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Visualizzazione post con etichetta 20th century Art. Mostra tutti i post


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Gulyás László, 1960 | Ballet dancers

Nato a Budapest, il pittore ungherese Laszlo Gulyas si è diplomato all'Accademia di Belle Arti ed Arti Applicate.
Laszlo ha continuato i suoi studi come studente dell'Accademia di Belle Arti tra il 1983 e il 1987.
E' membro della Società nazionale degli artisti ungheresi dal 1987.
L'artista ha sviluppato il suo mondo individuale di immagini e ha acquisito le tecniche pittoriche dei primi maestri della pittura sotto l'influenza dell'arte universale di Rembrandt.


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Paul Cézanne | Corrispondenza con Émile Bernard

Aix, 27 giugno 1904

Mio caro Bernard,
ho ricevuto la vostra del... che ho lasciato in campagna. Se ho tardato a rispondervi, è perché sono soggetto a disturbi cerebrali, che mi impediscono di agire liberamente. Resto sotto l'urto delle sensazioni e, malgrado l'età, inchiodato alla pittura.
Il tempo è bello, ne approfitto per lavorare; bisognerebbe fare dieci buoni studi, e venderli cari, visto che gli amatori ci speculano sopra.

Ieri è arrivata qui una lettera indirizzata a mio figlio, che la signora Brémond [la governante di Cézanne] ritiene sia vostra; gliel'ho inviata in rue Duperré 16, Parigi, IX distretto. Sembra che Vollard abbia dato qualche giorno fa una serata danzante, in cui si è molto gozzovigliato. C'era tutta la giovane scuola, sembra, Maurice Denis, Vuillard eccetera. Si sono incontrati Paul e Joachim Gasquet. Credo che la cosa migliore sia lavorare molto. Voi siete giovane, realizzate e vendete.


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Hua Chen, 1952 | Impressionist Figurative painter

Hua Chen was born in Shanghai, People's Republic of China. Between the years of 1973-1976, Chen earned a Bachelors Degree of Fine Art from the Anhui Teacher's University, Anhui, China.
He then went on to attain a Master of Fine Art Degree in sketching, watercolor and oil painting from the Central Institute of the Fine Arts in Beijing, China.
Chen has earned several titles and awards including Chairman of Anhui Oil Painting Research Association in China and is a member of the Artists Association of China.


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Nicolae Vermont | Genre painter

Romanian painter Nicolae Vermont 1866-1932 was one of the masters of Romanian Realist painting and one of the most interesting painters, muralists and draftsmen of his time, as many viewed him as an associate of Stefan Luchian.
He was a prolific and surprisingly innovative artist, with a strong, original style and manner and quite a broad choice of subjects, but he preferred landscapes and still lifes.
Vermont was one of the most interesting and influential voices of his generation, marking and changing the landscape of Romanian painting, as he always tried to offer something more, something new, to challenge rules and themes, to offer the viewer an artistic experience that was strikingly beautiful and shockingly fresh and alive. A great master and a great name.

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Alexander Sheversky | Figurative painter

Striking a harmonic balance between classical composition and modern disposition an original oil painting by Alexander Sheversky speaks to an appreciation for the vocation to contemporary realism. Each canvas is stately and monumental, extolling the virtues of discipline and emotion styled by the foremost of his teachers - Rembrandt and Vermeer.
The interplay of light and shadow and especially Sheversky’s inherent understanding of light bring a life to the painting that resonates and lives before the viewer.
Whether it is a figurative study or a still life its own existence is captured by the emotive values of light itself that the artist exhibits, thus embodying the living, omnipresent nature of the subject. And so a Sheversky painting espouses a marriage of the meticulous detail of classical technique to that which is clean, modern, and conceptually crisp.


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Joe Bowler (1928-2016)

Born in Forest Hills, New York in 1928, Joe began to draw when he was three. His first illustration for a national magazine was published by Cosmopolitan when he was nineteen. While working as an apprentice at the prestigious Charles E. Cooper Studios, Inc. he had the opportunity to learn the craft from some of the finest artists in the profession.
At Cooper Studio, Joe was inspired by the illustrations he saw being done by the top artists in the field. During the day Joe’s time was spent cleaning palettes and brushes, matting paintings and running errands.
He did his own work in the evenings, sometimes working all night. After being there about six months, Coby Whitmore brought Joe an illustration for matting. Coby saw a sample illustration Joe had been working on the night before and asked if he could take it with him to Cosmo to show the Art Director.
Upon Coby’s return, he told Joe, Cosmo had bought the sample and to bill them for $1,000.

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James Nelson-Lewis, 1953

Before deciding to dedicate full time to painting, James Nelson Lewis has had years of professional experience as an illustrator, art director, designer, and University art instructor.
His painting is influenced by those experiences and time spent painting on location "en plein air".
The result is a sense of order, balanced by spontaneity and energetic palette knife and brushwork, direct and intuitive a poetic synthesis of simplification and expression.


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Dora Wahlroos | En plein air painter

Anna Dorothée (Dora) Wahlroos (19 December 1870, Pori – 21 March 1947, Kauniainen) was a Finnish painter who participated in the painting movement en plein air towards the end of the 19th century.


She was born in Pori to province land surveyor Johan Henrik Wahlroos and Dorothée Augusta Henrietta Fehn.
She studied at the Turku Drawing School in 1886–1888 and under Victor Westerholm in 1889–1890. She was one of the artists who joined Westerholm in the artists colony at Önningeby on the island of Åland.
She was accepted to the Finnish Art Society in 1890–1891, where her class was taught by Gunnar Berndtson. In the Fall of 1890 she got engaged to sculptor Emil Wikström.
The two went to study together at Paris in 1891–1892.