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Henry Asencio, 1971 | Flamenco dancers

Henry Asencio⏭ is an award-winning⏩ contemporary American painter⏭ who works largely in the medium of oil on canvas. Asencio was born in Los Angeles.

For biographical notes and other works by Asencio see:

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Joan Brull (1863-1912) | Symbolist painter

Joan Brull i Vinyoles (1863-1912) was a Catalan symbolist painter⏭, along with other artists including Adrià Gual, Josep Maria Tamburini, and Alexandre de Riquer.
Brull was born in Barcelona, Spain. He studied at the Escola de la Llotja and in Paris. He later worked as an art critic for the magazine Joventut.

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Kiéra Malone | Figurative painter

Dreams of love, tenderness, innocence, kindness, sensitivity, a smile, a glance, a tear source of inspiration! Kiéra Malone, French painter: - "I feed every expression ... tapping into the soul's eternal search for the other !"...
Kiera Malone: - "Instants private, taken from life, wild world and inner world, strength and vulnerability, depth and light, the works of the artist Kiera Malone, you set and you are exposed. A common feature could be the purity who lives each achievements, even the nude. Never intrusive, they are no less moving, and it often feels spectator but not himself observed. An emotion before the flight, was born a table that we returns with the greatest acuity. Every face seems so real, every expression tamed "..

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François-Alfred Delobbe | Genre painter

François-Alfred Delobbe, (13 October 1835, Paris - 10 February 1920, Paris) was a French painter⏩ in the Naturalist style.
He was a student of Thomas Couture and William Bouguereau⏩ at the École des Beaux-arts, where he had been admitted at the age of sixteen, and had his debut at the Salon in 1861 with a portrait of his mother.

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Soledad Fernandez, 1949 | Figurative painter

Soledad Fernandez, a Spanish painter⏭, has realised individual and collective exhibitions from the eighties to the present time, in national and foreign galleries of art, as well as in international events of art and museums.
Born in Madrid, Soledad moved to Collado Villalba, Madrid, where she has lived since then. In 1960 and for a period of seven years she studied at José Gutiérrez Valle's atelier of the Sevillian School. She is, so that, an atelier painter.

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Alfred Guillou | Academic painter

Alfred Guillou (12 September 1844, Concarneau - 1926, Concarneau) was a French painter⏩ of Breton heritage.
  • Biography
His father was a fisherman and farmer who served as mayor of Concarneau for fifteen years. He received his first art lessons from the lithographer Théodore Le Monnier (1815-1888), who was visiting Concarneau. On his advice, Guillou moved to Paris in 1862, where he attended the Académie Suisse for a short time, then found a position in the workshop of Alexandre Cabanel⏩. While there, he met Jules Bastien-Lepage⏩, Fernand Cormon and Théophile Deyrolle, who he convinced to give up architecture and join him at Cabanel's.

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Antonio Canova | Hebe, 1796

Hebe is one of the most famous works of Antonio Canova (1757-1822)⏩, an outstanding Neoclassical sculptor of the late 18th - early 19th century.
According to ancient myth, Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera and was the embodiment of youth. As serving-maid to the gods on Mount Olympus, she was responsible for bringing round cups of nectar, the drink of eternal youth and immortality, during feasts.
Canova depicted the goddess flitting swiftly and easily across the clouds, hardly touching them with the toes of her bare feet.

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Bertel Thorvaldsen | Neoclassical sculptor

Bertel Thorvaldsen, Thorvaldsen also spelled Thorwaldsen, (born Nov. 19, 1770, or Nov. 13, 1768, Copenhagen, Den.-died March 24, 1844, Copenhagen), sculptor, prominent in the Neoclassical period, who was the first internationally acclaimed Danish artist.
Prominent in Roman intellectual and artistic circles, he influenced many emerging artists from Europe and the United States.

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Michelle Murray, 1962 | Figurative painter

American painter⏩ Michelle Murray was born in Michigan and raised in Ohio before coming to Alberta as a young adult. She now resides in Edmonton with her husband Sean and their family. She is the mother of 8 and grandmother of 8. After early training in Commercial Art, she began to paint with oils in 2003.
Representational oil paintings are Michelle`s passionate focus. In love with oils from the very first brush stroke, she realized the breadth, depth and width of oils is inexhaustible. Using the paint to it’s fullest, she uses thin transparent darks and thicker lights to add vibrance to her work. Depicting beauty for Michelle results from a special use of an illuminating light. Color, edges and value help breathe life into the canvas.

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Daniel Gerhartz, 1965 | Ballet dancers

Daniel Gerhartz⏭, a native of Wisconsin, is an accomplished painter who is well known for his figurative, landscape, architectural and still life paintings.

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