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Hugo Urlacher, 1958 | Portrait / Figurative painter

Hugo Urlacher was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He is considered a very accomplished portrait painter.
During his career as a plastic artist, instead of focusing on art shows and exhibitions and depending on a middle person, he concentrated on commissioned works, while developing his own personal art.

In this manner, he completed a great number of portraits of national and international figures.
His personal work focuses exclusively on the human figure, following his classic aesthetic roots, with great influence from the impressionist realism, source of his ever present magical inspiration.

The artists that have had the greatest influence in Urlacher’s works are: Degas, Vermeer, Miguel Angel Merisi, Rembrandt, and, above all, Diego Velazquez.
Urlacher later ventured into the Sacred Art field, and has been painting for the past fourteen years altar pieces for Opus Dei oratories.
He also completed works for several churches in Buenos Aires: “San Felipe Neri”, “San Vicente de Paul” and “San Cayetano”.

In 2007-2008 Hugo Urlacher painted a portrait of Father Alberto Cutie. He also painted The 23 Virgins of the Americas at the church of St. Frances De Sales. Urlacher painted a portrait of Mother Adela Galindo, founder of The Pierced Hearts of Mary and Jesus. A total of six stained glass panels depicting various saints were created for their chapel and were all hand painted by Urlacher.
It serves to mention he is also stained glass painter for Art Glass USA. He has been working with master stained glass artist Francisco Javier Da Silva Goncalves creating artistic designs of all kinds for over 27 years.

Urlacher is also an expert engraver of plates for paper money, and an apprentice of the master Italian engraver Trento Cioninni, author of the five portraits in the current series of argentine paper money. Urlacher engraved plates for Argentine currency (the reverse of the one-hundred pesos bill, “The Campaign to the Dessert”) as well as plates for the currency of Paraguay, the Republic of Guinea, and Angola, among others.

A large part of his paintings are of his own personal creations. These paintings and portraits form exciting additions to diverse private collections around the world.
There are also many paintings and stained glass panels of religious works in many churches, chapels and other places of prayer that are on permanent public display.
Due to Urlachers artistic expression and diversity in paintings, portraits, engravings on paper currency and stained glass, examples of his work can be found all over the world.


Hugo Urlacher è nato il 30 ottobre 1958 a Buenos Aires, Argentina. Autodidatta, pittore della bellezza classica, ha iniziato a dipingere nel 1982 all’età di 24 anni.
Hugo Urlacher è nato a Bueno Aires, Argentina. Autodidatta e pittore della bellezza classica, ha iniziato un dipingere all'età di 24 anni.
Durante la sua carriera di artista plastico, invece di concentrarsi su mostre d'arte si è concentrato su opere commissionate, mentre sviluppava la sua arte personale.

Il suo lavoro si concentra esclusivamente sulla figura umana, seguendo le sue radici estetiche classiche, con grande influenza dal realismo impressionista.
Gli artisti che hanno avuto la maggiore influenza nelle opere di Urlacher sono: Degas, Vermeer, Miguel Angel Merisi, Rembrandt e, soprattutto, Diego Velazquez. Successivamente, Urlacher si avventurò nel campo dell'arte sacra e dipinse pale d'altare per gli oratori dell'Opus Dei.

Hugo Urlacher 1958 | Argentine Portrait painter