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Erin Hanson, 1981 | Impressionist / Expressionist / Abstract painter

Hanging precariously and horizontally from red sandstone, hundreds of feet above the ground, may not seem like it would inspire the creation of beautiful oil paintings, but that is exactly what happened with Erin Hanson.
After a lifetime of experimenting in different styles and mediums, it wasn’t until Hanson began rock climbing at Red Rock Canyon that her painting style was consolidated by a single inspiration and force of nature.

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Victor Hugo | Symbolist /Surrealist / Abstract Expressionism painter

Victor Marie Hugo (1802-1885) was not only one of France's greatest poet, novelist and dramatist, but also a prolific artist, painter, watercolourist, draughtsman and caricaturist.
Victor Hugo produced more than 4000 drawings. Originally pursued as a casual hobby, drawing became more important to Hugo shortly before his exile, when he made the decision to stop writing in order to devote himself to politics. Drawing became his exclusive creative outlet during the period 1848-1851.

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Arturo Martini | Symbolist sculptor

Arturo Martini (1889-1947) was a leading Italian sculptor between World War I and II. He moved between a very vigorous (almost ancient Roman) classicism and modernism.
Arturo Martini was born in Treviso in 1889 into a poor family. When he was still a boy he began to attend an art night school, exhibiting his first terracotta sculptures in the shop windows of the town.
In 1907 he frequented the studio of the sculptor Antonio Carlini in Treviso, and the following year began to study in Venice with Urbano Nono.
His youthful masterpieces of sculpture and ceramography were exhibited as part of the Ist Exhibition of Ca’ Pesaro.

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Diane Leonard | Plein Air Impressionist painter

Diane Leonard is an award winning artist, and one of America’s most highly respected contemporary impressionists.
A self-taught artist, Diane began painting in her early twenties while she lived in Boston.
She has enjoyed great success with her artwork, including numerous One-Woman Shows here in the U.S. and Japan.
She has studied with two renowned painters, Bettina Steinke and Helen Van Wyk.

Theodoros Pantaleon /Θεόδωρος Πανταλέων, 1945 | Surrealist painter

Theodoros Pantaleon / Πανταλεων Θόδωρος was born in Athens.
He studied graphic arts at the Athens Technological Institute Doxiadis School taught by A. Tassos, A. Asteriadis, I. Dekoulakos, G. Georgiadis and S. Lydakis. He lives and works in Athens.