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Peter Graham Roi, 1959 | Modern Colourist painter

Peter Graham Roi has earned a reputation as one of Britain's most gifted and distinctive Modern Colourists.
Still life occupies an important place in Peter Graham’s output, affording an opportunity to explore colour in a reflective manner.
"In the peace and quiet of my studio", he wrote in a recent article for ‘The Artist’, "I can focus on the particular characteristics of a pigment, trying to get to the truth of what colour actually is and understanding more about the special relationships between specific colours like red, green or yellow. Still Life painting is the perfect vehicle for this type of expression".

Peter Graham trained at the Glasgow School of Art and spent several years working as a film editor for the BBC before becoming a full time painter in 1986.
From 1984-1996 he acted as Advisor for the Visual Arts to the Scottish Council and, in 1999 when still an associate member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, he won the Windsor and Newton prize for non-members.
Elected to full membership soon afterwards, he was Vice-President of the ROI for a period and is widely regarded as one of the most talented and original young painters of his generation.

Il pittore scozzese Peter Graham Roi è nato a Glasgow.
Ha frequentato la Glasgow School of Art, diplomandosi nel 1980.
Nel 2000 Peter è stato eletto membro effettivo del Royal Institute of Oil Painters - ROI, Peter ha guadagnato una reputazione come uno dei Coloristi moderni più dotati e distintivi.
Il suo lavoro è spesso legato alla Modern Scottish School, ma Peter ha uno stile fiammeggiante che è un lavoro di pennello dettagliato combinato con tratti fluidi e sciolti che creano contrasti vibranti di colore puro.