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Olga Darchuk /Ольга Дарчук, 1976 | Abstract / Impressionist painter

Ukrainian artist⏩ Olga Darchuk was born in the city of Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region.
Graduated from art school and Krivoy Rog pedagogical University, faculty of artistic graphics.
Still wrote his first five years in the garden of the Krivoy Rog artist, from which it got its first recognition, and her mother, in turn, received a recommendation to send her daughter to art school.
With six years visited the studio of Fine Arts, and in 1986 he enrolled in art school, which successfully disaccustomed 4 years the artist Chumatchenko AN.

1994-1999 Krivoy Rog Pedagogical University, hud.graf; Driving instructor Rudy artist AA;
From 2002-2005 Creative work, the organization of the art department at a large shopping - entertainment center in Kiev. Ibid shows;
2005-2007 year the gallery "Art Rarity" manager, artist, art.
Organized and opened on the basis of the first galleries in Kiev school of painting for adults. 2008. Together with his girlfriend opening art - club 'Planet of happiness'. Director, teacher of painting. Working with adults and children.
2014. 'Svet yaskravih kolorv' artists Maisternia Olga Darchuk.
Participated in exhibitions and auctions, the artist's works are in private collections in Ukraine, Europe and America.