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Robert Lee Berran (1923-2020) Figurative painter /Illustrator

Robert Lee Berran was born in Mt. Vernon, NY on December 24, 1923 and was raised in Scarsdale, NY. Between the ages of 19-22 he served as a medic during World War II under General Patton's third army in Europe. After the war he studied at the Art Students League in NYC from 1947-1950.
After leaving the Art Students League, he painted movie posters for 20th Century Fox. Four years later he joined the Illustrators Group where artists were predominately from the Haddon Sundbloom School of Painting.
His work at the Illustrators Group was for prestigious clients such as Ford and Coca-Cola. Subsequently Bob illustrated for the Seventh Day Adventists for their series of children's books "My Bible Friends" which are still popular today.

In 1969 Bob began to paint paperback book covers mostly for Avon, Ballantine, Harlequin, Fawcett among others. He then joined Mendola Ltd, an artist's representative group, for 17 years, and Hankins-Tegenborg for another 11 years.
Then computerized art arrived and put many talented artists out of work. Bob was fortunate, he was introduced to the art director of a publishing company, Quadriga Art.
He worked for them for almost 25 years painting religious artwork which he was happy to return to as it was his first love as an artist.
He also enjoyed painting portraits of adults, children and pets. His career spanned over 70 years.