24 luglio 2016

Małgorzata Chodakowska, 1965 | Water Statues

The Polish-born artist Małgorzata Chodakowska ☞ works primarily in wood and bronze and is well known for the seductive balance of her figures.
But, she doesn't just stop there…
Małgorzata Chodakowska ☞ creates unusual statues, which bring water and bronze together to form spectacular fountains. Initially, she carves the statue from a large oak trunk, forming the general shape she wishes to create. As Małgorzata carves away layer by layer, the large pieces of wood transform into magnificent statues.

23 luglio 2016

Howard Rogers, 1932 | Figurative /Western painter /sculptor

Master Artist Howard Rogers is well known for his paintings of rugged cowboys and their horses, paintings of beautiful figures and for his lyrical figurative bronzes.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and sculpting works by Howard Rogers see Howard Rogers, 1932 | Bronze figurative sculptures.

22 luglio 2016

Lotta Blokker, 1980 | Figurative sculptor

When Lotta Blokker (Amsterdam 1980) first encountered the work of the french sculptor Auguste Rodin, during a secondary school excursion to the Musée Rodin in Paris, Lotta Blokker felt that her destiny had been determined. "This is it", she thought, looking at Rodin’s works. At the age of nineteen she travelled to Italy to study sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art.
Her talent was obvious and she started teaching even before she had graduated. The programme had a strong focus on learning the technique of sculpting. Observing, interpreting, drawing, modelling: the hand should follow the eye.

21 luglio 2016

Aert van der Neer | Dutch Baroque Era painter

Aert van der Neer, Aert also called Aernout (born 1603/04, Gorinchem [also called Gorkum, or Gorcum] or Amsterdam, Netherlands - died November 9, 1677, Amsterdam) Dutch painter of the Baroque period, famous for his nocturnal landscapes and winter scenes. His mastery of light effects is revealed in his many darkened landscapes lit by a full moon or a burning building as well as by his sensitivity to the appearance of light on water and ice.

Eric Roux-Fontaine, 1966 | Magical Realism painter

Eric Roux-Fontaine was born in the Savoy Region of France. He enrolled at the Fine Art School of Saint-Etienne at the young age of 17 and graduated Summa Cum Laude 5 years later. Since his first solo exhibition in 1991, he has enjoyed sellout shows and overwhelming success throughout Europe. In 1995, the Musée des Beaux-arts of the city of Chambéry and the Musée Paul Dini of the city of Villefranche-sur-Saône acquired works which to date are part of their permanent collections.

20 luglio 2016

Philip Jackson, 1944 | Abstract /Impressionist sculptor | Public Art

"My sculptures are essentially an impressionistic rendering of the figure. Where you see the figure seemingly grow out of the ground, the texture resembles tree bark, rock, or lava flow. As the eye moves up the sculpture, the finish becomes gentler and more delicately worked, culminating in the hands and the mask, both of which are precisely observed and modeled".

Philip Henry Christopher Jackson is a renowned sculptor with an outstanding international reputation.
His ability to convey the human condition through skilful use of body language is legendary, producing figures both imposing and operatic in their narrative and presence, which are recognizable worldwide.

19 luglio 2016

Erich Fried /Lotta Blokker | It is what it is /É quel che è..

What It Is
It is madness
says reason
It is what it is
says love