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Nino Chakvetadze, 1971 | Children painter

Nino Chakvetadze was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. She received art degrees from Nikoladze Art Institute (1986-1990) and Tbilisi State Academy of Art on the faculty of painting (1990-1996). And become a member of Georgian Painters’ Union in 1997.

Nino Chakvetadze is very popular among the artists and people due to her touching paintings of children. In the paintings of Nino, children are the main characters drawn in her every story.
She has also drawn multiple illustrations for Children’s Books’ such as "Uncle Seva’s Stories", "The Greek and Roman Myths", "Montebusu or Elly’s Exceptional Trip", "A journey to the Dreamland", "Father, Mother, Eight Kids and a Lorry", "Firflies", etc.