Museum Masterpieces [Part.2]

Anthony van Dyck [Flemish Baroque Era painter, 1599-1641]
Annie Feray Mutrie (1826-1893) - Cactus

Museum Masterpieces [Part.1]

Albert de Belleroche (1864-1944) - Woman with a Yellow Hat [Welsh-born French painter]
Albert Andre (1869-1954) - Vase of Flowers and Fruits on the Table

Alfred Henry Maurer ~ The first American modernist painter

Alfred Henry Maurer (April 21, 1868 - August 4, 1932) was an American Modernist painter. He exhibited his work in avant-garde circles internationally and in New York City during the early twentieth century. Highly respected today, his work met with little critical or commercial success in his lifetime, and he died, a suicide, at the age of sixty-four.

Maxfield Parrish ~ American Golden Age Illustrator

Maxfield Parrish [1870-1966] deeply committed to the democratization of art, was probably the most popular artist of the twentieth century in the United States after Norman Rockwell link. Like many American artists, including Winslow Homer link, Parrish began his artistic career as an illustrator and became prominent through the publication of his work in popular magazines, such as Harper’s Weekly, Scribner’s, Ladies’ Home Journal, Life, and Collier’s. Parrish’s images also enhanced books, such as the childhood classics Mother Goose in Prose (1897), by L. Frank Baum, and Dream Days (1902), by Kenneth Grahame. Parrish gained further renown through his posters, which decorated millions of households in the 1920s. He was also a muralist. His most famous mural, Old King Cole (1906), can be seen in the bar of the St. Regis Hotel in New York City.

Hollis Dunlap, 1977 ~ Figurative painter

Born in northeastern Vermont in 1977, Hollis Dunlap is a painter living on the east coast of Connecticut in the USA. He paints modern paintings with a strong influence of old masters from Caravaggio to Vermeer. The color choices, brushwork, and compositions reflect the influences of various painters, from representational to more abstract in terms of composition and varying applications of paint.

Evariste Carpentier ~ Belgian Luminist painter

Évariste Carpentier, (1845 in Kuurne - 1922 in Liège), was a Belgian painter of Genre scenes and animated landscapes. Over the years, his painting evolved from the academic art to impressionism. He is, alongside Emile Claus, one of the earliest representatives of Luminism in Belgium.
During his life, Carpentier achieved a great success. Throughout his career, he won many prizes and awards at international exhibitions, both in Europe and in the United States, receiving the golden medals at Antwerp, Munich and Berlin for Summer sun (1896), Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Nice.

Richard Blunt ~ Historia de un amor

Born in Stourbridge in the West Midlands I had a happy but pretty average childhood for a kid growing up in the eighties. My favourite place to be was outside but if I was ever inside I loved to be creative, especially with art and later on playing guitar and music.
On leaving school I went to art college to study 3D design and although I enjoyed the course, as with many teens I was easily distracted and became easily derailed. I soon began to lose my way and eventually dropped out of art college early.
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