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Hungarian Artists | Sitemap

Hungarian art has been both stunted and spurred on by pivotal historical events.
King Stephen’s conversion to Catholicism brought Romanesque and Gothic art and architecture, while the Turkish occupation nipped Hungary’s Renaissance in the bud.
The Habsburgs opened the doors wide to baroque influences. The arts thrived under the Dual Monarchy, through Trianon and even under fascism. Under communism much money was spent on classical music and 'correct' theatre. Under current economic conditions funding for the arts is being slashed.

List of Hungarian Artists by century and artistic movements definition

Jozsef Borsos (1821-1883)
Zoltán Hornyik, 1960 | Impressionist painter
János Vaszary | The Golden Age, 1898
Frédéric Chopin and Franz Liszt portraits by Ary Scheffer
Franz von Lenbach | Portrait of Franz Liszt
Mihály Von Munkácsy | Academic painter
Charles Roka (1912-1999) | Genre painter
Emerico Tóth, 1970 | Abstract painter
Istvan Sàndorfi (1948-2007) | Hyper-Surrealist painter
François Gall (1912-1987) | Ballet dancers
François Gall | Impressionist painter
Mihaly Zichy | Romantic painter
Franz Liszt | Classical composer | Quotes / Aforismi
Gulyás László, 1960 | Ballet dancers
Pal Fried | Vintage style Figurative painter
Pal Fried | Ballet Dancers
Hungarian Artists | Sitemap
Kinga Britschgi, 1963 | Surrealist painter
Botond Kuti, 1984 | Abstract Figurative painter
Vida Gábor | Genre painter
Spányi Béla | En plein air painter
Miklós Ligeti | Impressionist /Realist sculptor
Joseph Kleitsch ~ Plein Air painter
Museum Masterpieces [Part.3]
Jozsef Rippl Ronai ~ Post-Impressionist painter
Ildiko Neer ~ La foresta incantata
Ildiko Neer ~ Dreamland
Maksai János, 1954 ~ Figurative painter
Tarcsay Bela, 1952 | Abstract painter
Gulyás László, 1960 | Figurative painter
Pal Fried | La Belle Époque | Vintage figurative painter
Istvan Sàndorfi | Drawing
Csaba Markus
Jozsef Karpati