giovedì 8 ottobre 2015

Francesca Strino, 1979 | Figurative painter

Francesca Strino was born in Naples, Italy. Francesca Strino’s powerful paintings reflect the influence of her father, Maestro Gianni Strino. She graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli with specialisation in sculpture and portraiture. She was a pupil of the great master G. Di Fiore. Her potential as an artist was soon recognised and she was invited to submit her work for an exhibition held in 2002 celebrating the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli.

mercoledì 7 ottobre 2015

Boris Grigoriev | Russian Avant Garde movement

Boris Dimitrievitch Grigoriev /Бори́с Дми́триевич Григо́рьев was a Russian painter born in Moscow. He was a part of the Russian Avant Garde movement who also wrote regularly for the magazine “Satyricon” and “New Satyricon”. For biographical notes -in english and italian- see Part 1 - Boris Grigoriev [1886-1939].

Paul Cézanne ~ The Drawings /Watercolours

"C’è una logica colorata: il pittore non deve che obbedire a lei, mai alla logica della mente".
"There are two things in the painter, the eye and the mind; each of them should aid the other"

martedì 6 ottobre 2015

Robert de Niro | Abstract Expressionist painter

Robert Henry De Niro, better known as Robert De Niro, Sr. (May 3, 1922 - May 3, 1993) was an American abstract expressionist painter and the father of actor Robert De Niro.
Robert De Niro, Sr., was born in Syracuse, New York, to an Italian American father, Henry Martin De Niro (1897–1976), whose parents emigrated from Ferrazzano, in the province of Campobasso, Molise, and an Irish American mother, Helen M. (née O'Reilly; 1899–1999). He was the eldest of three children; he and siblings John and Joan were raised in Syracuse, New York.

lunedì 5 ottobre 2015

Vilhelm Bjerke Petersen ~ Surrealist /Abstract painter

Vilhelm Bjerke Petersen (December 24, 1909 - September 13, 1957) was a Danish painter, writer and art theorist.
Born in Copenhagen, he studied under Axel Revold at the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts from 1927-1929, and then, under Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky at Bauhaus Dessau from 1930 to 1931.
He was a Surrealist painter and agitated for the style in several publications. He influenced several painters, including Karen Holtsmark, Bjarne Rise and Johannes Rian. He lived in Sweden from 1944.
Vilhelm Bjerke Petersen has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Henie Onstad Art Center and at the Skive Kunstmuseum.
He died of heart disease at the hospital in Halmstad, Sweden in 1957 at the age of 47.