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Dutch Art History and Sitemap

Dutch art describes the history of visual arts in the Netherlands, after the United Provinces separated from Flanders.
Earlier painting in the area is covered in Early Netherlandish painting and Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painting.
The history of Dutch art is dominated by the Dutch Golden Age painting, mostly of about 1620-1680, when a very distinct style and new types of painting were developed, though still keeping close links with Flemish Baroque painting.

There was a healthy artistic climate in Dutch cities during the seventeenth century.
For example, between 1605-1635 over 100,000 paintings were produced in Haarlem.

At that time art ownership in the city was 25%, a record high.
After the end of the Golden Age, production of paintings remained high, but ceased to influence the rest of Europe as strongly.
Many painters, sculptors and architects of the seventeenth century are called "Dutch masters", while earlier artists are generally referred to as part of the "Netherlandish" tradition.
An individual work's being labelled or catalogued as "Dutch School" without further attribution indicates that an individual artist for the work cannot be ascertained.
The Hague School of the 19th century re-interpreted the range of subjects of the Golden Age in contemporary terms, and made Dutch painting once again a European leader.

In the successive movements of art since the 19th century, the Dutch contribution has been best known from the work of the individual figures of Vincent van Gogh and Piet Mondrian, though both did their best work outside the Netherlands, and took some time to be appreciated.
Amsterdam Impressionism had a mainly local impact, but the De Stijl movement, of which Mondrian was a member, was influential abroad. | © Wikipedia

Dutch Artists at Tutt'Art@

Abraham Bloemaert (1564-1651) | Mannerist painter
Aelbert Cuyp | Baroque Era painter
Aert de Gelder | Baroque Era painter | Rembrandt’s pupil
Aert van der Neer | Dutch Baroque Era painter
André Rieu, 1949 | The King of Waltz
Ans Markus, 1947 | Fashion painter
Ans Schumacher 1941 ~ Portrait painter
Anton Mauve | Romantic / Genre painter | The Barbizon school of painters
Bartholomaeus Spranger | Mannerist painter
Charlene Van Den Eng, 1971 ~ Portrait painter / Fashion designer
Charles Leickert | Romantic Landscape painter
Chung Shek | Ballet dancers
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Cornelis Van Poelenburgh | Dutch Golden Age Landscape painter
Dick Pieters, 1941 | Fantastic Realism painter
Dirck van Delen | Architecture Fantasy painter
Dorus Brekelmans, 1972 | Figurative Palette Knife painter
Dutch Artists | Sitemap
Eddy Roos, 1949 | Figurative Abstract sculptor
Ellen de Groot, 1959 | Realistic Figurative /Portrait painter
Erich Fried /Lotta Blokker | It is what it is /É quel che è..
Escha Van Den Bogerd, 1972 | Figurative painter
Flip Gaasendam,1957 | Neo-Impressionist painter
Follower of Jan van Scorel | A Man with a Pansy and a Skull, 1535
Frans Hals | Dutch Golden Age painter
Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer | Genre / Impressionist painter
Frits Thaulow ~ Skagen painter
George Hendrik Breitner | Impressionist painter
Georgius Jacobus Johannes van Os | Flower painter
Ger Doornink, 1949 | Portrait Mixed media painter
Gerard David | Northern Renaissance painter
Gerard ter Borch | Baroque Era painter
Gerard ter Borch | Genre painter
Gerard van Honthorst (1590-1656) | Baroque Era painter
Gerardine Jacoba ~ Still life painter of flowers
Gerrit Dou | Baroque Era painter
Giovanni Dalessi, 1964
Hans Jochem Bakker, 1948 | Portrait Mixed media painter
Hendrick Goltzius | Mannerist painter
Hendrik Mesdag | The painter of Sea scenes
Henriëtte Ronner-Knip | The painter of cats life and cats character
Hieronymus Bosch | Northern Renaissance painter
Isaac Israels | The Hague school of painters
Jacob Christian Poen de Wijs, 1948
Jacob van Velsen (1597-1656) | Dutch Golden Age painter
Jacques François Carabain | Romantic Cityscape painter
Jake Baddeley 1964 ~ Symbolist painter | VideoArt
Jan Mankes | Symbolist / Realist painter
Jan Rijlaarsdam | Paris painting
Jan Steen | Baroque Era painter
Jan Van Huysum | Floral still life painter
Jan Zoetelief Tromp | En plein air painter
Joadoor ~ Conceptual Neo-Classical painters
Joadoor ~ Lord of the Desert
Johan Barthold Jongkind | Landscape painter
Johannes Vermeer | Baroque Era painter
Johannes Vermeer | The Allegory of Painting, 1666 | Art in Detail
Johannes Vermeer | The Girl with a Pearl Earring, 1665
Johannes Vermeer | The Milkmaid /La Lattaia, c. 1657-1658
Johnny Morant, 1982 | Figurative painter
Jozef Israëls | The Hague school of painters
Kees van Dongen | Fauve painter
Kenne Gregoire, 1951 | New realism Painter / Sculptor
Kieta Nuij, 1960 | Abstract sculptor
Kitty Meijering, 1974 ~ Dance Fusion
Liseth Visser | Classical Realist painter
Lizette Luijten-Daas, 1965 | Figurative painter
Lotta Blokker, 1980 | Figurative sculptor
Maarten van Heemskerck | Mannerist painter
Maarten van Heemskerck | Portrait of Machtelt Suijs, c.1540-1545
Margot Homan, 1956 | Figurative sculptor | Public‬ Art
Martha Nieuwenhuij, 1946 ~ Fiber Art
Master of the Female Half-Lengths / Maestro delle mezze figure | Santa Caterina, 1530
Master of the Female Half-Lengths | Renaissance painter
Matthijs Roling, 1943 ~ Figurative painter
Michiel Schrijver, 1957 | Surreal architecture painter
Mirjam Appelhof ~ Dreaming of another world
Nico Vrielink, 1958 ~ Figurative painter
Nicolaas Roosenboom | Landscape painter
Nicolaes Maes | Baroque Era painter
Patricia Van Lubeck, 1965 ~ Surrealist painter
Paul Boswijk, 1959 ~ Figurative painter
Peter van der Ploeg, 1954
Petrus van Schendel | Genre / Romantic painter
Piet Mondrian ~ Neo-Plasticist painter
Piet van de Hoef, 1949 | Plein air painter
Pieter Bruegel the Elder | Northern Renaissance painter
Pieter de Hooch (1629-1684) | Baroque Era painter
Pieter de Hooch | Baroque Era painter
Ralf Heynen, 1978 ~ Figurative painter
Rembrandt van Rijn | Baroque painter
Rembrandt van Rijn | Baroque painter | Portraits
Rembrandt | Adoration of the Magi, 1632 | Art in Detail
Rembrandt | Danaë, 1636 | Art in Detail
Rembrandt | Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem, 1630
Rembrandt | Musical Company, 1626
Rembrandt | Oggi il compleanno ~ 407 anni della nascita
Rembrandt | Portrait of an Old Man, 1645 | Art in Detail
Rembrandt | Quotes / Aforismi
Rembrandt | Saul and David, 1655-1660 | Art in Detail
Rembrandt | Self-Portrait, 1658 | Art in Detail
Rembrandt | Susanna and the Elders, 1647 | Art in Detail
Rembrandt | The Jewish Bride /La sposa ebrea, 1667
Rembrandt | The Return of the Prodigal Son, 1668 | Art in Detail
Rembrandt | Venus and Cupid, 1640-1660 | Art in Detail
Rembrandt ~ Self-portraits
Robert Doesburg, 1945 | Abstract painter
Robert Doesburg, 1945 | Square style
Romee Kanis, 1953 | Figurative bronzes sculptor
Rubens and Brueghel ~ The Five Senses Allegory | Art workshops
Simeon Nijenhuis, 1969 | Impressionist painter
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema | Spring / Primavera, 1894
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema | The Roses of Heliogabalus, 1888
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema | Victorian era painter
Van Gogh series | View of Saintes-Maries
Van Gogh | Butterflies series
Van Gogh | Small Bottle with Peonies and Blue Delphiniums, 1886 | Art in Detail
Van Gogh ~ Scoperto il 'Tramonto a Montmajour', 1888
Van Gogh: Sogno di dipingere e poi dipingo il mio sogno!
Veduta | Il Vedutismo
Vermeer | A Young Woman standing at a Virginal, c. 1670-1672 | Art in Detail
Vermeer | Lady with Her Maidservant Holding a Letter, 1667 | Art in Detail
Vincent Van Gogh | First Steps (after Millet) 1890
Vincent Van Gogh | In the springtime a bird in a cage /A primavera un uccello in gabbia..
Vincent Van Gogh | Post-Impressionist painter
Vincent Van Gogh | Still life
Vincent Van Gogh ~ Drawing
Vincent Van Gogh ~ Portraits
Vincent Van Gogh ~ Self-portraits
Vincent van Gogh | Study of hands
Vincent van Gogh | Sunflowers series / La serie dei Girasoli
Vincent van Gogh | The Sheaf-Binder (after Millet), 1889
Vincent van Gogh | The Wheat Field series / La serie Campi di grano
Vincent van Gogh | View of the Church of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole, 1889
Vincent van Gogh | Wheatfield under Thunderclouds, 1890
Vincent van Gogh ~ Dell'Arte..
Vincent van Gogh ~ Le lettere
Willem Haenraets ~ The Idyllic Garden
Wonders of the Antique World/Le Meraviglie del mondo antico, 1572
Zig Ziglar: "Non esiste un ascensore per il successo.."

L'arte Olandese descrive la storia delle arti visive nei Paesi Bassi, dopo che le province unite si separarono dalle Fiandre.
La pittura precedente nell'area è coperta dalla pittura dei primi Paesi Bassi e dalla pittura rinascimentale olandese e fiamminga.
La storia dell'arte olandese è dominata dalla pittura olandese dell'età d'oro, per lo più dal 1620-1680 circa, quando furono sviluppati uno stile molto distinto e nuovi tipi di pittura, pur mantenendo stretti legami con la pittura barocca fiamminga.

C'era un clima artistico salutare nelle città olandesi durante il diciassettesimo secolo.
Ad esempio, tra il 1605-1635 furono prodotti oltre 100.000 dipinti ad Haarlem.
A quel tempo la proprietà artistica in città era del 25%, un livello record.
Dopo la fine dell'età d'oro, la produzione di dipinti rimase alta, ma cessò di influenzare il resto dell'Europa con la stessa forza.

Molti pittori, scultori e architetti del diciassettesimo secolo sono chiamati "maestri olandesi", mentre gli artisti precedenti sono generalmente indicati come parte della tradizione "olandese".
Un'opera individuale che viene etichettata o catalogata come "Scuola olandese" senza ulteriore attribuzione indica che un singolo artista per l'opera non può essere verificato.

La scuola dell'Aia del XIX secolo reinterpretò la gamma di soggetti dell'età dell'oro in termini contemporanei e rese la pittura olandese ancora una volta un leader europeo.
Nei successivi movimenti dell'arte dal 19° secolo, il contributo olandese è stato meglio conosciuto dal lavoro delle singole figure di Vincent van Gogh e Piet Mondrian, sebbene entrambi abbiano fatto il loro miglior lavoro fuori dai Paesi Bassi, e ci sia voluto del tempo per essere apprezzato.
L'impressionismo di Amsterdam ebbe un impatto principalmente locale, ma il movimento De Stijl, di cui Mondrian era membro, ebbe un'influenza all'estero.