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Eric Wallis, 1968 | Impressionist painter

Not long ago, Tutt'Art@ published the figurative paintings of American painter🎨 Eric Wallis and continue to familiarize with his work.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- by Wallis see:

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Jean-François Portaels | Orientalist painter

Jean-François Portaels or Jan Portaels was a Belgian🎨 painter of genre scenes, biblical stories, landscapes, portraits and orientalist subjects.
He was also a teacher and director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Ghent and the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.
He is regarded as the founder of the Belgian Orientalist school. He was praised in his time as the premier painter of 'everyday elegance and feminine grace'.

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Madre Teresa / Dorian Florez | Give me someone to love..

Lord, when I am hungry,
give me someone needing food.
When I am thirsty,
send me someone needing a drink
When I am cold, send me
someone to warm
When I am grieved, send me
someone to console
When my cross grows heavy
let me carry another's cross too

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Robert Henri | Ashcan School painter | Page 1

Robert Henri ~ Ashcan School painter | Part 1 ||| Robert Henri ~ Ashcan School painter [Part 2]🎨

Robert Henri (1865-1929) was born Robert Henry Cozad in Cincinnati, in 1865, the son of a professional gambler and businessman.
In 1881 he accompanied his family to Denver. When his father was indicted for manslaughter a year later the Cozads changed their name and fled to Atlantic City, New Jersey.
In 1886 Henri enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where he studied under Thomas Anshutz, Thomas Hovenden and James B. Kelly.
In 1888 he went to Paris and enrolled at the Académie Julian under Adolphe-William Bouguereau and Tony Robert-Fleury. During the summers he painted in Brittany and Barbizon, and visited Italy prior to being admitted to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1891.

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Isaac Israëls (1865-1934) | Impressionist painter

Isaac Lazarus Israëls (1865-1934) was a Dutch painter associated with the Amsterdam Impressionism movement🎨. The son of Jozef Israëls, one of the most respected painters of the Hague School, and Aleida Schaap, Isaac Israëls displayed precocious artistic talent from an early age.
Between 1880-1882 he studied at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, where he met George Hendrik Breitner who was to become a lifelong friend. In 1881, when he was 16, he sold a painting, Bugle Practice, even before it was finished to the artist and collector Hendrik Willem Mesdag.

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Edvard Munch | Paintings and Quotes

  • By painting colors and lines and forms seen in quickened mood I was seeking to make this mood vibrate as a phonograph does. This was the origin of the paintings in The Frieze of Life.
  • Attraverso l'arte cerco di vedere chiaro nella mia relazione con il mondo, e se possibile aiutare anche chi osserva le mie opere a capirle, a guardarsi dentro.
  • To die is as if one's eyes had been put out and one cannot see anything any more. Perhaps it is like being shut in a cellar. One is abandoned by all. They have slammed the door and are gone. One does not see anything and notices only the damp smell of putrefaction.

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Patrice Murciano, 1969 | Pop painter / Sculptor

Patrice Murciano🎨, French painter and sculptor was born in Belfort, France. He moved to Montpellier from an early age.
Passion for art early on, it starts reproducing the characters of comics from the age of 6 years, he then goes on to paint his early muses, who at the time of fashion magazine models, to the age of 8 with the makeup of his mother that rests on the rollers to the attic abandoned to tapestry.

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Mark Twain (1835-1910) | Quotes / Aforismi

  • "Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else".
  • "I libri sono per le persone che desiderano essere altrove".
  • "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear".
  • "Il coraggio è resistenza alla paura, padronanza della paura, non assenza della paura".
  • "Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it".
  • "Il perdono è la fragranza che la viola sparge sul tallone che l'ha schiacciata".

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Mexican Artists | Sitemap

 Frida Kahlo | You rain on me - I sky you, | Tu mi piovi - Io ti cielo, 1947

Various types of visual arts developed in the geographical area now known as Mexico.
The development of these arts roughly follows the history of Mexico, divided into the pre hispanic Mesoamerican era, the colonial period, with the period after Mexican War of Independence, the development Mexican national identity through art in the nineteenth century, and the florescence of modern Mexican art after the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920).