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Bob Dylan, 1941 | Paintings by the Music Legend

Not only is Bob Dylan one of the most iconic musicians of the modern era, a filmmaker and a best-selling author, he is also a painter, a sculptor since the 1960s.
Dylan has been awarded America’s Presidential Medal of Freedom, the National Medal of Arts, the Pulitzer Prize, Sweden’s Polar Music Prize and France’s Officer de la Legion d’honneur.
He has won an Oscar and eleven Grammy Awards.

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Tracey Sylvester Harris, 1966

In her paintings, Tracey Sylvester Harris presents a dazzling aqueous vision that merges the past with the present.
Aptly called "Sunshine Noir", T.S. Harris’ paintings speak to the central issues of human existence - desire and loss, impermanence and beauty, and the many dimensions of our connections with others.
Inspired by snapshots and film stills from the mid-century, the paintings are colorful yet bittersweet, depicting fleeting moments captured almost a lifetime ago.

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Jill Maytorena | Mixed media painter

Jill Maytorena's portraits reveal figures who emerge through a glow of pastels and vibrant patterns.
She has a unique style of capturing beauty through textural representations and forms.
This series of artworks discovers the presence of patterns that are introspective and exploratory.
Sewing patterns, patterned fabrics and papers, charcoals, and soft pastels blend in collaged layers to illuminate the topography of her figurative art.

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Florine Stettheimer | Rococo-inspired modernist painter

Florine Stettheimer (1871-1944) was an American modernist painter, feminist, theatrical designer, poet and salonnière.
Stettheimer developed a feminine, theatrical painting style depicting her friends, family, and experiences in New York City.
She made the first feminist nude self-portrait and paintings depicting controversies of race and sexual preference.
She and her sisters hosted a salon that attracted members of the avant-garde.

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Stephen Gjertson, 1949 | Classical realism painter

Stephen Gjertson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Trained by Richard Lack (1928-2009) at Atelier Lack during the early 70's, Gjertson has spent twenty years creating works that reflect his love of nature and family, and his deeply held religious convictions.
His style is natural and personal, revealing his respect for, and knowledge of, both the academic and impressionist traditions.

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Mark Stock | The Butlers in Love

Mark Stock (1951-2014) was an American painter.
He was born in Frankfurt, Germany.
The son of an Army officer, Stock lived in many states across America before settling in St. Petersburg, Florida.
He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa, where he studied under Theo Wujcik.
Upon graduating in 1976, Stock was hired to work at Gemini G.E.L. in Los Angeles as a lithographer.

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Danny Day, 1964 | Romantic Realism painter

Danny Day has established a reputation worldwide for the high quality of his original works of art.
Danny has made it a lifelong quest to master and refine his version of realism, perfecting the "master’s technique" of oils on canvas.
Rich color and eye popping clarity are the hallmarks embodied in his works, which range in genre from sports to wildlife, auto racing, and lush romantic portraits.
Danny has also added commercial photography to his repertoire.

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James Jebusa Shannon | Portrait / Genre painter

Sir James Jebusa Shannon RA (1862-1923) was an Anglo-American artist.
Shannon was born in Auburn, New York, and at the age of eight was taken by his parents to Canada.
When he was sixteen, he went to England, where he studied at South Kensington, and after three years won the gold medal for figure painting.

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Louis Guglielmi | Magic Realist painter

Osvaldo Louis Guglielmi (1906-1956) was an American painter.
He was well known in New York, but soon forgotten after his death, as abstract expressionism came to overshadow artists like him.
There are elements of precisionism, surrealism, geometric abstraction, regionalism and social realism in his work.
His paintings often commented on poverty and other social and political themes; bleakness and death appear regularly in his pre-war works. With Walter Quirt and James Guy, he was a prominent exponent of "social surrealism".

After the war, his painting became more planar and abstract, with elements of cubism, and he disavowed the personal sadness in his earlier works in favor of expressing the "exuberance and organic means of life itself".
The New York Times also attributed his decline to his being "a relentless borrower, an irrepressible eclectic who seemed to prey voraciously on the styles of others".
Born in Cairo, Egypt, as a child he lived in Milan and Geneva while his Italian father, a professional violinist, toured the world.
In 1914 his parents brought him to the United States, where they lived in Italian Harlem, New York.

He was interested in sculpture at a young age and worked at a casting factory.
He attended the National Academy of Design in the evening beginning in 1920, while also attending high school, and attended full-time from 1923 to 1926.
The next year he became a naturalized citizen.

The Great Depression brought financial hardship, but the difficult times inspired his artwork.
From 1935 to 1939, he worked with the Federal Art Project, which supported artists during the Depression.

In the 1930s he spent many summers at the MacDowell Colony for artists in Peterborough, New Hampshire.
Guglielmi had his first one-man show in 1938, exhibiting his new work Mental Geography.
Inspired by the Spanish Civil War-depicting a bombed-out Brooklyn Bridge -it was a warning that European fascism might spread.

Guglielmi was part of the 1943 "American Realists and Magic Realists" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.
He was with the Army Corps of Engineers in the war between 1943 and 1945, and did not paint.

In the 1950s, he held positions at Louisiana State University, first as a visiting artist and then as an associate professor.
He died in 1956 of a heart attack in Amagansett, New York.
Guglielmi's work is in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art. | Source: © Wikipedia

Osvaldo Louis Guglielmi (1906-1956) è stato un pittore Americano.
Era molto conosciuto a New York, ma presto dimenticato dopo la sua morte, poiché l'espressionismo astratto arrivò a mettere in ombra artisti come lui.
Ci sono elementi di precisione, surrealismo, astrazione geometrica, regionalismo e realismo sociale nel suo lavoro.
I suoi dipinti spesso commentavano la povertà ed altri temi sociali e politici; desolazione e morte appaiono regolarmente nelle sue opere prebelliche.
Con Walter Quirt e James Guy fu un esponente di spicco del "surrealismo sociale".

Dopo la guerra, la sua pittura divenne più planare e astratta, con elementi di cubismo, e rinnegò la tristezza personale nelle sue opere precedenti in favore dell'espressione "dell'esuberanza e dei mezzi organici della vita stessa".
Anche il New York Times attribuì il suo declino al suo essere "un mutuatario implacabile, un eclettico irrefrenabile che sembrava predare voracemente lo stile degli altri".
Nato al Cairo, in Egitto, da bambino ha vissuto a Milano e Ginevra, mentre suo padre italiano, violinista professionista, girava il mondo.
Nel 1914 i suoi genitori lo portarono negli Stati Uniti, dove vissero ad Italian Harlem, New York.
Si interessò alla scultura in giovane età e lavorò in una fabbrica di fusione.

Frequentò serale l'Accademia Nazionale di Design a partire dal 1920, frequentando contemporaneamente anche il liceo, che frequentò a tempo pieno dal 1923 al 1926.
L'anno successivo divenne cittadino naturalizzato.
La Grande Depressione portò difficoltà finanziarie, ma i tempi difficili ispirarono le sue opere d'arte.

Dal 1935 al 1939 lavorò con il Federal Art Project, che sostenne gli artisti durante la Depressione.
Negli anni '30 trascorse molte estati alla MacDowell Colony per artisti a Peterborough, nel New Hampshire.
Guglielmi tenne la sua prima mostra personale nel 1938, esponendo la sua nuova opera Geografia mentale.

Ispirato alla guerra civile spagnola, raffigurante un ponte di Brooklyn bombardato, era un avvertimento che il fascismo europeo avrebbe potuto diffondersi.
Guglielmi fece parte della mostra "American Realists and Magic Realists" del 1943 al Museum of Modern Art.
Era con il Corpo degli Ingegneri dell'Esercito nella guerra tra il 1943 e il 1945 e non dipingeva.
Negli anni '50 ricoprì incarichi presso la Louisiana State University, prima come artista in visita e poi come professore associato.

Morì nel 1956 per un attacco di cuore ad Amagansett, New York.
Il lavoro di Guglielmi è nella collezione dell'Art Institute of Chicago, del Detroit Institute of Arts, del Metropolitan Museum of Art, del Museum of Modern Art, del San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, lo Smithsonian American Art Museum ed il Whitney Museum of American Art.

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Jeremy Winborg, 1979

Jeremy Winborg is best known for his figurative work of Native American subjects that blend realism with abstract backgrounds.
Winborg has had a passion for creating art since he was a child.
He grew up in Utah working in an art studio alongside his father who was an illustrator.
Winborg began receiving awards and honors at a young age.
"Being an artist was the only profession I ever considered when I was growing up".

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Salman Toor, 1983

Salman Toor is a Pakistani-American painter.
His works depict the imagined lives of young men of South Asian-birth, displayed in close range in either South Asia and New York City fantasized settings.
Toor lives and works in New York City.

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Mark Beck, 1957

American Artist Mark Beck is considered one of the country's top realism and landscape painters.
With a unique vision and decades-long career, he is well known for his iconic and bold images of the American landscape.
You can see his paintings in films, international ad campaigns, and on magazine covers.
Beck's artwork currently resides in some of the world's most prestigious art collections.

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John Woodrow Kelley, 1952

A native of Knoxville, Tennessee, John Woodrow Kelley is a representational artist known for mythological scenes and portraiture.
In his works, Kelley seeks to reinterpret Western art through a contemporary lens.
His lifelong fascination with classical art stemmed from a trip to the Greek Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee, at age six.
Kelley’s oil paintings are inspired by Greek mythology and studies of the old masters like Diego Velázquez and Caravaggio; this emphasis on the subject matter and vocabulary of classical realism is in reaction to the emptiness of abstract expressionism and modernism in the visual arts.

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Charles Cushing, 1959 | Plein-air painter

Charles Cushing was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but has lived and worked in center city Philadelphia for over 40 years.
He attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, graduating in 1988.
While at the academy, he studied under celebrated painters such as Arthur DeCosta, Seymour Remenick and Sidney Goodman, among others.
After graduating, his focus turned to landscape and cityscape paintings, and he has become well-known locally for his large Philadelphia scenes.

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Daniel E. Greene (1934-2020)

Daniel E. Greene PSA, NA, AWS was an American artist who worked in the media of pastels and oil painting.
The Encyclopædia Britannica considered Mr. Greene the foremost pastelist in the United States.
His paintings and pastels are in over 700 public and private collections in the United States and abroad.

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Scott Gustafson, 1956 | Fantasy Illustrator

Scott Gustafson is an American illustrator based in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
His career has spanned over twenty-five years, and during it, he has worked as a freelance cartoonist and contributed illustrations to various magazines and children's books.
During the later years of his career, he wanted to write a story lengthier than a thirty-two page children's book.

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John Brosio, 1967

Born was in Pasadena, California, John Brosio has been drawing for as long as he can remember and those earliest scribbles depict much of the same "off center" subject matter that concerns him today.
Apart from various travels his life has been based in either Southern California where he was raised or Northern California where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of California at Davis in 1991.
Learning under the guidance of artists such as Wayne Thiebaud and Richard Bunkall, Brosio was seduced away from his original aspirations toward a career in film and movie special effects, consequently, cinematic influences are apparent in his work.

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Max Ginsburg, 1931

Born in Paris, France, Max Ginsburg, is an realist artist and teacher.
His paintings explore the range of daily human life, concerned as much with life's ironies and social injustices, as with its many joys.
Issues of war and peace, racism and the inhumanity of man have been a major focus in his art.
The son of a painter, Ginsburg studied art at New York City's famed High School of Music and Art and then at Syracuse University.

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Elizabeth Jane Gardner | Academic painter

Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau (Exeter, New Hampshire, 1837 - Paris, 1922) was an American academic and salon painter, who was born in Exeter, New Hampshire.
She was an American expatriate who died in Paris where she had lived most of her life.
She studied in Paris under the figurative painter Hugues Merle (1823-1881), the well-known salon painter Jules Joseph Lefebvre (1836-1911), and finally under William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905).

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Newell Convers Wyeth (1882-1945)

Newell Convers Wyeth, known as N. C. Wyeth, was an American painter and illustrator.
He was a student of Howard Pyle and became one of America's most well-known illustrators.
Wyeth created more than 3,000 paintings and illustrated 112 books - 25 of them for Scribner's, the Scribner Classics, which is the body of work for which he is best known.