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Jeffrey Batchelor, 1960 | Surrealist painter

Jeffrey Batchelor definitely deserves a lot of attention having displayed the richness of his talent with his oil on canvas paintings.
He demonstrates an interesting approach to the scenes he paints, creating very magical and fun effects.
Conceptually, his work ranges from straight realism to surrealism, and from rectangular canvases to shaped canvas panels.

Thanks to his extensive training in theatrical scenic construction.
Often working with magnifiers, he delineate and define the myriad of reflections and refractions that exist within thick blown and cut crystal – realism for realism’s sake.
When realism becomes too constraining for him, he likes to reach into surrealism, to take an idea or a concept and develop it with a magical flavor.
This allows him to elicit the viewer’s thought processes and visually define a concept, idea, or feeling.
When a rectangle becomes constraining, he creates shaped panels that he paints in trompe-l’oiel fashion.
This gives him endless possibilities for shape and depth illusions, as you will be able to observe here.