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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Moldovan Artist. Mostra tutti i post
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Mahatma Gandhi: "Occhio per occhio ed il mondo diventa cieco"!

Sii il cambiamento che vuoi vedere nel mondo.
Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Occhio per occhio e il mondo diventa cieco.
An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

Le pagine della storia del mondo sono tutte lordate dai sanguinosi racconti delle guerre di religione. Solo con la purezza e le buone azioni dei seguaci si può difendere la religione, mai con la contrapposizione a chi professa altre fedi.

Igor Zenin

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Arkady Ostritsky / Аркадий Острицкий, 1948

Аркадий Острицкий was born in Kishinev, Moldova. He was recognized very early as gifted in drawing and painting and by the age of 20 was accepted in Moldova's most distinguished Art Academy - the Repin Art Academy.
He graduated with distinction, earned many awards, and became one of his country's most important painters.
He was chosen to paint numerous monumental works in public institutions, and created many large frescos. He also became a distinguished art teacher and many young artists came under his tutelage.

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Daria Kropacheva, 1989 | Symbolist painter

Daria Kropacheva is an Moldovan Neo baroque and Symbolist painter who lives in a place called Chisinau in Moldova.
We were unable to find any more detail on Daria but perhaps there is little need - her art speaks loudly for itself - it sure is stunningly beautiful.
Her perfectly rendered characters dominate the canvas bursting with life, a sense of immortality and a subtle dark undercurrent of mystery.

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Victor Colesnicenco, 1968 | Mixed media /Cityscape painter

Victor Colesnicenco (a.k.a. NEMO) grew up in Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova. This Eastern European nation is known for its rich artistic heritage. Nemo, as he is known to his friends, remembers being fascinated by the carvings and other craftworks that surrounded him. In particular he loved paintings and from an early age he was determined to become an artist.
Nemo began intense inquiry into the style and techniques of the famous painters and formed a particular interest in the work of the Surrealists.

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Arthur Schopenhauer ed Igor Zenin

  • Ogni giornata è una piccola vita,
    ogni risveglio una piccola nascita,
    ogni nuova mattina è una piccola giovinezza
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Igor Zenin, 1948 ~ Dreaming Spirit

Moldovan Photographer Igor Zenin has been a photographer for over 45 years. His work is well known in Europe far beyond the borders of his home country the Republic of Moldova. A talented photographer's lens captured a lot of significant events and famous people, including visit to Moldova of the first man in space cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin back in 1966.
In 2007 over 80 works exhibited in Strasbourg during the winter session of PACE. Later works of Igor Zenin appeared on covers of several editions of the Council of Europe.

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Ludmila Curilova

Ludmila Curilova is an Moldovan painter. Curilova's work is influenced by illusory theatre art and it retains the decorative quality of a fairy tale setting. Within her paintings on paper and canvas, warm, rich colors glow with an almost magical essence. At times her figures exist in a subdued dreamscape amidst fruit and flowers. While Curilova uses traditional media and tools: acrylic paint, brushes and art knive, she also experiments with small clay sculptures.
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Aureliu Prodan, 1968

Moldovan painter Aureliu Prodan was born in Chisinau, Rebublic of Moldova.
Collectives expositions:
1994 Thessaloniki, Greece
1996 Chisinau, Moldova
2000 Athens, Greece
2000-2001 Chisinau, Moldova
2001-2002 Athens, Greece