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Wolfgang Lettl ~ Surrealist painter

Wolfgang Lettl [1919-2008] was a surrealist painter who was born in Augsburg, Germany. Success with his freelance art led him to develop his surrealism, and he participated in the 1963 Grosse Kunstausstellung München - the "Grand Art Exhibition Munich", becoming a member of the Neue Münchener Künstlergenossenschaft - "New Munich Artist Cooperative Society". One-man shows in Germany and abroad followed. In addition to his surrealism, the landscapes around his second residence in Puglia, Italy, inspired him to sometimes paint in an impressionistic style. In 1992, on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition at the Toskan Hall of Columns, he offered his paintings to the city of Augsburg on permanent loan. After the opening of the "Lettl Atrium - Museum for Surreal Art" in Augsburg in 1993, Lettl has concentrated on experiments in other media (including film) as well as continuing his painting. A major retrospective exhibition was held in Augsburg in 2000.