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Olivia Muus, 1985 | Museum of Selfies

Olivia Muus, a designer and marketer based in Denmark, has found a new fun idea that will make sure you won’t get bored the next time you visit a museum. Olivia, who works as an art director at an advertisement bureau, got the idea with a friend when the two of them were visiting the States Museum of Art (Statens Museum for Kunst).
I Saw the paintings and thought that there was something selfie’ish in their expressions. I then played around with it a little bit and the result got to look really funny” She says about the images that were made by holding a phone in front of the images, so that it appears that the characters are in the middle of taking a selfie.

She later tried the technique at a museum in Amsterdam and before long, the concept was a hit with reddit-users. She has now started a Tumbler, Instagram-account and a hashtag dedicated to the museum of selfies. The British National Gallery has even said that they thing it is all right if the visitors repeats her efforts with their works.

The Danish School of Media Graduate 2011.

Art Director at SELIGEMIG 2012 till present;
Art Director at Suzumuchi 2012;
Art Director Intern at BBH London from July-September 2011;
Art Director Intern at Halbye K JWT 2010.

Creative Circle 2016 - Outdoor - Nominee;
Creative Circle 2016 - Poster - Nominee;
Creative Circle 2016 - Craft - Awarded Bronze;
Creative Circle 2016 - Craft - Nominee;
Webby Awards 2015 - Second place;
Creative Circle 2015 - Selfpromotion - Awarded gold;
Reklame For Alvor 2015 - Winner;
YCCA 2013 - Print - Nominee.

La designer Danese Olivia Muus ha dato vita ad una raccolta di fotografie dal titolo “Museum of Selfies”, un museo virtuale di autoscatti d’autore.
Dopo una visita ad un museo, la designer aveva trovato tra i suoi scatti uno in cui evidentemente c’era un errore.
La mano, con smartphone impugnato, di una sua amica si era sovrapposta al quadro che stava fotografando. Il risultato si era dimostrato da subito interessante: sembrava che la donna ritratta nel quadro si stesse scattando un selfie.
Lei stessa afferma: "È stato interessante scoprire la nuova percezione dei personaggi raffigurati nei quadri, quando uno smartphone viene messo davanti ai loro volti".