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Victor Colesnicenco, 1968 | Mixed media /Cityscape painter

Victor Colesnicenco (a.k.a. NEMO) grew up in Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova. This Eastern European nation is known for its rich artistic heritage. Nemo, as he is known to his friends, remembers being fascinated by the carvings and other craftworks that surrounded him. In particular he loved paintings and from an early age he was determined to become an artist.
Nemo began intense inquiry into the style and techniques of the famous painters and formed a particular interest in the work of the Surrealists.

He enrolled in art school but did not enjoy the strict academic style of the Russian based academy and abandoned his traditional training in favor of practical experience. His talent flourished and soon he was organizing large outdoor art fairs to show his work and that of other young artists.
At this point Nemo enlisted in the Soviet Army where he served for two years. After completing his tour of duty he returned to his artistic career, and together with a good friend he started a successful business restoring works of art and painting murals.
His first exhibition was held in 1987 in Moldova, where he received a warm reaction from art critics and viewers alike. Then he participated in the Moscow International Exhibition where he was noticed by critics as the best painter in show. Victor's experiments in art lead him to paint in style of avant-garde, surrealism and impressionism. His travels brought him in constant search of interesting places that capture the heart of the countryside. Recently, he discovered exciting views and landscapes of Italy, France, Moldova, USA, and Canada. Victor uses mixed media to create his scenes on canvas and board. His latest collection was recently presented at some of the biggest Art Shows in Atlanta, New York and Toronto.
The ever increasing freedom in their country inspired the desire to travel in many cities, and Nemo and his family moved to Canada. They settled in Niagara Falls and Nemo felt himself to be at a gateway to the world. Nemo's work is widely collected and is represented in galleries throughout Canada, USA and other countries.
The prevalent theme in Nemo's work is travel and the discovery of the beauty and excitement of new places. His distinctive images draw together the charm and mood of several famous cities at once to create a dreamlike memory of time and space in a fascinating combination of mixed media.