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Ric Nagualero | Symbolist painter

Nagualero has been immersed in the world of art for most of his life. A native of Portugal, at the age of two he moved to South America (Brazil) with his parents.
There he resided for the next 15 years, absorbing the exotic surroundings of the land and it’s people, a multiracial culture with its rich traditions and customs.

Returning to Europe in 1989, he attended High School in Cascais - Portugal in the Arts Area. Pursuing further education, he moved to Swansea, Wales (UK) in 1992, were part of his family is from. There he attended College at Swansea’s Institute of Higher Education, (University of Wales) specializing in Illustration and Fine Arts.
In 1998, he starts a Painting apprenticeship with German/English Painter Thomas Bund at his Sintra Studio.
A friendship and working relation that lasts to date.
Through out the years Nagualero has steadily produced art, having exhibited his work and being collected across Europe, South America and North America. He resides in Sweden and Portugal.

I use Simple Deserted Landscapes and Everyday Objects, combined with Dramatic Skies that set a Tone or Mood, to deliver a Symbolic Message in each work..
A Message that Embodies and Symbolizes a particular human value, a feeling or spirit; to enhance, illuminate and to better understand...what is best or worse in them.