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Karen Dupré | Fashion painter

Karen Dupré, American painter, was born in California. She is a self-taught artist whose first inspiration stemmed from her interest in horses.
This fascination quickly led her to translate the splendor of these animals and other wildlife through drawing.
At age nine, Dupré began working in pastels, which soon progressed into the use of other mediums - primarily acrylic paints.
Since her early years as an artist, Dupré has broadened her repertoire to include landscapes, still life imagery, and figures, while never abandoning the wildlife that first sparked her imagination.

In addition to painting and drawing, Dupré’s other pursuits include singing and archery. She spends much of her time behind the microphone and has given several public performances.
In fact, when she is not at the easel painting, it is very likely that she can be found on stage before a live and captivated audience. Dupré’s artistic inspiration comes from a variety of sources, primarily several nineteenth century artists such as Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Frederic Remington and Auguste Renoir.

She is particularly drawn to this period in art history when artists were challenging the established ideals and shaping their own schools of artistic thought. Similarly in her own art, Dupré strives to expand her style both in color and composition, not limiting herself to conventional artistic standards.
Dupré’s paintings reflect her versatility in terms of subject matter, ranging from calm landscapes and serene table settings to bold images of exotic animals and inviting entertainment scenes.
Throughout her imagery, one can find a certain sense of harmony.
This tranquility is partly a result of her gentle brushstrokes and her talent to illustrate the play of light in both nature and manmade objects. Dupré’s work is adept to capture a fleeting moment in time.