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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Polish Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Barbara Jaskiewicz, 1957 | Scenery painter

Polish painter🎨 Barbara Jaskiewicz was born in Wroclaw, the city in which she still lives today. She graduated from the Wroclaw University of Technology with a BA in Architecture.
She paints in oils and watercolor and she also draws. Her subject matter is wide ranging, beginning with landscapes inspired by the noble sceneries found in the south of France, wild Alpine meadows or the picturesque valleys of the Tatra Mountains. Gardens and park promenades scattered within the trees of ancient forests, landscapes of Silesian lowlands and of Lubelszczyzna (situated in SE-Poland) appear to an equal degree.

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Tamara de Lempicka 1898-1980 | Still Life

In pioneering her own distinct style, Tamara de Lempicka absorbed a variety of elements from the avant-garde movements of her time - the geometric aesthetic and fragmented perspective of Cubism, the vibrant color palette of the Fauves, the proportionality of Neo-Classicism, the dynamic lines of the Futurists, the dream-like spatial logic of Surrealism and the razor-sharp draftsmanship and hyper-realism of the Neue Sachlichkeits in central Europe-blending these styles and influences with her love of the Italian Old Masters to extraordinary effect.

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Igor Morski, 1960 | Surrealist painter

Igor Morski is a Polish🎨 graphic designer, illustrator and set designer. Presently, he focuses on mixed media graphic art, based manly on photo manipulation, drawing, recently also 3D.
Igor Morski graduated with honors from the Interior Architecture and Industrial Design Faculty at the State Higher School of Fine Art in Poznań (now the University of Arts).

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Małgorzata Chodakowska, 1965 | Water Statues

Małgorzata Chodakowska🎨 works primarily in wood and bronze and is well known for the seductive balance of her figures.
But, she doesn't just stop there…
Małgorzata Chodakowska🎨 creates unusual statues, which bring water and bronze together to form spectacular fountains. Initially, she carves the statue from a large oak trunk, forming the general shape she wishes to create. As Małgorzata carves away layer by layer, the large pieces of wood transform into magnificent statues.

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Wojciech Weiss (1875-1950) | Art Nouveau painter

Wojciech Weiss was an Polish painter🎨, draughtsman and graphic artist, a student, professor and Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, representative of the Expressionist Young Poland art movement and of the Colouristic tendencies of the 1920s and 1930s.
Weiss was born in Bukovina to a Polish family in exile of Stanisław Weiss and Maria Kopaczyńska. He gave up music training to study art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków under Leon Wyczółkowski.

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Moïse Kisling (1891-1953) | Modern painter

Moïse Kisling, born Mojżesz Kisling, was a Polish-born French painter🎨.
He moved to Paris in 1910 at the age of 19, and became a French citizen in 1915, after serving and being wounded with the French Foreign Legion in World War I.
He emigrated to the United States in 1940, after the fall of France, and returned there in 1946.
Born in Kraków, Austria-Hungary, he studied at the School of Fine Arts in Kraków.
His teachers encouraged the young man to go to Paris, France, considered the international center for artistic creativity in the early 20th century.

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Michal Lukasiewicz, 1974 | Pop portrait painter

Michal Lukasiewicz was born in Pulawy, Poland and since 1995 lives and work in Antwerp, Belgium.
"My paintings are of the human form, the soft tenderness that it can transfer to the viewer; never the anger of the world but the peace and harmony that humans are capable of.
I have been influenced by living in Belgium and painters of the Benelux countries and I try to show the placid side of the subject using light, the reflection of light and the shadows to emphasise the subjects form and curves".

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Rafal Olbinski, 1943 | Surrealist painter

Rafał Olbiński is a Polish-born illustrator, painter and educator, living in the United States.
Olbiński graduated from the architecture program of the Warsaw University of Technology in 1969.
Olbiński immigrated to the United States in 1981, where he soon established himself as a prominent painter, illustrator and designer.

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