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Odd Nerdrum, 1944 | Visionary / Baroque style painter | Part.²

Odd Nerdrum🎨 is a Swedish-born, Norwegian painter known for his dogged commitment to the traditional techniques of painters like Caravaggio🎨, Titian🎨 and Rembrandt🎨.
His paintings are held in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the de Young Museum in San Francisco and the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C.
Odd Nerdrum is born in April 8, 1944 in Helsingborg, Sweden.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Nerdrum see:

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Carlo Fornara | Divisionist painter

Carlo Fornara (21 October 1871 - 15 September 1968) was an Italian neo-impressionist and divisionist painter🎨.
Born in Prestinone (Craveggia) into a humble family of Valle Vigezzo farmers in 1871, his talent emerged after he began attending courses in painting, drawing and ornamentation at the local Rossetti Valentini Art School in Santa Maria Maggiore, where he became close friends with other future painters such as Giovanni Battista Ciolina, Gian Maria Rastellini and Lorenzo Peretti Junior, and absorbed the teachings of Enrico Cavalli, a great connoisseur of the French art of the time, who decisively influenced him to follow the path of painting.

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Neo-Impressionist Artists | Sitemap

Neo-Impressionism is a term applied to an avant-garde art movement that flourished principally in France from 1886-1906. Led by the example of Georges Seurat🎨, artists of the Neo-Impressionist circle renounced the random spontaneity of Impressionism🎨 in favor of a measured painting technique grounded in science and the study of optics.

Georges Seurat🎨 (1859-1891) A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, 1884

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Love Letter from Auguste Rodin to Camille Claudel, 1886

"My ferocious friend".... "Mia feroce amica"...

Thus begins Rodin’s🎨 desperate cry of love to Camille Claudel🎨 in the early years of their relationship. Rodin was soon captivated by this pupil who became his assistant, mistress and muse, while Claudel outwardly remained in complete control of her feelings. Consumed and tormented by an obsessive love, he implores her - “on his knees” - to ease his suffering from beginning to end of this letter, written in a muddled style, with erroneous syntax and imperfect spelling.

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Lettera di Abramo Lincoln all'insegnante di suo figlio, 1830

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), sedicesimo presidente degli Stati Uniti, è rimasto nella storia perché nel settembre 1862, decretò la liberazione di tutti gli schiavi dai territori degli Stati Confederati d’America, ratificando il XIII emendamento della costituzione americana nel 1865.
Il primo giorno di scuola di suo figlio, Lincoln inviò all’insegnante di suo figlio una lettera.

Caro professore,
mio figlio inizia oggi la scuola: per lui, tutto sarà strano e nuovo per un po’ e desidero che sia trattato con delicatezza. È un’avventura che potrebbe portarlo ad attraversare continenti, un’avventura che, probabilmente, comprenderà guerre, tragedie e dolore. Vivere questa vita richiederà fede, amore e coraggio.
Dovrà imparare, lo so, che non tutti gli uomini sono giusti, che non tutti gli uomini sono sinceri.
Però gli insegni anche che per ogni delinquente, c’è un eroe;

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Pedro Salinas / Giovanni Prini | Io di più non posso darti / I cannot give you more..

Io di più non posso darti
Non sono che quello che sono.
Ah come vorrei essere
sabbia, sole, in estate!
Che tu ti distendessi
riposata a riposare.
Che andando via tu mi lasciassi
il tuo corpo, impronta tenera,
tiepida, indimenticabile.

E che con te se ne andasse
sopra di te, il mio bacio lento:
dalla nuca al tallone,

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Pablo Neruda | Chiedo silenzio / I ask for silence / Pido silencio

Ora, lasciatemi tranquillo.
Ora, abituatevi senza di me.
Io chiuderò gli occhi

E voglio solo cinque cose,
cinque radici preferite.

Una è l'amore senza fine.

La seconda è vedere l'autunno.
Non posso vivere senza che le foglie
volino e tornino alla terra.

La terza è il grave inverno,
la pioggia che ho amato, la carezza
del fuoco nel freddo silvestre.

Victor Nizovtsev 1965 - Russian Fantasy painter

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Qiang Huang, 1959 | Impressionist painter

Qiang Huang (pronounced Chong Wong) is an impressionistic, representational artist painting still life, landscape and figurative subjects.
Huang was born and raised in Beijing China and now lives at Austin, Texas. His interest in art was developed in his early ages, and influenced strongly by his uncle, a professional painter and art educator. Qiang has studied basic skills of drawing and painting under his uncle's guidance. He won awards🎨 in multiple school art shows.
After immigrated to America, Qiang took a career in science and technology.
However, Qiang has been active in local art communities. To further develop his artistic skills, Qiang has attended classes and workshops. He has studied from well-known artists like Miles Mathis, Scott Burdick, David Leffel🎨 and Sherrie McGraw.

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Giovanna Garzonni | Baroque painter

Giovanna Garzonni (1600-1670) was an Italian painter🎨 of the Baroque era🎨, considered to be one of the greatest Italian miniaturists of the seventeenth century.
Born in 1600 in Ascoli Piceno, Garzonni's talent was first noticed when she apprenticed with a pharmacist in her home town.
Her parents, Giacomo Garzoni and Isabetta Gaia both came from families of artisans but were not artists themselves. They could provide no training for their daughter, as was typical for many women artists of the period.
Instead, Garzoni received her training from Giacomo Rogni, as explained in a letter written by the artist in 1620. In 1622, Giovanna married the Venecian artist Tibero Tinelli, but the marriage only lasted for two years, due in large part to her vow of chastity.

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Anastasiya Matveeva, 1988 | Figurative painter

Анастасия Матвеева /Anastasiya Matveeva was born in the town of Kuznetsk, Penza Oblast, Russia. Within seven years she began to engage in art school, from 2003-2008. She studied at the Penza Art College K.A. Savitsky.
In 2009 she graduated with honors from the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture I.E. Repin🎨.
Matveeva graduated from the studio of easel painting under the guidance of VS Pesikova.
In 2009 -Awarded🎨 the Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts.
In 2016 Matveeva joined the Union of Russian Artists.
At present, she works in St.Petersburg. She is the leading participant of Russian and international exhibitions. Her paintings are in private collections in Russia, Europe and China.

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