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Lionello Balestrieri | Triptych of Chopin / Il trittico di Chopin, 1904

Lionello Balestrieri | Chopin Triptych | Chopin and George Sand 
| Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana

The Balestrieri's Triptych of Chopin is a series of three panel painting:
  • Chopin and George Sand;
  • Chopin at Piano;
  • Chopin Dying.
Location: Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA.
Gift of: Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Holliday, Sr.

Italian painter Lionello Balestrieri (Cetona, Siena, Italy September 12, 1872 - October 25, 1958) was a President of the Society of Italian Artists working in Paris, elected in 1906.

Balestrieri was best known for his works depicting the life of bohemians and musicians and for many years directed the Museum of Industrial Art in Naples.

For biographical notes -in english and italian- and other works by Balestrieri see:

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Lionello Balestrieri | Genre / Figurative / Impressionist painter

Lionello Balestrieri was born in Cetona in 1872 into a family of humble origins. When his family moved to Rome he enrolled at the Istituto di Belle Arti and then at the same institution at Naples where he was taught by Domenico Morelli and, privately, by Gioacchino Toma. In 1897 he moved to Paris where he earned his living as an illustrator.

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George Hendrik Breitner | Impressionist painter

George Hendrik Breitner (1857-1923) was born in Rotterdam. In 1876, he enrolled at the academy in The Hague.
Later, he worked at Willem Maris's studio.

In this early period he was especially influenced by the painters of the Hague School. Breitner preferred working-class models: labourers, servant girls and people from lower-class neighbourhoods.

Luca Postiglione | Genre /Portrait painter

Luca Postiglione (Naples, October 18, 1876 - 1936) was an Italian painter, mainly of portraits, historic and genre subjects, in a Realist style.
Luca Postiglione was born in a family of painters. He was the son of the painter Luigi Postiglione.
His uncle, Salvatore Postiglione (1861-1906) was also a painter and his teacher.
Luigi's grand-uncle, Raffaele (1818-1897) was a professor at the Neapolitan Institute of Fine Arts.

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Salvatore Postiglione | Genre /Portrait painter

Salvatore Postiglione (1861-1906) was born to father Luigi (1812-1881), who was a painter of sacred subjects. His brother, also named Luigi Postiglione and his nephew, and Luigi's son, Lucawere also painters. He studied at the Neapolitan Institute of Fine Arts under his uncle, Raffaele and Domenico Morelli.