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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Georgian Artist. Mostra tutti i post
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Serguei Zlenko, 1960 | I ballerini

Nato nella Repubblica di Georgia, Serguei Zlenko / Сергей Зленко si è laureato prima presso la scuola d'arte dell'Accademia d'arte russa, e successivamente ha ricevuto una laurea e un master in belle arti dall'Accademia d'arte Surikov di Mosca nel 1984.
Membro delle associazioni di artisti sia russe che finlandesi, ha è presente in gallerie e collezioni in Irlanda, Finlandia, Svezia, Francia, Stati Uniti e nella nativa Georgia.
Da molti anni Serguei ha un equilibrio vivendo in Irlanda con la Finlandia e viaggiando costantemente per il mondo eseguendo le sue commissioni di ritratti squisite e molto ricercate.

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Nino Chakvetadze, 1971 | Kid's Book illustrator

Nino Chakvetadze in an Georgian painter and Kid’s Book illustrator.
She draws inspiration from everyday moments and her paintings depict love, friendship, human relationships, and peace.
According to the artist, she found her particular style in 2010 and her nostalgic paintings are based on memories that are relatable for many viewers.

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Rusudan Petviashvili, 1968

Rusudan Petviashvili started to paint when she was one year and ten months old. The first personal exhibition was held when she became 6.
Up to the hundred of her graphic and colour pictures were exhibited: the large-formatted, highly complicated one-touch drawings, mostly.
Scholars, as well as the wide society, were bewildered to see an amazing skill of the child. In the age of 8, Petviashvili held two personal exhibitions in Moscow.

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Merab Gagiladze, 1972 | Fantasy / Surrealist painter

Georgian artist Merab Gagiladze was born in Tbilisi.
In 1987 he began his formal art education at the Tbilisi College of Art, School of Ceramics.
In 1990 he continued his studies at the prestigious Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 1996 with a degree in Graphic Art.

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Serguei Zlenko, 1960 | Realist / Surrealist painter

Born in Georgia, Сергей Зленко is a classically trained artist whose works represent the school of traditional Russian painting.
His works include, amongst other things, topographical landscapes, classic ballet dancer motifs and figurative portraits of people, animals and events. Zlenko is inspired by a vast array of topics, which can be seen in his multidimensional artworks.
In his portraits, Zlenko succeeds in capturing a natural and spontaneous moment which makes his paintings almost photolike.

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Nino Chakvetadze, 1971 | Children painter

Nino Chakvetadze was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. She received art degrees from Nikoladze Art Institute (1986-1990) and Tbilisi State Academy of Art on the faculty of painting (1990-1996). And become a member of Georgian Painters’ Union in 1997.

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Vakhtang Kakulia, 1974

Georgian painter Vakhtang Kakulia [Вахтанг Какулия] was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. From 1985-1989 he studied at The School of Art in Tbilisi. In 1991 he entered the Tbilisi State Academy of Art and studied art design, interior and exterior design, monumental art and sculpture. He graduated in 1997. A unique style is evident in Vakhtang Kakulia's paintings. The technical aptitude demonstrated in his paintings is remarkable, and draws on his knowledge of classic painting. His paintings are complex in terms of subject, composition and color.

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Casey Baugh, 1984 ~ Figurative painter

Born in 1984 in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, Baugh’s earliest art instruction came around the age of four from his father and aunt who were artists by hobby. By the age of 13, Baugh was producing and selling work professionally. At age 14, he won his first regional competition and at age 17, he had won his first national competition. In the spring of 2004, he conducted his first workshop at the Village Arts of Putney in Vermont. In November of 2008 Baugh's painting titled "Erubescent" was featured on the cover of American Art Collector Magazine along with a powerful 4-page artist profile in the issue. Since then Baugh has made two television appearances and won numerous awards including the cover competition for American Artists Drawing Magazine. At only 26 years of age, Casey Baugh has established himself as a major name in the ever growing "Bridge Art" movement of artists. This innovative group of painters challenge the boundaries of representational art with their unique fusion of traditional painting techniques and contemporary approach and perspectives. His works have been exhibited in galleries world wide in both solo and group shows with Wendt Gallery.