Abiodun Olaku, 1958 | Waterscape/Cityscape painter

Born in Lagos in Lagos, Nigeria, Abiodun Olaku has his roots in Abeokuta, Ogun state. In his third decade of avid, dedicated and progressive art practice since graduating from the prestigious Yaba College of Technology, Lagos as a painter in 1981, under the supervision and guidance of Prof. Yusuf Grillo, Kolade Oshinowo and late Dr. Isiaka Osunde. Abiodun Olaku has crystallized into one of the ‘exclusive’ masters of his generation.
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Nikita Manokhin, 1989 | Palette knife painter

Nikita Manokhin Anatolyevich was born in Mariupol, Donetsk region, Ukraine, in the artists` family. In 2005 graduated from the Mariupol City Lyceum, language faculty, English speciality. In 2011 graduated from the Architectural faculty of Donbass National Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering.
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Archip Ivanovič Kuindži | Landscape painter

Архип Иванович Куинджи [1842-1910] is considered one of the most talented Russian landscape painters of his generation. Born in Ukraine, he was associated during the second half of the 1870s with a group of Russian Realist painters known as the Wanderers. In the 1890s, he was hired to teach landscape painting at the Academy of Fine Arts but was later dismissed for sympathizing with student agitators. He ultimately founded his own painting society.
This late major painting is typical of Kuindzhi, who is best known for his large, nearly empty landscapes. The scene shows a sunset over the banks of the Dnieper, a great river that originates west of Moscow and runs far south into the Black Sea. The dark shapes in the foreground represent a cluster of thatched-roof huts, typical of the region. | © The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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Mosè Bianchi | Genre/Macchiaioli painter

Mosè Bianchi - Statua a Monza
Mosè Bianchi (Monza, 1840-1904) was an Italian painter and printmaker. Bianchi's family moved from Monza to Milan and he enrolled at the Brera Academy. Having interrupted his studies to serve in the second war of independence, he returned to attend the school of painting directed by Giuseppe Bertini.
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Lionel Walden | Seascape painter

A famous painter of seascapes and marine scenes, Lionel Walden (1861-1933) was born in Connecticut in 1861. He first became interested in art in Minnesota, where the family moved when his father became rector of an Episcopal Church there. As a young man Walden moved to Paris where he studied with E. A. Carolus-Duran.
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François-Auguste Ravier | Romantic landscape painter

François-Auguste Ravier (1814 - 1895) was born in Lyons in 1814. His father, a confectioner, wanted him to pursue a career as a notary, and the young Ravier went off to Paris in 1832 to study law. His spare time was taken up with drawing and painting, and he has been said to have attended the studios of Jules Coignet (1798-1860) and Aligny (q.v.). But according to Nathalie Favier, an expert on this painter, it is possible that Ravier received advice from a number of artists without having pursued any traditional artistic training. In 1837-38 he painted in the Paris area, in the forest of Fontainebleau, and in the Dauphiné and the Bugey, a region to the east of Lyons. In Royat, in 1839, he met Corot (q.v.), whom he revered the most. Between 1840-1847, no doubt following Corot's advice, Ravier went on a number of lengthy trips to Italy to draw and paint in the Roman countryside.
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Henriëtte Ronner-Knip | The painter of cats life and cats character

Born in Amsterdam in 1821, Dutch painter Henriëtte Ronner-Knip came from an artistic family and she studied art under her father, the well-known Neo-Classical painter Joseph Augustus Knip.
After selling her first painting at the age of fifteen she produced an outstanding body of work which is now on display in many European museums, including the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Dordrecht Museum.
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