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Alexander Averin, 1952 | Plein Air painter

Russian painter🎨 Alexander Averin / Александр Аверин was born in Noginsk, near Moscow.
The main theme of Alexander Averin’s painting are genre scenes with charming Russian young ladies against blossoming meadows and gardens, shady river coasts and sea landscapes.
Plot of the paintings is filled with sincere warmth and cordial feelings towards children.

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Nicolai Fechin (1881-1955) Impressionist painter

Николай Иванович Фешин was a Russian-born American painter, known for his portraits and works featuring Native Americans.
After graduating with the highest marks from the Imperial Academy of Arts and traveling in Europe under a Prix de Rome, he returned to his native Kazan, where he taught and painted.
He exhibited his first work in the United States in 1910 in an international exhibition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Irene Klestova (1908-1989) | Still life painter

Russian-French painter Irène Klestova/ Ирина Клестова was born in Saratov-Russia, then the family of the artist moved to Moscow. Here, in the studio of the famous landscape painter Theodore Rerberg, Irene began his artistic education.
In 1925 he entered the Academy of Arts in Rome. In the same period, Irina met her future husband, painter Lev Tchistovsky.

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Russian Artists | Sitemap

List of Russian Artists: Painters, Sculptors, Photographers, Poets, Musicants, Writers and the artistic movements definition

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Ivan Goryushkin-Sorokopudov (1873-1954) | Genre painter

Ivan Goryushkin-Sorokopudov [Горюшкин-Сорокопудов Иван Силыч ] 1873-1954 - Russian painter

Russian painter🎨 Ivan Silych Goriushkin Sorokopudov / Иван Силыч Горюшкин-Сорокопудов was born in the family of barge hauler Sila Goryushkin in the Nashchi village of the Tambov province in 1873.
Became an orphan in the early age and was sent to the distant relatives Sorokopudov belonged to the lower middle class from Saratov. So he obtained his double last name.

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Viktor Shvaiko, 1965 | Romantic Realism painter

Born in Altai, one of Russia's most remote and off-the-beaten-track towns, Shvaiko grew up surrounded by the beauty of the wilderness.
Shvaiko's natural inclination for Fine arts and his strong urge to share his vision of nature drove him to find a way into the Novoaltaisk Artistic School, one of the two best schools for the arts in the former Soviet Union.
Four years of strenuous studies enabled Shvaiko, a very diligent student, to acquire the skills of a true artist. Shvaiko credits his teacher, Ilbek Khairoullinov, for a true Fine arts education.

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Alexander Pushkin | A magic moment I remember / Ricordo il magico istante..

Boris Valentinovich Shcherbakov (1916-1995) | Pushkin in Mikhailovsky, 1969 (detail)

A magic moment I remember:
I raised my eyes and you were there,
A fleeting vision, the quintessence
Of all that's beautiful and rare
I pray to mute despair and anguish,
To vain the pursuits world esteems,
Long did I hear your soothing accents,
Long did your features haunt my dreams.

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Marina Podgaevskaya, 1963 | Abstract painter

Professional artist from Saint Petersburg Marina Podgaevskaya is a prolific painter, she has created more than 2000 canvases.
Marina Podgaevskaja graduated from the Higher Art School in 1983 with a degree in "interior designer", in 1998 - the school-studio at the old painting techniques.

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Andrey Remnev, 1962 | Magic Realism painter

Aндрей Ремнев was born in Yakhroma town, in the vicinity of Moscow. "It is situated on high hills, from where broad Brueghelian vistas are open.
The uneven terrain with significant differences of high and low; a canal between the Moskva river and the Volga; small rivers, woods and villages; a nearby ancient town of Dmitrov, which is equal to Moscow in age; ships cruising the canal and trains outdistancing them - all this I saw from my window since my early years.

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Love letter from Igor Stravinsky to Coco Chanel, 1933

"Rouge de Chanel on Igor’s brow
Losing its sweet odour
Impatiently waiting for an exquisite perfume
To add itself
To the sweet memory of a kiss
From the fiery coloured lips
Of Chanel also called Coco

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Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) | Quotes

  • In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love?
  • Per creare ci deve essere una grande forza dinamica. E quale forza è più potente dell'amore.
  • Gli artisti mediocri prendono in prestito, quelli grandi rubano.
  • A good composer does not imitate; he steals.
  • Composers combine notes, that's all.
  • I compositori combinano le note, tutto qui.

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Leopold Survage (1878-1968) Abstract / Cubist painter

Léopold Frédéric Léopoldowitsch Survage [variant names Léopold Sturzwage, Leopold Sturwage, Leopoldij Sturzwasgh, Leopoldij Lvovich Sturzwage] was a French painter🎨 of Russian-Danish-Finnish descent born in Lappeenranta, Finland.
At a young age, Survage was directed to enter the piano factory operated by his Finnish father.

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Konstantin Gorbatov (1876-1945) | Romantic Landscape painter

Konstantin Ivanovich Gorbatov was a remarkable Russian🎨 landscape artist who infused his works with incredible elegance, serenity and poetical beauty.
Gorbatov's oeuvre currently may not be so well known to the general public, but art connoisseurs understand the value of his unique, sophisticated and vibrant artworks.

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Andre Kohn, 1972 | Dancers

Andre Kohn🎨 is one of the most collected figurative painters on the American art scene today.
He followed his apprenticeships with a classical art education at the University of Moscow where he studied with members of the last great generation of Russian Impressionists. He fondly remembers the majesty of the University.

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Leonid Afremov (1955-2019) | The "Impressionist" Lovers

Leonid Afremov🎨 was a Russian-Israeli modern impressionistic artist who worked with palette knives and oils.
Over the last 25 years, he developed his own personal style and technique which differentiates him from other artists. He painted mainly city scenes, vintage cars, seascapes, cats playing jazz and flowers.
Afremov was born in Vitebsk, the same town where Marc Chagall began his artistic career. He developed his passion for painting in the USSR until 1990.

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Ignatov Sergey, 1961 | Improvizionism style painter

Ignatov Sergey Vladimirovich /Игнатов Сергей Владимирович is an Russian Artist🎨, known for working in the Improvizionism style.
- "I was born in the capital of ancient Rus - the beautiful city of Vladimir. The happy childhood passed in Belgium - the city of Brussels, and in Germany - the city of Bonn. There my parents worked through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Of course this fact fully influenced the formation of my personality and perception of the modern world.

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Karl Bryullov | The Last Day of Pompeii, 1830-33

The Last Day of Pompeii🎨 is a large canvas painting by Russian artist Karl Bryullov🎨 in 1830-33.
Bryullov visited the site of Pompeii in 1828, making numerous sketches depicting the 79 CE Vesuvius eruption🎨.

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Karl Bryullov (1799-1852) | Neoclassicist / Romantic painter

Karl Pavlovich Bryullov🎨 / Карл Па́влович Брюлло́в, Russian painter🎨 who combined technical proficiency and Classical Academic training with a Romantic spontaneity to produce some of the liveliest examples of Russian art of the period.

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Leo Tolstoy | Quotes / Aforismi

Ilia Efimovich Repin🎨 (Ukrainian-born Russian Realist painter, 1844-1930)| Portrait of Leo Tolstoy, 1887

Best known for his two classic novels, 'War and Peace' and 'Anna Karenina' Leo Tolstoy, in full Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy / Лев Никола́евич Толсто́й (1828-1910), was a Russian🎨 writer, a master of realistic fiction and one of the world’s greatest novelists.

  • "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself".
  • "Tutti pensano a cambiare il mondo, ma nessuno pensa a cambiare se stesso".
  • "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way".
  • "Tutte le famiglie felici si assomigliano fra loro, ogni famiglia infelice è infelice a suo modo".
  • "If you look for perfection, you'll never be content".
  • "Se cerchi la perfezione, non ti accontenterai mai".

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Ivan Kramskoi | An unknown lady, 1883

Author: Ivan Kramskoi🎨 / Ива́н Крамско́й (Russian painter and art critic, 1837-1887).
Title: Portrait of an Unknown Woman, also known as The Unknown Woman, An Unknown Lady or Stranger - Russian: Неизвестная.
Medium: oil on canvas.
Date: 1883.
Provenance: Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

The viewer is intrigued both by the heroine of the painting and its name.
Ivan Kramskoi depicted a young woman in a carriage against the Anichkov Palace in St Petersburg.
The woman is not so much beautiful as she is impressive and "chic".

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