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Tanja Doronina | Modern Pin-Up illustrator

Tanja Doronina is born in Kazakhstan, Karaganda where she studied at Pedagogical Institute.
In 2000 she moved to Russia and worked as a designer at an advertising agency.
Since 2007, working on freelancing as an artist and illustrator.

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Danielle Duer

Danielle Duer is a professional artist living and working from her studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Her unusual pieces have been described as haunting and romantic. She uses bold, beautiful color combinations and layers the main images with dainty details so that the viewer can stare for hours and always see something new. These narrative paintings are quite feminine and successfully possess both realistic and fanciful charm. She includes symbolism to tell lighthearted stories that are metaphors for deeper truths and philosophies in her own life.
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George Frederic Watts ~ Pre-Raphaelite painter

George Frederic Watts [1817-1904], British painter, was a popular Victorian painter and sculptor associated with the symbolist movement. Watts became famous in his lifetime for his allegorical works, such as Hope and Love and Life. These paintings were intended to form part of an epic symbolic cycle called the "House of Life", in which the emotions and aspirations of life would all be represented in a universal symbolic language.
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Michael Parkes, 1944 ~ Sculptures

Michael Parkes studied graphic art and painting at the University of Kansas and then travelled for three years throughout Asia and Europe. In 1975 he settled definitively in Spain, where he still lives. Numerous international exhibitions underline the importance of Parkes' work.
For biographical notes and painting works by Parkes', see Michael Parkes, 1944 ~ Magical Realist painter.

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Thomas M. Thomson ~ Fantasy painter

Specializing in fantasy and custom portraiture, Thomas M. Thomson was born in Rota, Spain in september of '68. He has been surrounded and inspired by art from a very early age.
He attended Florida State University, where he focused on the fundamentals of composition, perspective and figural accuracy. He has pursued an exciting career in art following his graduation in December of 1993. His mediums of choice are Oil on Canvas and Pencil on Paper.

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Jules Bastien-Lepage | Naturalist painter

Jules Bastien-Lepage by Auguste Rodin, 1889
Jules Bastien-Lepage by Auguste Rodin, 1889
The day after French painter Jules Bastien-Lepage (1848-1884) died at his Paris studio on rue Legendre, on the 10th December 1884, the world press announced his premature death and burial in the family cemetery in Damvillers in the Meuse region of France. In just ten productive years, this son of a modest farming family had won an eminent place in the French and international art scene, even if it was challenged at times.
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Vladimir Kush, 1965

Pillow Book – The wind is dying out. Steps of passersby are seldom heard in the silence of the night. The darkness thickens, and birds stop singing. The owl hour is knocking on my heart!

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Konstantin Kacev

Konstantin Kacev is born in Taschent in 1967 where he lived till 1983 year. He continued his secondary education in Skopje till 1986, and in 1995 he graduates from the Faculty of Fine Arts - Skopje at the department of painting, conservation and restoration. For many years he had worked at the Republic’s Department of Culture and Conservation specializing in protection of monuments as a freelance wall painting conservator. Since 1999 he has moved in his studio and participates in many exhibitions across Macedonia and several independent exhibitions in Paris and New York in 2005. He lives and work in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
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Come inserire foto/link in una pagina Fan di Facebook...

Per inserire una foto/link, nella propria bacheca, quella di un amico o di una pagina Fan di Facebook, per primo, bisogna cliccare sul campo di testo - Foto 1 - dove di solito inseriamo il nostro status.

Foto - 1

A questo punto, ci appare il sotto-menu con i collegamenti: Link, Foto e Video.

Clicchiamo su Foto - Foto 2 - ed apparirà il menu dove potremo scegliere:
se Caricare la Foto direttamente dal PC o Scattarne una dalla Webcam.
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Come personalizzare l’indirizzo web su Facebook

E' possibile personalizzare l’indirizzo web su Facebook utilizzando il cosidetto Facebook Vanity Url, consentendo di sostituire i vari codici dell’indirizzo URL con un nome più efficace e semplice da ricordare, da utilizzare se lo si vuole inviare a qualcuno per posta elettronica o utilizzarlo nei forum, blog e posta elettronica come propria firma, usarlo su biglietti da visita e tutte le applicazioni che vi possono venire in mente.
Non solo l’indirizzo del proprio profilo ma anche l’indirizzo delle pagine fan può essere modificato con questo metodo.

Per poter modificare il vostro indirizzo cliccate questo link:

Entrando, Vi verrà chiesto di indicare il vostro nuovo indirizzo, stando attenti che potrete scrivere solo lettere, numeri e punti, non sono previsti ne trattini ne spazi ne altri tipi di carattere.

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Aiuto !! Il mio profilo Fb è stato disabilitato !!

Le cause della disabilitazione del profilo Facebook, in sostanza sono due:

- La eccessiva attività, vale a dire, l'utilizzo di una funzione ripetutamente in un breve lasso di tempo, come le continue richieste di amicizia per aumentare il numero degli amici, e le continue condivisioni nelle bacheche degli amici. Dopo essere stato avvisato di rallentare l'utilizzo di tali funzioni, Fb ti disattiva l'account.

- Le segnalazioni da terzi (amici che hanno accesso all'interno della nostra pagina personale) delle foto, video caricati e note. Dopo tre quattro segnalazioni, Facebook ti disattiva l'account.

- Mentre, per le Pagine Fan, le foto segnalate all'interno della pagina, disattivano l'account personale di chì fornisce di foto, di link, di video ecc., la stessa Pagina Fan.

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Feng Chiang Jiang, 1943

Feng Chang Jiang was born in the ancient cultural city of Xian Henan Province. With his talent and effort, he was awarded numerous times and was recognized as an "Eminent artist" In 1997, Feng relocated to New York to further develop his artistic career. His exhibitions in the U.S. were successful and aroused the interest of many foreign viewers and collectors. A number of his works have been selected to form "Works of Feng Chiang-Jiang" "Selected Works of Feng Chiang-Jiang" "Selected Heavy Colour Paintings of Feng Chang-Jiang" and "Works of Art of Feng Chang-Jiang" His works have been exhibited throughout the world and are treasured by many museums and collectors as works of art.

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Erica Hopper ~ Impressionist Figurative painter

American painter Erica Hopper was born in Kansas City, Missouri, studied graphic and industrial design at San Diego State University, and continued her art education at the University of The Americas in Puebla, Mexico. During the 70's and 80's she was a successful illustrator with many published works in national periodicals. Today Hopper concentrates on oil media and textile design. It is clear one influences the other by the rhythm and texture found in her paintings.

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Konstantin Razumov /Константин Разумов, 1974 | Impressionist /Realist painter

Born in Moscow, Konstantin Razumov / Константин Разумов* studied at the Ilya Glazunov Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where his historical paintings achieved great acclaim.
Razumov* is a brilliant impressionist painter* and has painted all kinds of subjects, from figures to landscapes, young ballerinas, children and charming russian ladies in gardens and meadows.
His bright colours, the smoothness of the skin in his figures, the expressive features of his characters, distinguish his paintings.

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Alexander Hodukov | Video

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Andrey Remnev / Андрей Ремнев, 1962 | Magic Realism painter

Aндрей Ремнев was born in Yakhroma town, in the vicinity of Moscow. "It is situated on high hills, from where broad Bruegelian vistas are open.
The uneven terrain with significant differences of high and low; a canal between the Moskva river and the Volga; small rivers, woods and villages; a nearby ancient town of Dmitrov, which is equal to Moscow in age; ships cruising the canal and trains outdistancing them - all this I saw from my window since my early years.
It was a view that embraced all the diversity of the world".

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Cesar Santos, 1982 | Realist Portrait / Conceptual painter

Cesar Santos, Cuban-American, studied at Miami Dade College and the New World School of the Arts before travelling to Florence, where he trained at the Angel Academy of Art under the tutelage of Michael John Angel, a student of Pietro Annigoni.

He returned to Miami, where he developed his philosophy of marrying both the classical and the modern juxtaposed within one painting.
His influences range from the Renaissance to the masters of the nineteenth century to Modernism.

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Wolfgang Lettl ~ Surrealist painter

Wolfgang Lettl [1919-2008] was a surrealist painter who was born in Augsburg, Germany. Success with his freelance art led him to develop his surrealism, and he participated in the 1963 Grosse Kunstausstellung München - the "Grand Art Exhibition Munich", becoming a member of the Neue Münchener Künstlergenossenschaft - "New Munich Artist Cooperative Society". One-man shows in Germany and abroad followed. In addition to his surrealism, the landscapes around his second residence in Puglia, Italy, inspired him to sometimes paint in an impressionistic style. In 1992, on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition at the Toskan Hall of Columns, he offered his paintings to the city of Augsburg on permanent loan. After the opening of the "Lettl Atrium - Museum for Surreal Art" in Augsburg in 1993, Lettl has concentrated on experiments in other media (including film) as well as continuing his painting. A major retrospective exhibition was held in Augsburg in 2000.

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Marta Dahlig, 1985 | Surrealism Digital painter

Marta Dahlig is a digital painter from Poland who has been recognized with numerous awards for her work and contributions. Her artwork have been featured everywhere from CG society, ImagineFX to countless other magazines, publications and blogs.

I am live in Warsaw, Poland. For my official employment, a “regular” full time job – I currently work as a media planner at MPG media agency. I know – not too artsy... In fact, it’s an extremely analytic, number-crunching job. Maybe it doesn’t fit well with the image but I like the challenge the contrast is giving me…
Illustrating I do out of passion. Currently I work as a cover illustrator for a few German publishing houses as well as prepare tutorials for Future Publishing’s ImagineFX magazine on a nearly monthly basis.

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Fidel Garcia, 1960 | Abstract Expressionist painter

Born in Mexico City, Fidel Garcia is a self-taught painter and creator. At age seven, Garcia’s artistic ability became apparent to his father, an artist himself, who encouraged and supported his passion for creativity.
He developed an unique international dimensional style that is imaginatively imbued with the visual power of Renaissance artists such as Spanish Baroque master Diego Velazquez, American master John Singer Sargent, French master William Bouguereau, Spanish surreal master Salvador Dali, and Austrian design master Gustav Klimt.
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Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The bizarre works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, especially his multiple images, were rediscovered in the early 20th century by Surrealist artists like Salvador Dali.
Arcimboldo was born in Milan in 1527, the son of Biagio, a painter who did work for the office of the Fabbrica in the Duomo. Arcimboldo was commissioned to do stained glass window designs beginning in 1549, including the Stories of St. Catherine of Alexandria vitrage at the Duomo. In 1556 he worked with Giuseppe Meda on frescoes for the Cathedral of Monza. In 1558, he drew the cartoon for a large tapestry of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, which still hangs in the Como Cathedral today.

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Yuri Dubinin

Born in 1962. Since 1993 Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Exhibited since 1991, participated in many regional, national and international exhibitions. Lives and works in the city of Zhitomir.

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Ric Nagualero | Symbolist painter

Nagualero has been immersed in the world of art for most of his life. A native of Portugal, at the age of two he moved to South America (Brazil) with his parents.
There he resided for the next 15 years, absorbing the exotic surroundings of the land and it’s people, a multiracial culture with its rich traditions and customs.

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Nathan Brutsky, 1963

Nathan Brutsky was born in 1963 in Kiev, Ukraina. Since childhood he was engaged in different aspects of art: painting, sculpture and art-design. From the age of 10, he dedicates to art at least several hours daily. Nathan graduated Art School and Kiev College of Industrial design. Since his college years he was characterized by a deep understanding of art styles and uniqueness.
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Djordje Prudnikoff | Video

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Luis De Leõn, 1950

Figlio di spagnoli rifugiati politici, Luis De Leõn è nato il 14 Luglio 1950 a Oujda, Marocco. È arrivato in Francia all'età di 13 anni. Oggi è un affermato Graphic Designer, docente di Arte Plastica e Pittore. "Il suo lavoro è tecnicamente impeccabile. Il suo gesto è sicuro e la tavolozza dei colori risponde perfettamente ad impulsi visionari, la cui ispirazione è, ovviamente, il mistero della sensualità femminile". Leggi ancora..

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Bogusław Jagiełło, 1960 | Le Sfingi di Poznan

Bogusław Jagiełło, pittore Polaco, è nato a Poznań ed ha studiato all'Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, presso la Faculty of Painting, Graphics Arts and Sculpture. Vive e lavora a Klodawa, un villaggio vicino a Gorzów Wielkopolski. Le figure di Jagiełło sono lontane, quasi assenti, guardano nel vuoto e sembrano fluttuare in un mondo etereo, intriganti e suggestive.

Bogusław Jagiełło 1960 | Polish symbolist painter | A Sphinx in Poznan
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Rembrandt van Rijn | Baroque painter | Portraits

  • "Life etches itself onto our faces as we grow older, showing our violence, excesses or kindnesses".
  • "I envy the poet. He is encouraged toward drunkenness and wallows with nubile wenches while the painter must endure wretchedness and pain for his art".
  • "But his faith is a faith that to him is real, and it is a faith, in my judgement, that sustained him through the hard times in his life".

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David Michael Bowers, 1956 | Symbolists /Surrealists painter

David Michael Bowers born 1956 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and graduated from art school in Pittsburgh in 1979. He began working as a staff artist at various studios in Pittsburgh. Two years later, David began teaching at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he lectured for ten years. This job was perfect for Bowers at the time due to the short hours in the classroom. These short workdays enabled a lot of free time to perfect his painting technique before he entered the illustration field.

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Danilo Ricciardi

Danilo Ricciardi, nasce a Siracusa nel 1958, a soli 12 anni realizza le prime tele con colori ad olio. Trascorre così l'adolescenza dedicandosi agli studi scientifici non tralasciando però la vocazione artistica, studia pittura da autodidatta, copiando i grandi maestri. All' età di 22 anni si dedica interamente alla pittura per rendere pubblico il suo messaggio pittorico realizzando la prima mostra personale nei saloni dell'I.N.P.S. della sua città.
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Serge Marshennikov, 1971 | Figurative painter | VideoArt

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Marcel Nino Pajot | Video

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Givi Siproshvili

In 1971, graduated from Tbilisi Academy of Arts by specialty of painting. Since 1974, he became the member of the Union of artists of USSR and Georgia. Since 2000, he was the member of the International Federation of artists (UNESCO).
After graduating from the Academy of Arts, I participated both in numerous republic exhibitions and All-Union exhibitions. I have participated in more than 200-s group and in 7 personal exhibitions.
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Cohen Fusé

Multidisciplinar artist has worked in all type of supportes and materials: painting mural an of caballete, painting in tiles, desing of jewels, conception of spaces, sculpture, etc... He is an accomplished muralist and figurative painter. Born in 1944 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The artist lives and works in Estoril, Portugal.
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Marion Lucka

Marion Lucka was born January 28th 1963 in Kaiserhammer near Selb. Since her childhood she wanted to express herself through her painting. After finishing secondary school in Bayreuth, she began a vocational training to become a litographer in the resident porcelain industry. As a self-taught artist Marion Lucka has regular exhibitions since 1986, showing her drawings, paintings, water-coloures and sculptures. As a sculptor, she works mainly with sandstone and soapstone.
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