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Myrtille Henrion Picco, 1952 | Neo-Surrealist painter

French painter🎨 Myrtille Henrion Picco was born in Nancy, France. Child, she doodles everywhere and all the time.
But this is the photography in first that attracts her, as enought to do it her job.
She waives this passion when she understands how her look has become analytical, "rectangular" and cold as the metal of her camera. The camera lens separates her to the world.

The world, well, let's talk.
1973: She deserts the nest. She leaves.
England , Germany. Trys of life elsewhere. Not exotic enough.

1976: First major expédition, pack on the back. Italy Nepal through Greece, Yugoslavia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, on foot, by bus, hitch-hiking.
Will ensue other trips, other countries, relocations and comings and goings of all kinds during which she made ​​many dark and tormented drawings.
In search of sun, she arrives in St. Tropez, where she met her husband, Henri Picco, painter and sculptor. Most of his friends are artists. Together they spend entire nights in their studios.
It's the eye-opener.
"I became a sponge, she says, I drank every gesture, every word that could teach me something. These moments became essential for me".
Her drawings turn into paintings.
The colors included in the compositions. Sizes become larger.
1979: Installation in Ardeche.
1980: New travel. Brazil. First personal exhibitions.
1981: Back to France . Birth of her daughter Lily.
1982: The baby under her arm, she leaves for the tropics, destination Martinique where she stays six months.
1990-91: She sells her works in Lyon in the "Marché de la création".
1994-95: With her husband, she participates as an instructor in creating a large mural painting, social project for the reintegration of women in difficulty. Delicate human adventure they both lead  against winds and storms.
2008: Solo exhibition at The Villa Rose, Lyon
Today, she lives and works in Ardèche.