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Pascale Taurua, 1960 | Mixed media/Fashion painter

French artist Pascale-Miria Taurua is painting since her young age. She was born in New Caledonia and went to Art School in Tahiti. After leaving there for a few years she went to Paris and then the South of France where she lives in both places since 2006.
Taurua's paintings are as beautifully and as aggressively painted as they are sensually erotic. Her girls have a certain glamour that reminds her own life since she has been Miss France 1978 at the age of 18. Her palettes are so lush and vibrant that often you might find yourself getting lost in their smooth ungulations against his heavily textured and gessoed canvases.

Gently, life creeps, guided by the light Taurua in the compositions, the positions of the body, poses with symmetries and repetitions staged for the purpose that give coherence to these épannelages.
Forcefully, life is captured in the moment, in a choreographed movement, always bathed by the light of Love.
Pascale Taurua is a beautiful bridge between inner and outer worlds, worlds in which unconditional love bathes the human.
Very generous. Thank you.

Education 1982-1986
1982-1986 Conservatoire des arts de Papeete, TAHITI
1998 Encadrement et conservation d’œuvres d’art, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Professeurs de l'école d'ESTAMPES, FRANCE
- François LEGRAND
Professeur du Moulin de Perrot Academy, FRANCE
- Franck JANCA

1996: Prix «Brasseur d’Art» du Rotary Club, Nouméa (Nouvelle Calédonie);
2008: Prix «Focus Abengoa» de la Jeune Chambre Economique de Pau.