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Philippe Jacquot, 1966 | Portrait /Figurative painter

Philippe Jacquot is born in April, 1966. Soon, his favorite subject is the representation of characters. Later he sought expression in both portraits and figure. He works the pencil and pastels, as well as red chalk drawing, oil and acrylic.
After several experiences in decorative painting and design, in 1990 he decided to devote himself exclusively to his painting.
His past experiences allow him to master glass and metal painting as well as painting on glued materials, giving him the opportunity to express himself beyond the usual means such as canvas or paper. His work focuses mainly on portraiture, the figure and still life. In each creation, he looks for aestheticism, lightness, softness and subtlety through the curve and the work of light.

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Rabindranath Tagore | Metaphorical painter | 120 artworks | Page⁴

Flower by Rabindranath Tagore

Fluck this little flower and take it, delay not!
I fear lest it droop
and drop into the dust.
I may not find a place in thy garland,
but honour it
with a touch of pain from thy hand and pluck it.

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Childe Hassam | Paysages

Childe Hassam🎨 (1859-1935), a pioneer of American🎨 Impressionism and perhaps its most devoted, prolific, and successful practitioner, was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts (now a suburb of Boston), into a family descended from settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Equally adept at capturing the excitement of modern cities and the charms of country retreats, Hassam (properly pronounced HASS-am) became the foremost chronicler of New York City at the turn of the century.
In our day, he is perhaps best known for his depictions of flag-draped Fifth Avenue during World War I.

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Childe Hassam | Paris painting

In 1886, American painter Childe Hassam (1859-1935)🎨 had moved to France to study figure drawing and painting at the prestigious Académie Julian.
He took advantage of the formal drawing classes with Gustave Boulanger and Jules Joseph Lefebvre🎨, but quickly moved on to self-study, finding that "the Julian academy is the personification of routine...[academic training] crushes all originality out of growing men. It tends to put them in a rut and it keeps them in it", preferring instead, "my own method in the same degree".

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Childe Hassam | City Street Scenes

Frederick Childe Hassam [1859-1935]🎨 was an American painter🎨, noted for his urban and coastal scenes.
Along with Mary Cassatt 1844-1926🎨 and John Henry Twachtman, Hassam was instrumental in promulgating Impressionism🎨 to American collectors, dealers, and museums.

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Childe Hassam | Impressionist painter | Portraits / Figures

Childe Hassam, in full Frederick Childe Hassam, (born Oct. 17, 1859, Boston, Mass., U.S. - died Aug. 27, 1935, East Hampton, N.Y.), painter and printmaker, one of the foremost exponents of French Impressionism in American art🎨.
Hassam studied in Boston and Paris (1886-89), where he fell under the influence of the Impressionists🎨 and took to painting in brilliant colour with touches of pure pigment. On his return from Paris he settled in New York City, where he became a member of the group known as The Ten.
His works are distinctive for their freshness and clear luminous atmosphere.

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George Inness | Quotes / Aforismi | Page²

The greatness of art is not in the display of knowledge, or in material accuracy, but in the distinctness with which it conveys the impressions of a personal vital force, that acts spontaneously, without fear or hesitation.
La grandezza dell'arte non è nell'esposizione della conoscenza, né nella precisione materiale, ma nella distinzione con cui trasmette le impressioni di una forza vitale personale, che agisce spontaneamente, senza paura o esitazione.

You must suggest to me reality - you can never show me reality.
Devi suggerirmi la realtà - non puoi mai mostrarmi la realtà.

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