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Jeff Rowland ~ Let it Rain

Jeff Rowland is a professional British painter who entered the fine art industry in 1984 having studied art at North Tyneside College. He had further studied at Newcastle in 2000 where he earned an HND in advertising/illustration. During this time Jeff Rowland had undertaken many works and also went on to win an award from the NEPA (North East Print Association). After his graduation he exhibited some of his work in a Northumberland gallery and from there they were taken to the London Affordable, where all his works were sold out within the day. With that popularity he had several other successful exhibitions in Edinburgh and in Dublin.
Jeff Rowland - British painter
Jeff Rowland style has evolved over the years as a result of his experiments with various art forms including glass engraving, printing and painting, while his most preferred medium had always been oil on canvas. He draws inspirations for his work from his surrounding and what he is exposed to on a day today basis. Living with his partner, Alison and their son, Chris in Monk Seaton near the East Coast, he is equally fascinated by rain, a bar at a street corner, to a contemporary restaurant. Also Jeff Rowland is a great believer of the importance of first hand experience of a situation that he is going to put on canvas claiming that “if you are going to do something creative, get to the very heart of it first”. Keeping in line with that, Jeff Rowland never forgets to add a personal touch to each of his artwork and tries to reflect his personal experiences through his work.
Jeff Rowland - British painter

Jeff Rowland - British painter

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