mercoledì 25 novembre 2015

Victor Brauner | Surrealist painter

Victor Brauner (15 June 1903 - 12 March 1966) was a Romanian Jewish sculptor and painter of surrealistic images.
He was born in Piatra Neamț, Romania, the son of a timber manufacturer who subsequently settled in Vienna with his family for a few years. It is there that young Victor attended elementary school. When his family returned to Romania in 1914, he continued his studies at the Evangelical school in Brăila. His interests revolved around zoology during that period.

Petr Dick /Пётр Дик | Figurative pastel painter

The famous artist Petr Gergardovich Dick /Пётр Гергардович Дик (1939-2002) descendant of immigrants from Northern Germany, was born in Altai. Dick graduated Sverdlov Art School named after I.D. Shadr and Moscow Higher Art Industrial School. Since 1960’s he lived in Vladimir. Peter Dick worked in original style - pastel and charcoal on sandpaper. Characteristic features of his creative activity are strong and delicate color combinations, expressive antiquity of laying figures.

martedì 24 novembre 2015

Ignatov Sergey, 1961 | Improvizionism style painter

Ignatov Sergey Vladimirovich /Игнатов Сергей Владимирович is an Russian Artist, known for working in the Improvizionism style.
- I was born in the capital of ancient Rus - the beautiful city of Vladimir. The happy childhood passed in Belgium - the city of Brussels, and in Germany - the city of Bonn. There my parents worked through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Of course this fact fully influenced the formation of my personality and perception of the modern world.

lunedì 23 novembre 2015

Roberto Weigand, 1968 | Digital artist /Illustrator and graphic designer

Roberto Weigand is an award-winning illustrator and cover designer in Brazil.
Roberto Weigand studied Architecture in São Paulo’s University and in 1991 he started working as an Illustrator for newspapers, magazines and children’s books. From 1999 he worked as Illustrator and Infographist for Veja magazine, from 2001 he became responsible for Istoé magazine covers and from 2002 he started to write for Publish magazine.

Wieslaw Smetek, 1955 | Conceptual Illustrator

Wieslaw Smetek, born in 1955 in Poland, has been illustrating for the big names among the publishing houses for over twenty years now. He gives their magazines a face, makes them instantly recognizable at the kiosk - and he does it with witty and impudent, but always intelligent allusions. He shows former Federal Chancellor Schröder as a drenched and bedraggled poodle looking very woebegone, or Chancellor Merkel as a mother hen gathering her charges under her wings, or the globe as a beach ball with water running out of it.

domenica 22 novembre 2015

Stefan Georgiev, 1954 | Figurative Mixed media painter

Bulgarian painter Stefan Georgiev / Стефан Георгиев born on June 24-th in the Town of Veliko Tarnovo. In 1974 he graduates from Arts school in the Town of Kazanlak, Bulgaria.
He then continues his education in "St Cyril and St Methodius" University of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria in the Faculty of fine arts.
He works mostly in oil on canvas and mixed media painting, illustration, plastic arts.
Also he works with watercolors, pastels and acrylic.

Tom Root, 1958 | Portrait /Figurative painter

Tom Root was born in Huntsville, Alabama. He studied drawing and painting at Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Old Lyme, Connecticut, under Aaron Shikler N.A. and Deane G. Keller, and at Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.
Early on, Tom was interested in being a part of a contemporary figurative revival. He loved historic portraiture but intensely disliked modern formula-based commercial portraiture and desired to see contemporary portraiture reconnected with fine art. This has been the goal of much of his work.

Emanuil Popgenchev | Cubist painter

Most distinct Bulgarian representatives of Cubism Emanuil Popgenchev (1942-2010) was born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Graduated the National Art Academy, "Decorative monumental painting", 1967. The only contemporary Bulgarian artist who built a body of work in the style of Cubism and his achievements receive international recognition.

sabato 21 novembre 2015

Leonardo da Vinci ~ Comincia della scultura, e s'essa è scienza o no

Trattato della Pittura- Parte prima /31

La scultura non è scienza ma arte meccanicissima, perché genera sudore e fatica corporale al suo operatore e solo bastano a tale artista le semplici misure dei membri e la natura de' movimenti e posati, e cosí in sé finisce dimostrando all'occhio quel che quello è, e non dà di sé alcuna ammirazione al suo contemplante, come fa la pittura, che in una piana superficie per forza di scienza dimostra le grandissime campagne co' lontani orizzonti.

venerdì 20 novembre 2015

Galq Mincheva | Abstract painter

Galq Mincheva is artist was born and live in Sofia, Bulgaria. Galq’s artwork is intense with brilliant colors.