Surrealism Art Movement ~ Sitemap

List of Surrealist Artists

Abstract Art Movement
  1. Joey Havlock, 1967 ~ Abstract Surrealist painter
Aforismi Letteratura e Poesia
  1. Bruno Di Maio / Pablo Neruda
  2. Dino Buzzati ~ Il pittore Surrealista..
  3. Oscar Wilde / Alberto Pancorbo
  4. Pablo Neruda e Brita Seifert ~ Il Bacio
  5. René Magritte ~ Gli Aforismi - Nuovo!!
  6. Salvador Dalí ~ Gli Aforismi
American Artist
  1. Barry Gross, 1948 ~ Surrealist painter
  2. Ben Goossens, 1945 ~ Surrealist photographer
  3. Eric Montoya, 1968 ~ Surrealist painter
  4. Ilene Meyer ~ Fantastic Surrealist painter
  5. Jared Joslin, 1970 ~ Surrealist painter
  6. Jeffrey Batchelor, 1960 ~ Surrealist painter
  7. Jeremiah Stermer, 1946 ~ Surrealist photographer - Nuovo!!
  8. Jim Warren, 1949 ~ Fantasy and Surrealist painter
  9. Joey Havlock, 1967 ~ Abstract Surrealist painter
  10. Loren D. Adams ~ Visionary / Surrealist painter
  11. Madeline Von Foerster, 1973 ~ Fantastic Surrealist painter
  12. Man Ray ~ Surrealist/Cubist painter
  13. Michael Alfano | Figurative and surrealistic sculptures
  14. Michael Page, 1979 ~ Pop Surrealism painter
  15. Paul David Bond, 1964 ~ Surrealist painter
  16. Siegfried Zademack ~ Surrealistic Visionary painter
  17. Thomas Dodd ~ Visionary photographer
  18. Timothy Martin ~ Summertime - Nuovo!!

Kerdalo, 1962 ~ Urban street scene

French painter Kerdalo was born in 1962 in Chamalières. His paintings catch the light and dazzle at first sight as do the town of Paris from which he draws his inspiration. His works often recall the sweet memories of childhood, when time seems to stop. After his studies at the school of Applied Arts and a short passage in the world of Comic strip, he took back his brushes and studied with great interest the Impressionist Masters and so managed to create his own style. Kerdalo knows how to use the slightest lighting and the smallest ray on the street to sublimate the town and to create a serene and calm atmosphere special of Paris.

Silvestro Lega ~ Macchiaioli Art Movement

Italian painter Silvestro Lega (1826-1895) was one of the leading artists of the Macchiaioli and was also involved with the Mazzini movement.
Lega was born in Modigliana, near Forlì, to an affluent family. From 1838 he attended the Piarist College, where his skill at drawing became evident. From 1843-1847 he attended the Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence, studying drawing under Benedetto Servolini (1805-79) and Tommaso Gazzarini (1790-1853), then studying painting, briefly, under Giuseppe Bezzuoli. During 1847 he attended Luigi Mussini’s school, where the teaching emphasized the 15th-century Florentine principles of drawing and orderly construction. Then and for some years afterwards he continued to attend the Scuola del Nudo of the Accademia.

Jeanie Tomanek, 1949 ~ Allegorical/Narrative painter

American painter Jeanie Tomanek inspired by literature, folktales and Myths, she portrays tall, snow white, bald women in dreamlike settings. A couple of years ago, Jeany left the corporate life behind to follow her passion and fully focus on her artwork. As she explains, painting helps her to develop her inner voice: “I paint to explore the significance of ideas, memories, events, feelings, dreams and images that seem to demand my closer attention”.

Frits Thaulow ~ Skagen painter

Frits Thaulow [1847-1906] was a Norwegian Impressionist painter, best known for his naturalistic depictions of landscape.
Johan Frederik Thaulow was born in Christiania, the son of the wealthy chemist, Harald Conrad Thaulow (1815-1881) and Nicoline "Nina" Louise Munch (1821-1894). Thaulow was educated at the Academy of Art in Copenhagen in 1870-72, and from 1873-75 he studied with Hans Gude at the Baden School of Art in Karlsruhe.
Thaulow was one of the earliest artists to paint in Skagen in the north of Jutland, soon to become famous for its Skagen painters. He arrived there in 1879 with his friend Christian Krohg who persuaded him to spend the summer and autumn there. They arrived from Norway in Thaulow's little boat. Thaulow, who had specialized in marine painting turned to Skagen's favourite subjects, the fishermen and the boats on the shore.

Mark Shasha, 1961 ~ Plein Air painter

Mark Shasha is an Award-winning American artist. He is also an award-winning author and illustrator, an award-winning educator, an actor and a songwriter. His paintings, drawings and prints are found in public and private collections around the world and have appeared in museums and galleries for more than three decades. His children's books appear regularly on bestseller lists and have been read by millions worldwide.

Frank Horvat, 1928 ~ Pioneer of digital photography

"In almost 70 years of photography, I had the time to photograph many different subjects, with at least a dozen different techniques. But that’s almost beside the point. The point is that I had the time to play many different games" - Frank Horvat
In 2008, Frank Horvat receives the award of La Fondazione del Centenario, in Lugano (Switzerland), for his contribution to European culture.
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