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Mexican Artists | Sitemap

 Frida Kahlo | You rain on me - I sky you, | Tu mi piovi - Io ti cielo, 1947

Various types of visual arts developed in the geographical area now known as Mexico.
The development of these arts roughly follows the history of Mexico, divided into the pre hispanic Mesoamerican era, the colonial period, with the period after Mexican War of Independence, the development Mexican national identity through art in the nineteenth century, and the florescence of modern Mexican art after the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920).

Diego Rivera🎨 | Portrait of Matilde Palou

Mesoamerican art is that produced in an area that encompasses much of what is now central and southern Mexico, before the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire for a period of about 3,000 years from Mexican Art can be bright and colourful this is called encopended.
During this time, all influences on art production were indigenous, with art heavily tied to religion and the ruling class.
There was little to no real distinction among art, architecture, and writing.
The Spanish conquest led to 300 years of Spanish colonial rule, and art production remained tied to religion - most art was associated with the construction and decoration of churches, but secular art expanded in the eighteenth century, particularly casta paintings, portraiture, and history painting.
Almost all art produced was in the European tradition, with late colonial-era artists trained at the Academy of San Carlos, but indigenous elements remained, beginning a continuous balancing act between European and indigenous traditions.
After Independence, art remained heavily European in style, but indigenous themes appeared in major works as liberal Mexico sought to distinguish itself from its Spanish colonial past.

This preference for indigenous elements continued into the first half of the 20th century, with the Social Realism or Mexican muralist movement led by artists such as Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, José Clemente Orozco, and Fernando Leal, who were commissioned by the post-Mexican Revolution government to create a visual narrative of Mexican history and culture.
The strength of this artistic movement was such that it affected newly invented technologies, such as still photography and cinema, and strongly promoted popular arts and crafts as part of Mexico's identity.
Since the 1950s, Mexican art has broken away from the muralist style and has been more globalized, integrating elements from Asia, with Mexican artists and filmmakers having an effect on the global stage. | © Wikipedia

List of Mexican Artists by century and artistic movements definition

Frida Kahlo | Quotes /Aforismi
Gabriel Pacheco, 1973 | Surrealist painter
Jorge Marin, 1963 | Figurative sculptor
Diego Rivera (1886-1957) | Social Realist painter / muralist
Frida Kahlo to José Bartoli | Love letter, 1946
Frida Kahlo | Surrealist painter
Juan Medina, 1950 | Surrealist / Hyperrealist painter
Dasil (David Silva) | Surrealist painter
Lisete Alcalde, 1981 | Visionary painter
Mexican Artists | Sitemap
Victoria Montesinos, 1972 | Floral painter
Jaime Sabines | I’m not dying of love: I’m dying of you / Non è che muoia d’amor, muoio di te
Frida Kahlo | You rain on me - I sky you, | Tu mi piovi - Io ti cielo, 1947
Frida Kahlo: I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone..
Omar Ortiz, 1977 | Art in Detail
Leonora Carrington | Surrealist painter and sculptor | Sculpture
Frida Kahlo a Diego Rivera | La mia notte | Mi Noche, 1939
Mariana Palova, 1990 | Fantasy surrealism painter
Juan Medina, 1950 | Hyperrealist / Surrealist painter
Beatriz Hidalgo De La Garza, 1967 ~ Soul of Mexico
José Parra, 1975 | Surrealist painter
Fidel Garcia, 1960 | Figurative Expressionism painter
Jesús Helguera ~ Classical painter
Omar Ortiz, 1977 | Hyperrealist Figurative painter
Leonora Carrington | Surrealist painter and sculptor | Painting
Remedios Varo | Surrealist painter
Gabriela Garza Padilla ~ Neo-Surrealist painter
Fidel Garcia, 1960 | Abstract Expressionist painter
Alberto Aragòn Reyes, 1980 ~ Symbolist painter / Figurative sculptor
Mariana Palova ~ Digital painter
Alberto Guillen, 1951 | Watercolor flowers
Diego Rivera (Mexican, 1887-1957)
Diego Rivera | Portrait of a Spaniard, 1912

 Leonora Carrington | Surrealist painter and sculptor | Sculpture
Leonora Carrington | Surrealist painter and sculptor

Jesús Helguera ~ Classical painter

Omar Ortiz, 1977 | Hyperrealist Figurative painter

Jorge Marin, 1963 | Figurative sculptor