giovedì 28 maggio 2015

Teresa Elliott, 1953 | Figurative Hyperrealism painter

Teresa Elliott was born in Weatherford, Texas. As a young adult she sketched portraits building a foundation for a career in the fine arts. In 1976 while attending The University of Kansas she worked as a forensic sketch artist for the Lawrence Kansas Police Department. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Elliott returned to her native Texas where she spent 25 years as a leading freelance illustrator in Dallas. Word of her talents spread quickly after her figurative art appeared in projects for Neiman Marcus.

martedì 26 maggio 2015

Chen-Wen Cheng, 1964 | Realistic Watercolor painter

In 2014, Mr. Chen-Wen Cheng become finalist of World Watercolor Competition (France) and Winner of Golden Prize for his masterpiece "Loving Mother".
Master Chen-Wen Cheng  程振文 was born in 1964 in Taiwan Ping Dong County.
Mr. Chen-Wen Cheng received many prizes from Art Exhibitions in Taiwan during past years, which includes Tay-Yang Prize Winner, Tay-Yang Art Exhibition Winner, Chu Chien Prize Winner, Chu Chien Fine Art Exhibition First Prize etc.
As a Member of Chinese Asia-Pacific Watercolor Association, Chen-Wen Cheng was invited for many art exhibitions.
Some of his master pieces become the collection of national Museums and Universities.

lunedì 25 maggio 2015

Simon Pasini, 1976 | Plein Air painter

Simon Pasini was born in Genoa. In 1984 he moved with his family to South Africa, where he began studying art and began to cultivate a passion for painting and art. His early works watercolors are characterized by attention to detail and the use of light with dramatic cuts. He returned to Italy in 1992, he attended the Art School "James and Pio Manzu" of Bergamo. After his studies he worked initially as a restorer, then specializing in the realization of the frescoes, dedicated in particular to the decoration.

domenica 24 maggio 2015

Hermann Corrodi | Academic Orientalist painter

Primarily a Landscape artist, who became famous as an Orientalist painter, Hermann David Salomon Corrodi was born in Italy (Frascati) in 1844. He died in Roma in 1905.
He was brought up in an artistic family and, from 1860, he studied in the studio of Alexandre Calame in Geneva. In 1866 he entered the Fine Art Academy in Roma, studying with his father, the artist Salomon Corrodi.
He then travelled throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, visiting Egypt, Syria, Cyprus, Constantinopolis and Montenegro, soon building an international reputation as a genre and landscape painter.

venerdì 22 maggio 2015

Constant Troyon | The Barbizon school of painters

Constant Troyon (Sèvres August 28, 1810 – February 21, 1865), French painter, was born in Sèvres, near Paris, where his father was connected with the famous manufactory of porcelain.
Troyon was an animal painter of the first rank, and was closely associated with the artists who painted around Barbizon. The technical qualities of his methods of painting are most masterly; his drawing is excellent, and his composition always interesting. It was only comparatively late in life that Troyon found his métier, but when he realized his power of painting animals he produced a fairly large number of good pictures in a few years.
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