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Rita Kirkman, 1965 | Pastel painter

Award winning** Artist Rita Kirkman is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, a daily painter and blogger. She is well known for her portraits of Renaissance** characters, her caricatures and quick sketches, and elevating the status of beautiful Texas cattle through her vivid portraits of them!
For biographical notes and other works by Kirkman see:

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Zoran Kezic, 1960 | Landscape / cityscape painter

Award winning** Artist Zoran Kezić was born in 1960. In 1980, he graduated from a secondary art school, a graphic designer.
He exhibited at 15 collective exhibitions. He participated in many humanitarian actions and art colonies.
A highly productive painter who satisfies the tastes of a wide population.
Kezić has won numerous awards** for his artistic work and engagement.

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Georges de la Tour | Baroque Era painter

Georges de La Tour, (born March 19, 1593, Vic-sur-Seille, Lorraine, France - died Jan. 30, 1652, Lunéville), painter, mostly of candlelit subjects, who was well known in his own time but then forgotten until well into the 20th century, when the identification of many formerly misattributed works established his modern reputation as a giant of French painting**.

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Giulia Lama | Baroque painter

Giulia Lama (active mainly first half of 18th century) was an Italian painter**, active in Venice. Her dark, tense style contrasted with the dominant pastel colors of the late Baroque era.
  • Biography
Lama was born c. 1681 in the parish of Santa Maria Formosa in Venice. She was trained initially by her father, the painter Agostino Lama. She then studied alongside a childhood friend, Giambattista Piazzetta (1682-1754), the prominent rococo painter of various religious subjects and genre paintings.

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Andy Warhol ~ What Is Pop Art?

What Is Pop Art?
Interviews with Eight Painters, 1963
by Gene Swenson, Art News 62, New York,
November 1963; reprinted in Pop Art Redefined,
John Russell and Suzi Gablik (eds.), London, 1969

It's hard to be creative and it's also hard not to think what you do is creative or hard not to be called creative because everybody is always talking about that and individuality. Everybody's always creative. Ans it is so funny when you say things aren't, like the shoe I would draw for an advertisement was called a 'creation', but the drawing of it was not.. .There are millions of actors. They're all pretty good. And how many painters are there?

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Jungho Lee | Surrealist illustrator

The Korean artist Jungho Lee is based in Seoul where he creates surreal** illustrations for books and is also in the process of working on his own picture book.
Many of his recent pieces incorporate actual books as a wide variety of visual metaphors from the wings of a plane to pools of stars.
Jungho Lee was recently named the overall professional winner of the "World Illustration Awards** 2016".

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Marie-Paule Deville-Chabrolle, 1952 | Figurative sculptor / painter

Marie-Paule Deville-Chabrolle** is an painter and sculptor, known for working in the Figurative style.
She was born in Meknes, Morocco, lives and works in France.
Marie-Paule Deville-Chabrolle was influenced by Asia because she has made many trips there and studied in Cambodia. She pays tribute to femininity. The human body is the sole object of her work. She draws, sculpts, conceals then transforms her pieces in bronze.

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Daniel Mirante, 1977 | Visionary painter

Daniel Mirante is a painter, art teacher and designer, born in Chester, a Roman city situated on the border of Wales and England.
He is an independent fine art professional, writer and researcher, and educator of painting practice, art history and contemporary esoteric art.
Daniel is the co-founder and director of Art Pilgrim, a UK based educational project that specialises in instruction in painting approaches and exploration of translation from traditional to contemporary culture.

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Thor Lindeneg, 1941 | Surrealist / Symbolist painter

Thor Lindeneg - Danish Surrealist painter

Thor Lindeneg is a Danish surrealist painter** who currently resides and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lindeneg was born in 24 april 1941 in Copenhagen.
Thor Lindeneg belong to the new surrealistic school called Fantastic Figuration. The works are characterized by extreme technical perfection.

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Andy Warhol | Pop Art painter | Quotes / Citazioni

  • In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.
  • Nel futuro ognuno sarà famoso al mondo per 15 minuti.

  • I've been called "Complex, naive, subtle and sophisticated" all in one article! They were just being mean. Those are contradictory statements but I'm not full of contradictions, I just don't have very strong opinions on anything.
  • Sono stato definito con gli aggettivi "complesso, naive, acuto e sofisticato", usati insieme tutti nello stesso articolo! Ma lo hanno scritto con malizia. Queste sono affermazioni contraddittorie, eppure non è che io sia pieno di contraddizioni, semplicemente non ho delle forti opinioni.
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