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Francois Lassere, 1960 | Oppositionist Art Movement

Born in Puy de Dôme, France, in 1960, François Lassere is a self-taught painter who practices several techniques. He was interested in hyperrealism for many years, then moved on to working in raw material, when a painter in Paris suggested to him to expand to new techniques.
Lassere then embarked on a new trend, which he calls “Oppositionism”. From this point on his work will mostly consist of highlighting heterogeneous styles to extract harmony from them. He was awarded a gold medal at the Rome academy in 1998, and has been referenced in the international valuation guides since 2000.

In December 2004 he was invited to exhibit one of his works in one of the most famous prestigious Art Fair in the Louvre Carrousel by the National des Beaux-Arts Lassere was also a guest star at the World Centre for Peace in Verdun in September 2007. 
He is featured as the creator of the Oppositionism in the World Book of Records next to Picasso.
Moreover he is portrayed as the inventor of the Oppositionist movement in the 2007-2008 Book of Inventions. Today his work is present in many private collections in the world, in the USA, Japan, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland.
Today his works can be seen in prestigious galleries in Toulouse, Agen, Roussillon- en- Provence, Moissac, Clermont-Ferrand, Versailles, Brive, Arcachon, Etoile in Luxemburg and currently in Florida and Japan. Some of his paintings can be seen in the Marciano Gallery Place des Vosges in Paris. The Univers des Arts magazine devoted its December-January 2008 issue to his work.