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Sacha Baraz, 1940 | Mamá Africa

French painter Baraz Sacha, son of Ukrainian and Polish immigrants, was born in Paris, was a life whose content seems surreal to ordinary mortals.
Indeed, You have to live it to believe it. To date, Sacha Baraz worked on three periods: surreal, figurative, and now it is in an abstract phase.
Discover Baraz Sacha and his work, is a human adventure like no other. It is a living crossroads of cultures, rare, buried and disparate. It is the expression by the materialization of images and colors of all shapes and kinds of lives.
How not to succumb to so much talent and wealth of the mind? We don 'fate as they came. This is a free and strong spirit in a world where imitation and the standardization of tastes, choices, desires are measures undertaken by the law of the dominant business.

However, this man was confronted very early "through to" human nature. But he has demonstrated an objective judgment to reject the abject. He realized that the first revolution, the first war was done oneself, inside oneself.
He thinks that every man is like a rough diamond that is washing, purifying to get rid of his own, all impurities in order to excel in its tracks. It is a prerequisite to be able to produce beauty.