenti, 1913

Il vento vacilla esaltato e porta
foglie sugli alberi del Parco,
l'erba è già intorno
alle mura del Castello, i barconi
di sabbia filano sul Naviglio Grande.

The wind sways exultant, and bears
leaves on the trees in the Park,
there is grass already around
the walls of the Castle, barges
of sand thread the Naviglio Grande.

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Edson Campos, 1955 | Postromantic painter

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Edson Campos has enjoyed sketching and painting since childhood. He is a completely self-taught artist.
He moved to the United States in 1978 where he quickly established himself as an artist of the highest caliber.
Campos has exhibited his lifelike, passionate paintings and drawings in major cities throughout the country, winning several awards⏭.
Not surprisingly, Campos' sophisticated artwork also has great popular appeal: it has been commissioned to be exhibited in all 500 rooms of the Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California. Recently, Campos participated in the Art Expo New York, where his work was highly praised by critics. The November 1999 issue of The Artist's Magazine featured his work in a special section on painting techniques.

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