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20th century Artists | Sitemap

List of 20th century Artists and artistic movements definition

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19th-20th century Artists | Sitemap

List of 19th-20th century Artists and artistic movements definition

Amedeo Modigliani | Portrait of Paulette Jourdain, 1919

One of the last paintings created by Modigliani, the Portrait of Paulette Jourdain is an outstanding example of the artist’s work. Pauline "Paulette" Jourdain was the housemaid and later the lover of Modigliani’s dealer Léopold Zborowski.
She is painted on one of the largest canvases used by the artist in a completely frontal, stately manner that directly engages the viewer. She is presented with great dignity and presence, commanding our attention and respect.
The rich colors, transcendent light and dynamic surface further transform this painting into a masterwork. The painting demonstrates well how the artist assimilated a broad range of influences from African art to Old Master paintings to create his own unique, sophisticated vision.

Paulette Jourdain, 1919

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Amedeo Modigliani | Quotes / Aforismi

  • When I know your soul, I will paint your eyes.
  • Quando conoscerò la tua anima, dipingerò i tuoi occhi.
  • It is your duty in life to save your dream.
  • Il tuo unico dovere è salvare i tuoi sogni.

Antonio Canova | Paolina Borghese, 1805-1808

The reclining Paolina Borghese as Venus Victrix in the center of the room holds an apple in her hand, evoking the Venus Victrix in the judgement of Paris, who was chosen to settle a dispute between Juno (power), Minerva (arts and science) and Venus (love).
The same subject was painted on the ceiling by Domenico de Angelis (1779), framed by Giovan Battista Marchetti's tromp d'oeil architecture, and was inspired by a famous relief on the façade of the Villa Medici.
This marble statue of Pauline in a highly refined pose is considered a supreme example of the Neoclassical style.