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Canadian Art History and Sitemap

Canadian art refers to the visual (including painting, photography, and printmaking) as well as plastic arts (such as sculpture) originating from the geographical area of contemporary Canada.
Art in Canada is marked by thousands of years of habitation by First Nations Peoples followed by waves of immigration which included artists of European origins and subsequently by artists with heritage from countries all around the world.
The nature of Canadian art reflects these diverse origins, as artists have taken their traditions and adapted these influences to reflect the reality of their lives in Canada.

The Government of Canada has, at times, played a central role in the development of Canadian culture, enabling visual exposure through publications and periodicals, as well as establishing and funding numerous art schools and colleges across the country.

The Group of Seven is often considered the first uniquely Canadian artistic group and style of painting; however, this claim is challenged by some scholars and artists.

Historically the Catholic Church was the primary patron of art in early Canada, especially Quebec, and in later times artists have combined British, French and American artistic traditions, at times embracing European styles and at other times working to promote nationalism by developing distinctly Canadian styles.
Canadian art remains the combination of these various influences. | © Wikipedia

List of Canadian Artists and artistic movements definition

Paul Van Ginkel, 1960 | Figurative / Abstract painter
Alena Plihal | Abstract painter
Marie-France Boisvert, 1976 | Abstract figurative painter
Claude Théberge (1934-2008) | Abstract painter
Helene Beland, 1949 | Realist painter
Emmanuel Garant, 1953 | Figurative painter
Troy Brooks, 1972 | Pop-Surrealism painter
Pablo Neruda / Lisa G. | Here I Love You / Qui ti amo
Tara Juneau, 1981 | Figurative painter
Pauline Gagnon, 1955 | Enigmatic eyes
Barbara Cole, 1953 | Abstract / Fine Art photographer
Mostafa Keyhani, 1954 | Plein air painter
Alex Shubin | Figurative painter
George Grie / Джордж Грие, 1962 | Neo-Surrealist painter
Jaroslav Seifert / George Grie | To be a Poet / Essere Poeta, 1983
Alex Colville | Magic Realist painter
Yana Movchan, 1971 | Magic Realism painter
Denis Nolet, 1964 | Romantic painter
Denis Nolet, 1964 | Night Tango in Paris
Rosanne Pomerleau, 1958 | Figurative painter
Janet Hill | Fashion painter
Canadian Artists | Sitemap
Rob Gonsalves, 1959 | Surrealist /Optical Illusion painter
Jack Vettriano / Leonard Cohen | Dance me to the end of love
Richard Savoie, 1959 | Cityscape painter
Shawn Mackey, 1984 | Abstract Romantic painter
Mark Lague, 1964 | Cityscape painter
Danny Ferland, 1975 | Portrait painter
Lyne Lafontaine, 1959 | Symbolist /Fantasy painter
James Wiens | Abstract painter
Dave Denson | Pastel Cityscape painter
Lui Liu 刘溢, 1957 | Surrealist painter
Joseph Capicotto | Abstract painter
J.T. Winik | Figurative painter
Xiao Song Jiang, 1955 | En plein air /Palette Knife painter
Ingrid Christensen | Figurative Impressionist painter
Ernest Lawson | Impressionist painter
Sarah Kidner, 1964 | Impressionist cityscape painter
James Wilson Morrice | Post-Impressionist painter
Andrew Salgado, 1982 | Figurative Abstract painter
Marchella Piery | Palette Knife painting
Edward Mitchell Bannister | Tonalist painter
Céline Brossard, 1960 | Abstract Mixed media painter
Clarence Gagnon | En plein air painter
Mostafa Keyhani, 1954 ~ Impressionist/Plein air painter
Museum Masterpieces [Part.4]
Michael O'Toole, 1963 ~ Impressionist painter
Victor Ostrovsky ~ Best selling author
John Burden, 1943
Yannick Bouchard, 1982 | Surrealist / Symbolist painter
Miriana Mitrovich | Abstract photographer
Leonard Cohen / Fabian Perez ~ The Stranger Song
Leonard Cohen | Winter Lady /Signora Inverno
Michel Pellus, 1945
Leonard Cohen & Fatima Tomaeva ~ Non devi amarmi
Leonard Cohen / Tomasz Rut | Il vero amore non lascia tracce...
Leonard Cohen & Michael Parkes ~ Questo è per te...
Lucie Bilodeau, 1967 | Wildlife painter
Ljubomir Ivankovic 1953 | Serbian-born Canadian painter
Rémi LaBarre, 1977 | Figurative painter
Andrew Judd, 1958 ~ Paint The Future
Gregory Colbert, 1960 ~ Canadian photographer
Georges Armand ~ Fashion painter
Brent Heighton, 1954 ~ Romantic Evening
Dasil | Surrealist painter
Helen Lam ~ Art Déco painter
Carrie Vielle ~ Mixed Media painter
Ben Tour, 1977 ~ Watercolor painter
Laurie Kersey 1961 ~ Still Life painter
Gilles Charest 1947 ~ Still Life painter
Sophie Wilkins ~ Magic Realism painter
Brent Lynch ~ Fashion painter
Katherine Stone, 1986
Paul Robert Turner, 1975
Laura Harris ~ Abstract painter
Roger Alexandre, 1942
Pascale Pratte, 1974 | Abstract / Mixed Media painter
Paul Kelley, 1955 | Figurative/Realist painter
Ginette Beaulieu, 1954 | Fantasy Portrait painter
Natalia Vetrova
Daniel Anaka
Victor Ostrovsky, 1949
Evgeniya Alexandrov
Danny McBride
Roger Arndt, 1959 | Landscape painter
André Chatelain, 1951