Paul Serusier ~ Les Nabis Group

Paul Sérusier, in full Louis-Paul-Henri Sérusier (born November 9, 1864, Paris-died October 6, 1927, Morlaix, France), French Post-Impressionist painter and theorist who was instrumental in the formation of the short-lived, but highly influential, late 19th-century art movement known as the Nabis. The group was noted for its expressive use of colour and pattern in the mode of Paul Gauguin. Sérusier’s early paintings featuring the people and landscapes of Brittany are noteworthy for their muted, contemplative mood, which the artist achieved by using firm contours and blocks of unmodulated colour.

Fabiano Millani, 1981 ~ Hyperrealist painter

Fabiano Millani was born in São Paulo, Brasil, on 27th of June 1981. He started his career in visual arts at the same time in which he first taught a course on drawings in the city of Santo Ângelo. Millani began his early career in 1997, when he took a course in artistic drawings with Edegar Cavalheiro. Such experience drove him forward his persistent search for realism. In 1998, he started his career in plastic (visual) arts at the same time in which he first taught a course on drawings in the city of Santo Ângelo. In 2003, Millani broadened his horizons, and he won the 3rd place in a state contest named "Descobrindo Talentos" with the work "O Executivo".

Giovanna Garzonni ~ Baroque Still life painter

Giovanna Garzonni (1600-1670) was an Italian painter of the Baroque era, considered to be one of the greatest Italian miniaturists of the seventeenth century. Born in 1600 in Ascoli Piceno, Garzonni's talent was first noticed when she apprenticed with a pharmacist in her home town. Her parents, Giacomo Garzoni and Isabetta Gaia both came from families of artisans but were not artists themselves. They could provide no training for their daughter, as was typical for many women artists of the period. Instead, Garzoni received her training from Giacomo Rogni, as explained in a letter written by the artist in 1620. In 1622, Giovanna married the Venecian artist Tibero Tinelli, but the marriage only lasted for two years, due in large part to her vow of chastity.

Rachel Clearfield, 1946 ~ Magical realism / Visionary painter

Born in England on July 27, 1946, Rachel Clearfield was a self-taught child prodigy. As a young girl, she composed poetry and illustrated her poems with beautiful paintings. After completing high school she decided on a career in art and was educated at the Newcastle College of Art and also the Manchester College of Art.

Qiang Huang ~ Figurative/Still Life painter

Qiang Huang (pronounced Chong Wong) comes from China. His interest in art was developed in his early ages, and influenced strongly by his uncle, a professional painter and art educator. Qiang has studied basic skills of drawing and painting under his uncle's guidance. He won awards in multiple school art shows.

Rimma Vugova/ Римма Вьюгова, 1962

La pittrice Russa Римма Вьюгова è nata a Izhevsk nel 1962. Si è diplomata al liceo artistico e dopo si iscrive al Moscow Art-Kalinin School presso il dipartimento di pittura, dove studia le basi della pittura e della iconografia. Dopo di ché tornò a Izhevsk dove lavora come insegnante di pittura. Negli anni '90 anni l'artista è stata invitata alle mostre d'arte annuali in Francia, dove gli artisti si sono riuniti da tutto il mondo.

Fabio Fabbi ~ Orientalist painter

Fabio Fabbi [1861-1906] one of the most famous and commercially successful Italian artists of the Orientalists.
Fabio Fabbi was born in Bologna, Italy in 1861. As a young man, he enrolled at the Academia Di Belle Art in Florence and studied sculpture and painting in the 1880s, winning prizes in both categories. After his studies, he traveled to Paris, Munich, and finally Egypt. Upon his return to Italy, he dedicated himself solely to painting and was honored with the distinction of professorship at the Academia.
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