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Francesco Petrarca | Solo et pensoso / Alone and thoughtful

Solo et pensoso i piú deserti campi
vo mesurando a passi tardi et lenti,
et gli occhi porto per fuggire intenti
ove vestigio human l’arena stampi.

Giovanni Fattori | Uomo nel bosco, 1880-1885

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Pablo Neruda / Yuri Krotov | Ode to summer / Ode all'estate

Estate, violino rosso,
nuvola chiara,
un ronzio
di catena montuosa
o di cicala
ti precede,
il cielo
a volta,
liscio, luccicante come
un occhio,

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Fernando Yáñez de la Almedina | Renaissance painter

Fernando Yáñez de la Almedina (1489-1536) considered "Spain's most exquisite Renaissance painter" by Elías Tormo was first mentioned in 1575 in Relaciones de los pueblos de España as "licenciado Yáñez" from the village of Almedina.
He also appears in a roster of painters compiled by Hernando de Ávila in his "Art of painting" and included by Diego de Villalta in 1590.

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Ambrogio de Predis | Renaissance painter

Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis (1455-1508) was an Italian Renaissance painter, illuminator and designer of coins active in Milan.
Ambrogio gained a reputation as a portraitist, including as a painter of miniatures, at the court of Ludovico Sforza.


Ambrogio de Predis was born in a family of artists from Lombardy.

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Federico Barocci | Baroque / Mannerist painter

Federico Barocci (also written Barozzi) (1535 in Urbino - 1612 in Urbino) was an Italian Renaissance painter and printmaker.
His original name was Federico Fiori, and he was nicknamed Il Baroccio.
His work was highly esteemed and influential, and foreshadows the Baroque of Rubens.
He is generally considered the greatest and the most individual painter of his time in central Italy.

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Giovanna Fratellini | Baroque painter

Giovanna Fratellini (1666-1731) was a Florentine artist during the Baroque period.
Born in Florence as Giovanna Marrmocchini Cortesi, she married Guiliano Fratellini in 1685 and changed her name to Fratellini.
This well-born woman pastellist was a lady-in-waiting to Vittoria della Rovere, the Grand Duchess of Tuscany.

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Viggo Pedersen | Impressionist / Genre painter

Viggo Christian Frederik Vilhelm Pedersen (1854, Copenhagen - 1926, Roskilde) was a Danish painter who primarily made his mark as a landscape painter.


Viggo Pedersen learned to draw from his father Thomas Vilhelm Pedersen and was then admitted to CV Nielsen's Drawing School and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen from September 1871 to spring 1878.
Har traveled abroad in Germany (1873), in Paris (1881) and traveled from there to Switzerland (where Joakim Skovgaard met him) and Italy, which he visited several times since, along with trips to Holland and Germany.

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Amelie Lundahl | Genre painter

Helga Amélie Lundahl (26 May 1850 - 20 August 1914) was a Finnish painter.
She was born in Oulu, the youngest of eleven children.
Her mother died when she was three months old and her father, Abraham, a Town Representative (public prosecutor) died when she was eight.
From 1860 to 1862, she attended the "Svenska Privatskolan" in Oulu.